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  1. This is a strange year with Covid and everything. So buying time , having another year to decide on Tryamkin isn't a bad thing.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday Loui, I am hoping you are the MVP of the playoffs. Good luck
  3. As good as Tanev is, but is this team going to get better by signing the same players to new contracts over and over again ??
  4. Offense over Defense so lets keep Toffoli over Tanev
  5. Per source Nikolai Goldobin is set to sign a 2-year deal with CSKA of the KHL #Canucks
  6. Yea, Loui has been playing ok lately and it's not his fault that JB went out and signed him to big money.
  7. So sad, that's life, tomorrow is never promised ,
  8. Canucks have to find a way to get him into their line up next season.
  9. Something has to give eventually on the back end. There are a few defensemen in Utica almost ready to step in. Stecher or Tanev should be made available if there is any interest from other teams.
  10. Changes have to be made , the 2018/2019 team was not good enough
  11. Virtanen because he was drafted early in the first round and Goldy only cost us Hansen who wasn't worth much anymore.
  12. Sorry Bulldog, but it's Pedans time so because he's younger i think he needs to take that last d-spot.
  13. Yeah i want cheessy poofs