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  1. Columbus selects LW Dillon Hamaliuk. @Big-Country
  2. I still think if they're eligible to be drafted IRL, they shouldn't be able to be signed. Although there is a window for RL NHL teams to do it, it's something that only the hardcores would be aware of. Keeping them in the draft avoids confusion, and evens the playing field (just like NCAA signings being moved to July 1st, even though RL teams can sign a guy whenever he's done school...or even before if they can convince him to leave). Good for @Jaku though for jumping on Attard back then though.
  3. That rule change was R. Attard-ed.
  4. That's my feelings too. Pionk seems to be like Stecher, perhaps even better. But still, if we landed Trouba for Stecher + 20th overall, I'd be dancing in the streets. So it's tough to dress this up as a positive for Jets fans. I guess the final evaluation will depend on what kind of contract Trouba signs.
  5. Usually (in every other league I've seen) it means the next GM(s) can go, and the original GM will make it up later. Just the cost of not making sure a guy hasn't been chosen. So, unless @Salter, @thejazz97, or @Master Mind says otherwise...
  6. On day 1, you have to be under the cap, including the contract(s) you want to put on I/R. Then you actually apply for the I/R, and fill the space after the fact with a replacement. It's not a big deal if you have some really good young players who are waivers-ineligible. For instance, if the Canucks took on Clarkson's contract, they could on paper send Pettersson (and/or Hughes, for that matter) down on day 1, then apply for I/R for Clarkson, and immediately recall Pettersson as his "replacement". The problem with Vegas is, not one player currently on their roster is ineligible for waivers anymore. Last year Tuch and Theodore were, but that's done.
  7. I'm sick of Edler. Won't waive because he loves it too much here, but also won't sign for less to stay here? Don't let the door hit you on the way out. He's going to regress a lot over the next few years. I'd rather target players who will have more in the tank.
  8. Yup. For one, we have Demko and DiPietro. Only 1 can play in a given game. You can play lots of F and D (both of which we are shallow on). For two, it's generally hard to get good value for goaltenders in trades. So picking one with the idea of freeing up another to trade would be foolish.
  9. ...And Puistola proceeds to freefall in McKenzie's final draft rankings, falling from 41 (mid-term ranking) to 71. #re-confirmedbust
  10. Hell yeah. I don't know why Miller's name doesn't come up more often. Seems like a great fit for us. And Benning was part of the management who traded for him when with the Bruins.
  11. He's UFA. He can choose not to sign. If your largest attributes are being a RHD PP specialist, would you pick San Jose to play for? You got no chance whatsoever to make an impact with those 2 ahead of you.
  12. More likely Justin Braun, since he's now their 3rd RHD. They're not nearly as strong on the left side (Vlasic - Dillon - Simek?).