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  1. 8th now. Still 5th.
  2. The Kings are happy to see Johnny fitting in so well with his new franchise. We knew that this would be the cost to keep him - and he deserves every penny - but didn't see how we could make it work. We are also take solace in the fact that he's in the East!!!
  3. Getting points out of Derek Ryan is like finding the marble in the oatmeal...
  4. Speaking of watching IR players, I just noticed earlier today that Matt Calvert is back...and 5 minutes ago that Redmond was too (he already has an assist). Kings activate Matt Calvert and Zach Redmond from injured reserve. To make room, we send Stephen Johns to the minors (no waivers), and place Patrick Sharp on injured reserve (http://www.rotoworld.com/recent/nhl/1523/patrick-sharp). @Nail
  5. Your 'New Look' Los Angeles Kings: Patrick Sharp - Tyler Seguin - Patrick Kane Mike Fisher - Logan Couture - Alex Killorn Jason Chimera - Brian Boyle - Kevin Labanc Trevor Lewis - Matt Cullen - Connor Brown Michael Haley IR: Frank Vatrano, Matt Calvert Anton Stralman - Kris Letang Alex Martinez - Trevor Daley Dmitri Orlov - Brooks Orpik Esa Lindell, Stephen Johns IR: Clayton Stoner, Zach Redmond Johnson Elliott
  6. Kings would like to thank all of our exiting players, and wish them the best on their new teams. We're also like to thank GMs @Master Mind, @Canuck Surfer, and @Bombastik der Teutone for the smooth negotiations. Los Angeles management was not pleased with the beginning of our season. There were simply too many passengers. First off, Justin Williams was struggling here since arriving early in the season. We also had concerns over the second year of his contract. And lastly, every time we saw his face, we were reminded of the horrid trade we made for him, giving up the resurgent Marian Hossa. So we made a trade that we felt gave us better flexibility, particularly in adding Johns, who is waiver ineligible. And Calvert is an interesting depth player too. But tonight Williams has already scored two goals for his new team - doubling his season total - so perhaps we'll end up regretting this trade too. Second, Logan Couture was a player we targeted, and quite simply, we overpaid to get the guy we wanted. He is still in his prime, and the RL Sharks look like they will contend this year and next. We were willing to give a bit of extra value to dump an additional contract in Prust as well. Lastly, we needed a starting goaltender, and Johnson is on a very good streak. If he falters, that means Elliott will get more starts. And he's also very cheap. Also Mike Fisher is another valuable veteran contributor on a bargain of a contract. We felt we gave up a lot, particular in youth, but at the end if the day the additions of Couture, Johnson, Fisher, Calvert, Johns, and Pateryn really solidify our team.
  7. At least 3 first line players, and some friggin depth.
  8. Exactly. First off, it looks like Benning screwed up a chance at a top-end talent by picking Virtanen. It may pan out still, but not looking good. At this point, I think most would be happy if Jake developed into a strong middle-6 PWF. Then going forward, had we not screwed around with Miller, Vrbata, Bonino, etc., would we have finished lower in the standings the last few years? Probably. Which would have meant instead of a 1st round flame-out against the Flames, we would have been drafting high in the ridiculously strong 2015 draft. We could have been in the running for top-8 picks: McDavid, Eichel, Strome, Marner, Hanifin, Zacha, Provorov, Werenski. And even then, we still flamed out last year and ended up 3rd last. Again, without the vets, maybe we would have been even lower and picking Matthews or PLD, but whatever. But still the black mark was not being able to get ANYTHING for ANYONE at the deadline. I still look back at that and think what a ridiculous screw-up that was by management. So, did we learn? Nope. Traded for youth for Gudbranson, signed Eriksson. Both look less than impressive, and the team continues to meander.
  9. A core is still there...and lots coming through the system: Tavares, Nelson, Lee, Hamonic, Strome, Pulock, Barzal, De Haan, Beauvillier, Sorokin, MDC, Ho-Sang, Cizikas... Gillis makes sense because he's been a guy who can fill out a young team to get them to the next level. But he's also known as a team guy, who makes his players want to stay. The Islanders' #1 priority right now is to convince Tavares to re-sign, so MG is probably the right guy to make that happen.
  10. Depth guys can be found lots of places, and often don't require spending picks/prospects to get in the first place. The only thing that moves the needle is top end talent.
  11. They have Halak. Stephon Williams is a pretty good goaltending prospect. But the key goalie is Ilya Sorokin...but they have to convince him to come over. They would be looking a helluva lot better if they re-signed Okposo instead of signing Ladd. Made no sense whatsoever.
  12. For a decade? Geez, that's impressive, considering he was only employed for 6 years. Having your top prospect get killed, then your top pick screw up his back while self-training is hardly on the GM. And he ended up building the most dominant team in franchise history. But the combination of multiple injuries (Malhotra eye, Raymond back, Daniel getting chicken-winged after the deadline) and the emergence of the strongest dynasty team the league has seen in decades (Chicago) prevented us from winning it all. Gillis did all he could. But by the end, it needed to be rebuilt. Gillis knew that, hence the Schneider trade. And yet, after 2.5 years of Benning, with two very strong drafts, the only true top-end talent we have is still Horvat. (Juolevi looks good too, but damn if Tkachuk doesn't look even better. And Virtanen may still pan out, but look at what Nylander/Ehlers are accomplishing.) So who really did more for the rebuild so far?
  13. - There was no cap recapture penalty when Gillis signed Luongo. It would be a complete non-issue had it not been added later. - Hutton was a Gillis pick, 5th rounder. - Edler was not inconsistent when he was given that contract. But for whatever reason - either laziness after getting paid, or after-effects from injuries...perhaps both - he hasn't been the same player since. - ...A pretty well-substantiated rumour - I've heard multiple journalists with multiple sources state it basically as fact (Friedman, Marek, Gallagher...)
  14. On this note, I wonder if the NHL will revisit this soon. Mostly because the golden child franchise, the Chicago Blackhawks, are going to be facing it next season. Marian Hossa has 4 years left on his contract, with an actual salary of only $1 million each season. He turns 38 next month, will have been paid $59 million from Chicago, and won 3 Stanley cups. He's not going to continue to grind it out for only a million bucks per year. That means that for the next 4 years, the Hawks will have a recapture penalty of around $4.275 million. ...Of course, watch him get some sort of "mystery injury", and just get glossed over. Meanwhile, Luongo has no reason to bother with that to help the Canucks.
  15. I just stated 3 outstanding free agent signings (Hamhuis, Samuelsson, and Malhotra), and 2 other solid ones (Sundin, Demitra) in his 6 years on the job. Plus the best college free agent signing we've ever had (Tanev). You don't seem to comprehend how difficult it is to find key contributors at reasonable rates in free agency. The fact that he did it multiple times was one of the main reasons the team was able to go from good to dominant so quickly. And guess who else were Gillis' signings? Henrik, Daniel, Kesler, Edler, Luongo, etc. He may not have originally acquired them, but he managed to retain them all and fit them into a masterful cap structure. As time went on, yes, Gillis made some mis-steps. Mostly because he was taking chances to try to acquire talent without much left to offer in trade chips or cap space, to extend the window to contend longer than it should naturally have been. But the strange hire of Torts, the radio interview that preceded his firing, the rumours that have constantly circulated since, and some of Benning's seemingly strange moves all lead me to believe that the decision to put off a rebuild was not necessarily entirely his. Lastly, regarding your "contending team couldn't wait" comment...what the hell are you talking about? L.A. was a young team, that had made it to the postseason for the first time in years. They were most definitely not considered a contender.