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  1. Schwartz is a stud. I knew he would be a good player ever since I first saw him at the WJC.
  2. Baertschi playing on the 3rd line with Bo with power play time would be the perfect fit for him. The hard part is finding this 2nd line scoring left winger and the price JB is willing to pay for it. I think Hansen for Kane or Kreider deal would would work well
  3. Isn't Juolevi also available to play in the AHL? I thought Benning mentioned that at the draft. If so, it could be a good idea to have him develop with Travis Green for a year.
  4. I wonder if he had any other offers out there. His soft, perimeter game is more suited for the East so if he had other choices it's pretty surprising to see him sign to play in the Pacific division.
  5. That hit on Hall was classic. Hall with his head down, running into a brick wall.
  6. Those Bertuzzi vs Jackman battles in front of the net were epic.
  7. Who are the other Canucks in the vid that are training? I saw Etem and Virtanen
  8. Keep in mind he was an 18 year old rookie playing defense in the NHL at that time. If he didn't perform well, you can't put the blame all on him.
  9. I checked for you. he averaged only 10 seconds of PP time per game last season, making his 18 points even more impressive.
  10. Plus the fact that he was able to put 18 points without any powerplay time, while playing a shutdown role.
  11. Good post. Looks like a lot of posters here either don't know who Larsson is or are vastly underrating him. He may have a had a slow start to his career but he has vastly improved the last two seasons and is still only 23 years old. His contract is also very good value (I believe 5 years left at 4.2 million per). Looking at his stats more closely, he actually did not play an power play time at all last season (averaged 10 seconds pp time per game), making his 18 points in a shut down role even more impressive. Given power play time in Edmonton, I see him hitting the 30-40 point range no problem. That being said, there is no doubt Hall is an elite player, but the Oilers didn't come away with some scrub either.
  12. No thanks. Looks like some people still need to get over 2011.
  13. Wow, what is going on today?
  14. That is a great deal for Seth Jones. Was expecting something in the 6-6.5 range.