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  1. The quarterpole is three quarters through the race not one quarter. The question (were it spelled correctly) is asking how we think they'll be doing sometime in February. You're welcome.
  2. Dammit where is my down vote button
  3. I doubt. I am doubtful. I am doubting.
  4. He didn't draft white...but he did trade him for Christian Ehrhoff... Arguably his best move next to picking up Manny. I'd also tell you that his sundin experiment helped forge the team that went to g7. He made some bad moves... In reality most things he did in the first half of his tenure were brilliant. Second half not so much. And the OP is probably right.
  5. Probably the fact that he was our top pairing defenseman with 50 points in the year we almost hoisted the cup. Criticism of Edler under Torts is unwarranted. Torts was a bad coach. Terrible for the team and Eddie in particular. Now his play did drop off before torts... And that's the part he needs to shake off.
  6. New ep was very good. But I really wish Sansa finally took it upon herself to throw that woman down the hole herself. That's twice she's had a chance like that (she had one with Joffrey way back too) and let the moment pass. Oh well.
  7. Weiss? Like from Detroit series? Or weise from the Montreal series?
  8. Educate me. Convince me that multi billion dollar corporations just leave it 100% to chance and don't work to improve their bottom line behind the scenes. Oh wait, there's probably no reason to educate you on this, is there?
  9. Oh man is it time yet!??!?!
  10. Sure I'll elaborate. The nhl playoffs are by far the most interesting two months in sports. Even US markets get excited. It's an epic event that defines the sport. 16 wins to the most difficult trophy in sports. And you come along and sh*t on it and wonder why someone lashes out at you. People like yourself that find fun things in life and try to change them make me livid. If YOU are the one person who likes hockey and not a game like tonight's gm7 ... That's fine with me, but guess what, it needs to be fine with you that the rest of our country and other hockey fans think it's awesome.
  11. I preferred the 50 shades reading to the Joffrey interview
  12. You suck at sarcasm or you're a complete tool. Neither is a compliment, and I'm not joking.
  13. I forgot to mention that there's more than reffing there's also scheduling and twiddling with the clock (ala LA Kings), and who knows what else.
  14. I explain it like this: The NHL can sway game outcomes by, let's say 5% (just spit balling numbers). In the same way Vegas manipulates 5% in favour of the house to make oodles of $, so would any other billion dollar corporation (like the 'NHL). No one (sane) is arguing the game outcomes are set, were suggesting that parity of teams (bettman) plus 5% in favour of the house equals the league's desired outcomes in most cases.
  15. Loved the latest instalment. Interesting how often the Starks cross paths but don't actually meet (happened again with bran that ep) Poor Hodor. Wouldn't hurt a fly....