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  1. And the year after that we have Podkolzin, and maybe even McDonough. Guys are coming. Next year I could see Rafferty, Lind, Juolevi, Jasek, and MacEwen all pushing for spots, and 2 or 3 could make the roster.
  2. They'll likely get one of Matt Murray or Tristan Jarry from Pittsburgh. Columbus also has some good young goalies in their system. Merzlikins isn't expansion-eligible, but Korpisalo and Vehvilainen are. A lot of people speculated up to the last expansion draft that Vegas would land a lot of goalies. However, outside of getting MAF as starter, they didn't bother too much with them. They picked up their back-up Subban off waivers. It's smart though, because goalies don't usually have as much trade value as defensemen, and even forwards.
  3. Is blindside even a thing now? Lowry had the puck, and was skating sideways with the puck, right into the path of Caggiula. Should have watched where he was going. It certainly wasn't interference, and there was no contact with the head.
  4. So then you're saying that Markstrom is going to sign a 1-year extension? Yeah...right.
  5. First of all, Pietrangelo is NOT signing for $7M, not even close. If he were, St. Louis would have already signed him - instead they acquired Faulk, and extended him for $6.5M. AP is probably going to get $10M per. Not to mention you haven’t calculated anything for rookie bonuses. Secondly, next year is not even the problem. If Benning commits more long-term dollars for next season, what does he do in 2021-22, when he needs to re-sign Pettersson and Hughes? EP will likely cost $10M as well.
  6. Foligno is having a helluva year. Playing for a new contract? As a straight-up rental he'd be interesting.
  7. After trading Frolik, Calgary has enough space to add a cap hit over $3.7M this season. Assuming someone like Bennett is going the other way, they have space. (FWIW, Calgary and Minnesota completed a trade for Zucker with Frolik going back last year at the deadline, but it came to the league office seconds too late, so it was rejected.) As for next season, Hamonic and Brodie are probably walking as free agents. Hamonic's cap hit went to Andersson's raise, but Brodie's $4.65M will be cleared.
  8. Yeah, Toronto makes the most sense as a landing place for Dumba. As for Zucker? He's going to Calgary, I'd almost put money on it.
  9. If one pocket is a bit more empty, some would call this "balancing". Our forward group is decent, I'd say above average. But our RD group is below average, and it will be among the absolute worst in the league if Tanev walks. Not to mention, our top prospect (Podkolzin) is a RW. Probably our most-improved prospect (Lind) is a RW, and looking more and more like he'll be an NHL-er. And perhaps our most-improved roster player (Virtanen) is a RW. Obviously none of these guys are at Boeser's level, and only Pod probably has the potential to get there, but there's a lot more organizational depth there than at RD.
  10. I'm not saying they would. I'm saying I would. It's simply easier to find top-6 forwards than it is to find a top-pairing, young, RHD. Heck, we just acquired a dang good one in Miller for a pretty reasonable price, and most people think we still overpaid.
  11. Gotta say...if Minnesota truly wants a young top-6 C back in this deal, Toronto would be smart to offer Nylander. They've got absolutely nothing at RD after Barrie hits UFA.
  12. Asking Boeser for Zucker (as was rumoured earlier in the year) was ridiculous. But Boeser for Dumba? Cap hits almost neutral. I'd do that all day, every day. Boeser is obviously great and all, but with the addition of Miller, Horvat's PP effectiveness, Podkolzin and Hoglander on the way, and Pearson and Virtanen proving to be capable top-6 guys... ...Brock is simply not as "necessary" as he once was. And Hughes is expansion-exempt, so even if Juolevi and Rafferty both become something, we still have a protection spot available.
  13. Minnesota places Dougie Hamilton on long- (and I mean loooonnnnggg) term injury reserve (LINK), and recall Louie Belpedio. @Primal Optimist Figures that the moment we trade some of our defensive depth, we get injuries on D. Still waiting to hear if Heiskanen is out long-term too.