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  1. Where is that panic button,i can't find it ! Or do i have to use my phone and call 911 ?
  2. Alex Biega | #55 | D

    Sorry Bulldog, but it's Pedans time so because he's younger i think he needs to take that last d-spot.
  3. Willie Taking Shots at Management

    bye bye Willy
  4. Come on Jimmy, go get em...... Hank and Dan will straighten him out.
  5. Wish Cole all the luck in the world but not tonight against the Rockets
  6. Now that the Comets won it's " Go ROCKETS GO " !!!
  7. Jordan Schroeder

    We can't give up on Schroeder just yet, unless there is a hockey trade to be made that would make sense.
  8. Is Luongo sitting out again because he's in play?

    Lui must be on his way out of Van. Lui deserves to play in the heritage classic. He's paid his does in this city.
  9. Is Luongo sitting out again because he's in play?

    I can't see there being a conflict when the team already has so many issues. Torts wouldn't be that stupid and look to add more fuel to the fire.
  10. Yeah i want cheessy poofs