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  1. NHL 16 Thread

    It blows my mind that I can play a game of Battlefront, on one of numerous huge maps, 40 guys total, with a 3D going up into the skies, projectiles everywhere, vehicles, planes, grenades, shields, etc., etc., etc., and get practically no lag whatsoever (odd glitch and framerate issues, but nothing major). But then I log onto NHL16, and play 5-on-5 on a static surface with a half-dozen types of almost identical players and one puck, and the frickin lag is unbearable. I get that the budget isn't very big for NHL, but really, there is no excuse for that crap anymore.
  2. Cassels and a 3rd? Overpayment.
  3. I'd be striving for a good defensive prospect coming back, such as when the Kings traded McKeown and a 1st to rent Sekera. Only thing is, L.A. doesn't have too many interesting ones left. Washington, Dallas, Chicago, and Florida all have much more intriguing prospects. Even getting past the guys who are likely untouchables (Bowey, Honka, Pokka), there are others that seem to have more upside than L.A.'s.
  4. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Was trying to find a 2015 comedy that actually looked interesting...slim pickings. Did anybody see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2582496/),
  5. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Yeah - even in JJ, Kilgrave's character is by far the best thing in it. I was really getting into it when...  
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Almost done season 1 of Jessica Jones. It started kind of 'meh' got better, and then kind of went off the rails. Nowhere near as good as Daredevil, but at least good enough to make me want to finish the season. 7/10 Watched the first 5 episodes of Fresh Off The Boat. Very funny, especially the mother. 8/10    
  7. [PGT] Canucks 2 vs Coyotes 1

    Don't disagree with Vrbata. And not entirely against signing Lucic either. But think you're way off on him fitting the Sedins. Burrows and now Hansen have been having success due to their speed, tenacity, and underrated intelligence. Lucic has a lot of good qualities, but those 3 are basically a description of his weaknesses.
  8. It's nice to see the team continue to roll, especially the young guys stepping up. But often when a team has major injuries, they band together for a short while and perform well. It usually doesn't take long for them to come back down to earth though. Having the moms along is probably a temporary boost as well. I think regardless of their proximity to a playoff spot, the team HAS to trade Hamhuis and Vrbata. They will need those assets when Horvat, Hutton, Baertschi, McCann and Virtanen are more developed, and the team looks ready to do more damage. (Heck, could be as soon as next year.)  Right now though, I predict the team will struggle in March, and then it will be too late to sell.
  9. /\ I disagree. I think Edler, Tanev, and Hutton are good top-4 options going forward. What we need is a top-pairing RHD with the ability to drive offense. Hamhuis is going to cost around 5 mil per, and likely with term. That really doesn't fit our needs.
  10. Hamhuis is NOT going to re-sign for "high 2's to low mid 3's". Think Orpik money/term.
  11. CDC Puck 2015/2016

    Quite the hen party in here...
  12. Getting a defenseman of Phaneuf's calibre isn't easy, and in free agency it doesn't necessarily cost a whole lot less. Flyers have Andrew MacDonald at a $5 million cap hit until 2020. Capitals have Orpik at $5.5 million until 2019, and he's already 35 and falling apart. At least with Phaneuf Ottawa is completely aware of what they are getting.
  13. If Cowen doesn't make a drastic improvement, he'll be bought out. At his age it's only half the normal amount (1/3 instead of 2/3), so it would only be slightly over a $500k hit for two seasons. Greening and/or Michalek could be bought out too. However, with Michalek, they'll probably keep him and hope he can be another rental next year. Toronto pretty much had enough room to offer Stamkos the moon already. What they did with this deal is minimized cap problems down the road, when they potentially have a massive Stamkos salary, and have to extend the new young guns (Nylander, Marner, 2016 top pick, etc.) Phaneuf's contract doesn't run out until 2021 (!!!), so that would have been a problem. Dumping him with no retention, for contracts that are gone by 2017, is a big win for their long-term plans. On the other hand, I think Phaneuf is a decent defenseman, and miles better than anyone else who was available for spare parts. This helps the Senators for now and the immediate future. But the last 2-3 years of that contract are going to be one hell of an anchor.
  14. Good luck with that. Pittsburgh has 30 games left, and Crosby is 23 behind Kane. That's as many points as Horvat has. Kane would have to be injured for most of the rest of the season. And even then, it wouldn't be a lock.