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  1. Sweet, Loui Erikson for Jack Eichel. I think Buffalo is going to have to add though. Get it done JB.
  2. This is exactly what somebody who's never seen Makar play would say. Both are fantastic young players and already stars in the NHL. Only one of them could've won it. Let's just enjoy their careers, it's going to be fun to watch both of them for a long time.
  3. You'd think a 30 year old captain who leads to your team to its first ever Stanley Cup in franchise history would be a lifetime member of the team. But nope. They done Faulk-ed up. What a disaster the trade and subsequent signing of Justin Faulk was. Guy only put 16 points this season and he plays prime minutes. That's actually worse than Stecher (3rd pairing dman) and Tanev (defensive dman).
  4. You are dead to me now, Manny. Just kidding. Thanks for your service here and thanks for teaching the boys how to win faceoffs.
  5. A lot of the games were so one sided towards Vegas yet the Canucks still managed to get 3 wins. Kinda impressive, to be honest.
  6. Getting only 1 shot on that major penalty was the dagger. Couldn't have asked for a better chance to close out the series.
  7. Benning's got a lot of work to do this summer. Bottom six other than Motte and Virtanen was invisible all series.