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  1. What's up with everyone slotting McCann above Horvat? 2 good games and he's suddenly better than the golden boy?
  2. So we're going to waste a year of his contract for 6 extra games?
  3. Virt's been really inconsistent with the puck so far tonight. Lots of sloppy passes and o-zone giveaways.
  4. So is McCann just not playing tonight? I haven't seen him on the ice yet
  5. So will Sportsnet be streaming the game live as well? I'm trying to watch this on my computer
  6. I'll be in maui for this game and my tv doesn't have the channel the game is on (CNBC).. Does anybody know a way to watch it??
  7. If we go 4-2 in our final 6 games for 101 points, we're gold. Calgary has 5 games remaining, meaning they can get no more than 101. We would beat them in the tie breaker. If LA were to go 6-0, they would end up with 100 points. Even though Cgy is 2 points back, things look good!!!!!
  8. More like "NHL 15 Ultimate Team Pack - for $14.99 you can get a feature that should have been in the game in the first place !"
  9. ...you know all this means is that a few months from now they'll release an add on that you have to pay for that gives you all of the features that were in NHL14. This company is scum, and I wouldn't put it past them.
  10. After a few straight Stanley Cups, I decided to dump some of the old guys and bring in some youth. Biggest one - Traded Kesler to Boston for the 3rd overall pick - a 6'6 79 overall 4.5 star defenceman right out of the draft. Sedin - Sedin - E Kane Kassian - Vermette - Frolik / J Jokinen Silfverberg - Hertl - Frolik / J Jokinen B Pouliot - Campbell/Cormier - Paille Edler - Gudbranson Hamhuis - Larsson Kilger (acquired in Kes deal) - Gustafsson Quick Lack Best part - I still have 11 mil in cap space!
  11. Kesler for Bonino, Sbiza and McCann... It's hard to say yet but we could look at this deal a few years from now as a big win for us
  12. He legitimately seemed upset to be a Canuck in that interview
  13. I can't believe TSN zoomed in on Benning and let us watch him make the call. Could even see him saying "McCann". I thought media outlets would usually try to stay away from that stuff!
  14. It's official we got McCann!!!!