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  1. Calling it now. Juolevi will have a PK Subban style like breakout in the playoffs back in 2010.
  2. Agreed. What made Ferland special was his ability to play a heavy physical game while still being able to put the puck in the net. Take away the physicality, I think we have better and cheaper options.
  3. Horvat is going to come back with that Fred Van Vleet new dad energy in the Raptors championship run. Stanley Cup confirmed.
  4. I was already sick of watching this guy's spinoramas and soft play on the boards when he was with the Canucks in his short time here. Now I completely detest the guy.
  5. I think a good comparable for Hoglander would be JG Pageau. They're similar size (same size Hoglander is actually 10 pounds heavier) and Pageau plays way bigger than his size too. He was an absolute beast for the Sens in their playoff run a few years ago.
  6. You know this kid is a stud when he signs contracts with a highlighter.
  7. Motte must be injured again. There's no way Loui deserves a spot in the lineup over Motte. Motte makes things happen in our bottom six.
  8. Well two of those shots came off lost faceoffs by Sutter in the defensive zone. Can hardly blame Green on that.