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  1. According to persistent rumours, he's not as young as he claims to be. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/rumor-three-nhl-star-russian-players-reportedly-lied-on-their-age
  2. He had quite a run at the end of last season - it was too bad Tampa's playoff hopes got squashed.
  3. You really have no idea whatsoever of what the market for Alzner is, do you?
  4. Alzner is not the missing piece to contending for a cup. No way in hell is offering him the type of contract he will be looking for a good idea for the Canucks. Franson is OK, but then again, Buffalo was unable to trade him for something at the deadline. That will be the prime objective with most UFA D-men for a team in our position. Why would Campbell come to Vancouver? Makes no sense, unless we are significantly overpaying. The Despres suggestion is a good one. I also like the idea of taking Orpik off of Washington's hands with some good sweeteners. His 2-year deal will be a good buffer to provide a steady veteran presence on the blueline, even if Tanev, Gudbranson, and/or Edler end up traded.
  5. The Sekera injury almost made this a necessity. But Schlemko only cost Montreal a 5th round pick. I would have went that route.
  6. Their goaltending is even older now...but at least Smith has been pretty consistent. Even though Gillies stumbled, Parsons also looks very good. I think one of them will pan out. However, it may be too late. But I don't try to pretend to know how goalies will do from year to year. Last offseason, Tampa looked set for another run with a Vezina-level Bishop, Bobrovsky looked like an oft-injured cap anchor in Columbus, and nobody thought the Oilers had actually fixed their goaltending with Talbot.
  7. Not really. The odds for the teams at the bottom have been very similar. [The rule changes are 1) teams don't just jump 5 spots if they win, they go to the top, and 2) the lottery determines the top-3, not just #1.] But I agree with your earlier point - there are a lot of other teams amassing as good or better talent than us, and have been doing so for years. If management hadn't been fixated on trying to prop the 2013-2016 version of the Canucks into a playoff team, and rather started the rebuild earlier, we'd be in a much better position today. As nice as Horvat-Boeser-Pettersson-Juolevi are, I have trouble buying that they will give the likes of McDavid-Draisatl-Poolparty-Klefbom or Laine-Scheifele-Ehlers-Trouba a run for their money. We still need at least 2 more years of top picks to keep building this thing into something that can contend. The OP mentioned a lot of serious question-marks, such as Cassels, Subban, Cederholm, Virtanen, Tryamkin, Zhukenov, Neill, Candella, and Abols. Cassels has underwhelmed since Junior. There are obvious concerns over Subban's defensive abilities. Cederholm didn't exactly light the world on fire on his first shot at North American hockey. Virtanen looks more likely to be a bust than a top-6 forward. Tryamkin was seriously homesick, and left despite present concerns over financial stability in the KHL - he may never come back. There are questions if Canucks will sign Zhukenov, and he's rumoured to be heading back to Russia. Carl Neill isn't even Canucks property - he was unsigned, re-entered the draft, and went undrafted... I'm still not certain with the Pettersson pick, and wish they had at least traded down a few spots if they were going to take him. However, the rest of the 2017 draft seems to have gone quite well. And the trade deadline was a definite win. Hopefully those trends continue. But it will take a lot more of these positive developments for me to have real optimism about the Canucks' future.
  8. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, IMO. Like when everyone said a European captain couldn't win a cup...until they did. He certainly proved everyone wrong who doubted he could handle NHL hockey at all. Marchand is similar height to Gaudreau, and Sheary is even shorter. But those guys are heavier. There's just not many players his size, so the chance to prove that size of player can thrive in the playoffs doesn't happen often.
  9. So...finally a sequel as good as its predecessor?
  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Gaudreau or the D. The only real issues are the goaltending (but Smith will likely be an improvement), and the lack of a bonafide 1C (they seriously overpaid Monahan).
  11. You actually believe that???
  12. Even if you think Pett will be the better player, he's going to be there at #7-9. With so many rumours of teams wanting to trade up, and even a call made immediately prior to the pick, I think a strong GM could have made a trade-down happen.
  13. The Columbus Blue Jackets would like to congratulate Sergei Bobrovsky on winning his 2nd Vezina! (He was also awarded "Ugliest Tie") Sergei ran away with the award, getting 25 of the 30 1st-Place votes. He was already the only Russian to ever win the award, and is now the only active NHL goaltender with multiple Vezina wins. Truly a fantastic accomplishment - and he is just 28 years old!!! The real-life Blue Jackets are looking very strong going forward. With the trade of Panarin, and strong rumours linking Ilya Kovalchuk to Columbus, we are excited what the future will bring. That said, with Bobrovsky, Jones, and now Panarin, we feel that we may have too many key roster players on one team. At this point, we are exploring the possibility of trading Sergei Bobrovsky. We're not certain we are going to move him, but would like to know the offers would be before making a decision like this. If you are interested, PM myself and @Monty.
  14. I'm in the same boat. Saw a glimmer of hope at the trade deadline, but Pettersson @#5 was the icing on this Sbisa/Dorsett/Sutter/Gudbranson cake. Even the people talking about "what a great drafter" he is, obviously they aren't paying attention to the better/deeper prospect pools that half the league is amassing with inferior draft positions.