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  1. So, the day after I make this trade, OF COURSE Tampa puts Killorn on the 1st PP unit. 2G, 1A, all PP. Poop.
  2. It would have been a lot easier decision if he wasn't an impending UFA. He was probably planning on a big payday to set his future come July 1st. Goes to show we can plan all we want, but then life happens...
  3. Thanks to @theminister for the ridiculously easy negotiations. This came together in no time flat, which is crazy considering the size. But it seemed both sides were getting exactly what they wanted the whole time. For the Canes, we were able to parlay our goaltending depth into a big upgrade at 1C. We also got younger, while likely getting a boost in current production. Also, going in we had 3 core Tampa players and 3 core Vegas players, but none from Florida, Philly, or Colorado - so this spread out our representation better. Sucks to lose Samsonov, but with Vasilevskiy ahead of him and a looming expansion draft, that was inevitable. At least I dealt him out of the conference.
  4. Oh yeah, you're right - forgot all about the 35+ thing.
  5. Graovac hasn't played much, or done much in the games he has played. But at least he can take faceoffs.
  6. I gotta say, this signing could not have gone much better - 61 Fpts and counting! I've been thinking all along that he's obviously regular-season value only...but as an impending UFA - maybe he gets dealt at the deadline? Probably not, but a guy can dream...
  7. Carolina's line-up in 5 years: Jakub Vrana Mikhail Sergachev - Sean Walker Andrei Vasilevskiy ...Better win now!
  8. Carolina places Marcus Foligno on I/R (LINK), and assigns MacEachern to the active roster. Murray assign to the minors. @Nail Happy to add some current and future depth to the forward-corps. Injuries are starting to mount up.
  9. I'd add to Loui for Kovalchuk. Not because Ilya is better - heck, we might end up putting him in bubble wrap too - but simply because his buyout will be cheaper/shorter.
  10. They probably want to make 100% sure he's injury-free so they can buy him out at the end of the season. The last year of his deal is zero signing bonuses, and $4.25M salary. Very manageable to buy out.
  11. Minnesota places Jake DeBrusk on IR (LINK), and activates Leo Komarov from IR. @Primal Optimist