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  1. pbfcomics.com - check it out. There are dozens of comics of there that are just as funny.
  2. The Kings are happy to add Prust's leadership and muscle at such a low cap In the first 9 games last season - prior to his injury - Brandon had 5 assists and 25 PIMS. That's a pace of over 400 fantasy points! If he can produce at even half that rate next season, this contract will be a steal. And if for whatever reason it doesn't happen for him, the contract is low enough that it can be completely buried.
  3. We'd have to overpay. After losing Nielsen and Okposo to free agency, NYI will be relying heavily on guys like Lee and Nelson next season.
  4. Or, at least, make some trades prior to get assets for NOT taking a certain D-man.
  5. You know guys, there are a lot of great newer Canadian artists too. More than half the songs posted on here are 30+ years old, and stuff we have all heard a million times (thanks to CANCON) already. Why not celebrate Canadian music by supporting those still producing it? Just discovered Bahamas lately, and really enjoy him. Sounds a bit like Grizzly Bear, but more laid back and less grandiose: Also, I just caught Braids at the Calgary Folk Fest yesterday, and they were absolutely phenomenal - the rare case of a band who can not only replicate their album sounds live, but take the songs to surprising new levels as well. Wasn't a fan of their earlier stuff, but their new album is great.
  6. Other than lacking the proposal tag, it's a great proposal. Edler is exactly who Ottawa would be asking for. I think he plays with Karlsson internationally, so there's proven chemistry there. And for whatever reason, the Sens don't seem to want to commit to Hoffman, despite his consistent production. That said, this would have been an ideal move at the draft. Then after moving Edler, we could have retained Hamhuis, with the ability to give him expansion protection. But now it would leave a gaping hole in our D-core, and probably weekens our team overall.
  7. Spreadsheet looks great, Nail. The best part is being able to see clauses on a mobile browser.
  8. Shhhh!!! ...We were on to something there, man.
  9. ...I wish I still didn't know that...
  10. You can play variations of the old Mario Bros. in Super Mario 3. If the player who's turn it's not presses the A button when the other player is on the same square, a battle ensues. As for the old Mario Bros. arcade game, I remember playing it. It was a little "before my time", but some Motel my family would stay at in Bellingham had it (and not much else).
  11. Oh yeah, I know...I traded Connolly last year for two 2nd rounders. He shows flashes here and there, but struggles with consistency.
  12. Wait a minute...Paul Cambria? Evander Kane has the same lawyer as Patrick Kane? ...Turds of a feather...
  13. ...Not to mention, just the all around coolest city in North America. If I were a young guy making that coin, that's where I'd wanna live.
  14. I think he's telling the truth. Hammer's game is ideal when paired with an offensive, free-wheeling RHD. When Burns exploded with him at the World Championships last year, San Jose took note, and signed the FA most like Dan available (Martin) to play a similar role. Seemed to work out OK for them. So they probably expect Hamhuis to play with Klingberg, at least at even strength. And I bet he'll do well there. He made Yanik Weber look effective - imagine if he had a REAL puck mover to work with... Too many people are focused on the idea of "top pair" or "#2/3/4/5...". There are different roles to play, and you need players that fit into them well. Dallas needed a LHD that played a steady 2-way game, but could think the game well enough to support a free-wheeler like Klingberg. We have no RHD like that (not even remotely - the closest we had was a peak Bieksa, who paired well with guess who?). So for the past few years Hammer has been kind of adrift on our team, with D partners like Weber, or Sbisa playing his offside. Basically, Hamhuis is better than many people are giving him credit for. But he doesn't really fit in Vancouver. And with expansion coming, we couldn't offer him any hope of protection either. So it was best for both sides for him to move on.
  15. ...Homerism at its finest. I thought I was being optimistic hoping for a league average defense! But honestly believing that this rag-tag bunch of longshots has a good chance of matching up against top defenses like...? Subban, Josi, Ekholm, Ellis... Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Hjalmarsson... Or other young D corps on the rise like in Philly, Columbus, and Carolina?