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  1. Rangers haven’t had 1st overall since 1965 - much longer than the Canucks have been in existence. (Not to mention, the guy they took never played an NHL game.)
  2. Any sensible person should have realized that McDavid going to Edmonton was absolute proof that the league had no possible influence on the lottery. He is the most important player to come along since Crosby, and went to the place NOBODY (outside of Edmonton management and fans) wanted him to. Literally the worst destination possible (Winnipeg would be similar financially, but at least that wouldn’t have the backlash of multiple 1st overalls). After that, any suggestion of tampering just seems equivalent to COVID deniers.
  3. I think with Rangers getting 1st overall, added to what they already have, makes it more likely they’ll be the better team in the near future. However, so far Dach has been the superior player. Also, Lafreniere also likely cuts into Kakko’s prime ice time opportunities. So I expect Dach will produce more fantasy points. Very interesting trade!
  4. Lost most of my play-in round guys. Updated roster: Alex Ovechkin - Kevin Hayes - Reilly Smith Jakub Vrana - Charlie Coyle - Andre Burakovsky Sean Kuraly - MacKenzie MacEachern Mark Giordano - Nate Schmidt Justin Braun - Mikhail Sergachev Jeremy Lauzon - Stephen Johns Andrei Vasilevskiy Semyon Varlamov Black Aces: F - Valentin Zykov F - Reese Johnson G - Oscar Dansk
  5. Yeah, we match up really well against the Blues. Whereas Dallas has our number. I was really happy to see the late goal and SO win by Dallas. Think we have a decent shot at this.
  6. Carolina Trading Notes: With limited cap space going forward, the Hurricanes are open to ideas. Whether that means trading an established vet (Giordano for cheap?), or an impending RFA (Barkov?). Might be interested in a player with a clause coming back, so best to figure something out while those aren’t an issue. Priority for the team is short-term - want to contend for the next 2 seasons before rebuilding. The only real “untouchables” are Russians: Vasilevskiy, Ovechkin, Sergachev and Burakovsky. PM me if you have ideas.
  7. Not gonna lie...a little concerned about getting zilch from Ovechkin and Vrana so far. Maybe they can flip a switch when it matters, but maybe not. C’mon guys - you have a period left! Show me something!
  8. Absolutely. Even if they don’t re-sign some free agents, they’ll have Slavin, Pesce, Skjei, Bean, Gardiner, Fleury...
  9. There are a few teams that will have a squeeze on their defencemen: Colorado - Johnson has a NMC, plus there’s Makar & Girard. So what happens to Ryan Graves? Philly - Provorov, Sanheim & Myers - probably expose Gostisbehere Nashville - Josi, Ellis, Fabbro - probably have to expose Ekholm (1 year left to UFA) Tampa - Hedman, Sergachev, McDonagh...so what happens to Cernak? That also doesn’t account for unexpected breakout players who make an impact next year, who will be eligible for the draft (like Ryan Graves this year).
  10. Nope. It’s not worth buying out now because of the signing bonuses. But the last year is easy - like I said, $2M cap hit one year, $1M following. No sense paying to dump him with $3M retention when you can buy him out for only $3M.
  11. After next season, the easiest thing to do is just buy Eriksson out. Should just be a $2M cap hit the first year, and $1M the following year.
  12. Point for Reaves and Roy each. Think Florida doesn’t have enough left to catch him (barring a career game from Scandella). Been a great series though!
  13. And here I was concerned that I didn’t have any Penguins. Another team I was concerned about having none of? Oilers... ... Let’s go Chicago!
  14. Convinced ownership that if they threw millions of dollars at the biggest profile goalie and coach, they’d have a winner. Instead they’re losing more money than ever. Remember when he traded Reilly Smith and Marchessault to protect Petrovic? Or when he screwed up all the RFA offers in Chicago? How did this tool still have a job?