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  1. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    That contract was certainly a major boner... ...courtesy of Captain boner.
  2. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    ...And it sounds like they're very happy with them.
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    ...Or perhaps Monty. ?
  4. Kessel is awesome, and with the salary that Toronto is retaining is pretty affordable. Penguins have no need to do this - the cap is going up, and they have no big RFAs to sign. NEXT year? Maybe. But not now.
  5. [Proposal] Sign Matthew Peca

    I'd prefer 1-year too, I was just proposing something I thought would be definitely the best offer, to seal the deal. 2 years at decent money will almost certainly pique his interest.
  6. [Proposal] Sign Matthew Peca

    Well, if he was a slam dunk, he'd cost a lot more, and have his pick of teams lining up for him. As it is, it's a slight risk, but $1.5M won't exactly break the bank. Even if he flames out and ends up in the AHL, it's less than a $500K hit.
  7. [Proposal] Sign Matthew Peca

    Counting your chickens before they've hatched, Jimmy? Peca is ready to challenge for a spot now. We should confidently know if he's worth keeping long-term before Petrus has even a sniff of an NHL game.
  8. [Proposal] Sign Matthew Peca

    Hahah, yes. I was a big fan of his after he blew up Teemu Selanne. I was really excited when I heard Vancouver acquired Alex Mogilny...until I discovered who we were sending back the other way. However, AFAIK, Mike Peca and Matthew Peca are not related in any way.
  9. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Seems pretty darn low...
  10. [Proposal] Sign Matthew Peca

    Buying out Eriksson would be silly. We don't need the cap now. As it is, if we do nothing, he's completely off the books in 4 years, and we won't be ready to contend in those years anyways. But if we buy him out, we have a $2 million penalty for EIGHT years. It stands to reason that in some of those years, we'll be a good team, and would really love to have that cap room. There's no reason not to keep Eriksson. If we get good ahead of schedule, maybe we'll be able to find a taker for the last year or two of his deal, when his actual salary is only $4 mil.
  11. Matthew Peca is a 25 year-old center in the Tampa Bay organization. He was a former 7th round pick, but is another example of a great late round find by Yzerman & Co. He's only 5'9", but has dominated at the AHL, and played well in some NHL stints (5 points in 10 games this season), but due to the depth on Tampa hasn't been able to crack the roster on a regular basis. Because of this, he's a pending group VI UFA, having not played enough NHL games by age 25 to maintain RFA status. Tampa may convince him to stay, but if I'm his agent I'd be pretty firmly telling him to go somewhere where he has a chance to finally play regularly. If he does go to market, I propose throwing a strong offer at him - perhaps 2-3 years at $1.5 million per. It's a risk, but it's the type of risk that is probably worth taking. It doesn't cost anything but the contract. He's young, and just entering his prime. If it works out, fantastic. If it doesn't, no loss whatsoever.
  12. [Discussion] UFA targets for July 1

    Perhaps it's just me, but I think Nash would be a good example of who NOT to sign. He's 29, and had never scored more than 25 points. He wasn't even that prolific of a scorer in the AHL. Then suddenly, in his UFA year, he breaks through with a career year of 41 points. As one of the few centers on the market who had a good year, will likely cash in. It's safe to say that he won't crack more than 30-35 points again, and will likely regress in pretty much each year of his new deal. I'd be more keen on finding guys who underperformed, and will be looking for a short term deal for small money to prove they still belong. I want to be the team who signs Sam Gagner 2 years ago, not the one who signs him last year. One guy I'd throw a contract at? Brandon Pirri. Dude languished in the AHL last year, but then got 3 goals in 2 games at the end of the season. He's coming off a 1-year, $650K contract, and can probably had again for something similar. He can score, and has a history of playing point on the PP. There must be something wrong with him, as despite scoring a fair bit, he keeps bouncing around. But he's only 27 - perhaps he'll finally figure it out, and be worth something at the end of the season. The other guy I'd target - if he gets to the market - is Matthew Peca. He's only 25, but he's a group VI UFA because of not playing enough NHL games. He's ready, is a natural C, and has a lot of upside. I'd risk something more long-term on him.