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  1. The quarterpole is three quarters through the race not one quarter. The question (were it spelled correctly) is asking how we think they'll be doing sometime in February. You're welcome.
  2. Wow the ducks are f^cking stacked... With a whole bunch of the 2011 core. My pick for the 2016 cup...
  3. Dammit where is my down vote button
  4. Are you joking? Trolling? 2009 we didn't have the team yet. 2010 struggled vs the Chelsea dagger I'll give you one. How was Lou vs Boston? Our only player? We scored 8 goals in 7 games. 8. Explain how that's got a single f ing thing to do with our crease?
  5. That part is true. It's actually the participation medal that seems to have screwed a whole generation
  6. I miss hearing something from the announcer I didn't think or even say aloud 5 minutes ago. I miss tsn. I never ever hear anything insightful or have my attention drawn to something I missed on these awful sn broadcasts.
  7. I would expect nearly nothing. But it would still make our team better. Spend the money on a younger guy to bolster the d or get another sniper. While we're at it drop Higgins for a prospect or pick too for even more bonus points.
  8. In my opinion only... We can blame the first hawks series and game6 this year on our goalies. Otherwise any body who blames a goaltender for a playoff loss in the last 8 years is a moron. With that said ... How much better is the Is Canucks team with a 6 million dollar all-star sniper or dman with lack between the pipes? I would suggest the answer is: way way way way better.
  9. One last air horn blast for the win. Lol. Suck it flamers!
  10. It's a tongue-in-cheek burn on people who backpeddle. Its an Oscar Wilde quote I believe.
  11. Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. As they say. Remmeber when Willie D said he didn't want our top pair out there vs certain guys cause all they were doing is running our D? So who stands up and takes it like a man for six games ? Kb3. As for giveaways ... People just remember the one bad play he made trying to beat a forecheck and instead getting pasted and coughing up the puck. Bieksa is a leader and heart and soul character guy. As a sixth dman? Awesome.
  12. I doubt. I am doubtful. I am doubting.
  13. This team could contend again the day the sedins are our 2a/2b line with second unit pp minutes. Think Stevie Y in Detroit during their last hayday. The other thing we need by then is a replacement for edler. I don't mean get rid of Eddie I just mean we need a new bona fide number one d. And I don't mean force people into those roles... I'm talking legitimately having people step up and take over.