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  1. I think at least half of these play-in series will be decided by either a hot goaltender, or a goalie who just isn't ready. A lot of top goalies need to get in a rhythm to play at their peak, and they simply won't have that option. If I had to pick an upset out of the gate, I'd suggest Arizona. A healthy and rested Kuemper (who had no trouble taking off at the beginning of the season) could easily steal 3 games.
  2. Yeah, but fights and misconducts will be pretty much non-existent in those games. So a guys like Tom Wilson and Ryan Reaves will be far less productive.
  3. It would definitely be easier, but it becomes a question of fairness. For instance, if Nail's match-ups were set, Boston plays Florida. Boston should have a much better team, but he has NINE players who have 1st round byes, including his top-2 scorers: (Cale Makar, Tom Wilson, Colton Parayko, Corey Perry, Oskar Sundqvist, Philippe Myers, Ondrej Kase, David Krejci, and Ryan Reaves) In contrast, Florida only has five players who have 1st round byes, and none are among his top-6 producers: (Brandon Carlo, Matt Nieto, Marco Scandella, Michael Hutchinson, and Jacob De La Rose) On top of that, 3 of Florida's top-6 producers - Patrick Kane, Clayton Keller, and Luke Kunin - are guys who wouldn't normally be playoff players, but will now be a big part of the play-in round. So although Boston has built a much better team for this season, including investing assets in premium playoff players, he's lining up to get royally screwed if 1st round points aren't included in some way. Perhaps the exhibition games can be tracked, but it sounds like there will still be less of them. And it stands to reason they won't be played at the same intensity as games that count.
  4. The points in those games might not be officially tracked, as they are essentially exhibition games. I like the idea of incorporating 1st round points. However, it would be nice to not have the play-in and first round decided at the same time. What if just a portion of the 1st round is included, like the first 3-4 games? Then there could be a round of eliminations, (with the drama and chat that generates), then clear opponents for the remainder of the round and separate eliminations at the end of it.
  5. We watched it again, it still was good. Considering how much crap was going on in Hollywood, and how many people were looking the other way, almost every show/film is probably tarnished in some way.
  6. Carolina Hurricanes are considering using their buyout on Craig Smith. However, he is just 30, still scores at a decent rate (on pace for 250 Fpts), and only has 3 years left at $6M per. Was thinking there might be teams that wish they could buyout a 2nd guy, who has a more egregious contract than Smith. Willing to consider a player swap to buyout someone else instead.
  7. Seriously? I'm so sick of TV/Netflix. If hockey came back tomorrow I'd be watching as much of it as I could.
  8. Even with a buyout, cap space in Carolina is going to be tight. So I'm open to the idea of moving Aleksander Barkov. Also, on a smaller scale, Semyon Varlamov will likely be moved by the draft. A possible playoff starter with just one year remaining in his contract could fit nicely in some teams' cap structures. Have had discussions with a couple teams already.
  9. Pretty sure Reilly Smith and Nate Schmidt are exempt...
  10. The new Car Seat Headrest is almost certainly going to be my album of the year. As for making a music video in the middle of a quarantine, well...
  11. Man, if I knew the buyout was coming, I wouldn't have paid so much to dump Kyle Turris for Craig Smith. ...That said...bye Craig Smith!!!
  12. Yes, there are lots of guys who say this kind of stuff (and far worse). But at the same time, there are also guys who honestly try to give others respect and dignity. If I found out one of my associates was making fun of a girl’s weight - especially right after giving birth - it wouldn’t completely surprise me. But at the same time, I would definitely question his character, and likely not want to be close friends with him. Then if I found out it’s a pattern, and even ventures into racism, I’d avoid him at all costs. I don’t condone that crap, I don’t enjoy that crap, and I don’t want any influence in my life that would possibly change that. Call it “moral high ground” if you want...but that just sounds like an excuse to stay down in the muck.