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  1. Whoa, glad I was watching the injury reports and put Cole back in the lineup. He's in total beast-mode: 7.75 Fpts in just the 1st period. With Cole and Oduya hurt early, we were in on the Ness sweepstakes, and even raised our offer after the Niskanen injury. But with the first 2 already back, and Niskanen scheduled to be back in a couple of weeks, we'll be OK.
  2. With the exception of Vanek, all of these players had significantly more total ice time than AA. And Vanek got 236% more PP TOI/game. It's not just the Canuck Army crew who are high on Athanasiou. His ability to generate high quality scoring chances at even strength has been impressive. If Baertschi got it done, I'd be thrilled with that move - just think it will likely cost more.
  3. Maybe he preferred to go to a team needing a player, rather than one seeking additional currency?
  4. They're saying it's unrelated - just sick. Supposedly he had a good game the other day, and has just been unlucky. May have been playing sick for the last week.
  5. But it's Andrew Desjardins. As a long-suffering Canucks fan, if you get a chance to take out a former Blackhawk, you do it!
  6. You can terminate him, @Drewismyname. http://www.sport1.de/eishockey/del/2017/10/del-adler-mannheim-verpflichten-nhl-star-andrew-desjardins
  7. Who cares what Sakic would want from Vancouver? Duchene alone isn't going to make us a legitimate playoff team. Why would we give up young assets simply to rise to the level of mediocre, thereby hampering our ability to acquire elite talent at the draft? Duchene is the LAST thing we need.
  8. @Mr.Miyagi
  9. If I were Rutherford, I'd look long and hard at getting Duchene with 50% retention. That would be a helluva "3rd line center" to take 2 more runs with. And him, Kessel, and Hagelin would skate circles around the opposition. Not sure if they have the pieces to do it though. Think Avs would want something more than just (late) picks. Sprong is really the only "A" prospect. And money would have to go out of Pitts too.
  10. Whoa, Drew... ...that was quick!
  11. Boobtitsky is 3-0-0, with a 0.65 GAA and .981 save percentage. ...And yes, I'm going to keep calling him that - because he's only let in 2 goals in 4 games since I started!
  12. It's actually very impressive how he's done it.
  13. It was something I was thinking about, so I too, felt free to express it. And like I said, I like this league a lot. Just thought there could be a way to make it even better. It's fun to discuss it openly...at least, IMO. Anyways...back to business!
  14. It was actually a bit of an understatement. He had 53%+ more man-games played than 1/3 of the league last season (1830 vs. 1196 or less). Same thing this year. He has 57%+ more games than 14 teams (102 vs. 65 or less).
  15. That's part of the reason I suggested a GP cap. Demand for them would decrease of you couldn't use them all.