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  1. Predict your roster for next year

    Most here have Sutter over Horvat. When do you guys see Horvat take over the second line center position, if ever? Sutter is not offensive enough for being a second line center
  2. -30 club

    Was checking plus minus as I was sure that Horvat finally reached the plateau thanks to Willie's magnificent line deployments (bad changes, all defensive zone draws, empty nets, etc), and lazy line mates. So many times I saw him just getting on the ice while the other team scores because the center coming off was changing late and out of position (Vey/Hank), earning him another beautiful -1. Sure enough he is now -30. I thought he would be the leader of the NHL, but then I just realized that for some reason Vrbata is actually the real leader at -32 :D. (For the record, I think only Horvat, Hutton, and Markstrom are our next cornerstones. Everyone else on the current roster should be moved and replaced.)
  3. I wonder if Vrbata knew that they were there and hence didn't put any effort yesterday night with multiple lazy passes (such as the last power play when he held the puck in and just weakly threw it back in to nobody, resulting in a turnover and effectively wasted the whole min of pp). I wouldn't be surprised that he plays better after the trade deadline. It's a pain to watch him on the ice. Hopefully somebody will take him.
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