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  1. [GDT] 2018 Olympic Hockey Games

    Someone run over Hilary Knight please...can't stand her, she comes off so smug.
  2. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Refs were bad but the PK was even worse
  3. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Agreed, especially because he probably would've gotten longer term and higher AAV if he waited until July 1st.
  4. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    4M is reasonable. I was worried it was going to be in the $4.5M+ range.
  5. Tavares to Vancouver (proposal)

    Not to mention a high end forward that we would able to draft this year (unless we get Dahlin!)
  6. Yes, that's definitely a good deal for us, but I feel Gudbranson would want more than that.
  7. [Report] Alexandre Burrows suspended 10 games

    Not surprised.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Darren Archibald

    Hope he does better than he did last time he played for the Canucks. Extremely disappointing last time. May have been nerves, may have been the coaching (Torts) but hopefully he shows some of the stuff he did in the preseason.
  9. Hall laid out Burrows with a very clean hit earlier. Burrows wasn't happy about it. That was unnecessarily dirty and he should be suspended.
  10. Is Gaudette the lowest drafted prospect on this list? If so, that's super impressive.
  11. Button absolutely loves Pettersson and Gaudette
  12. [Report] Rick Nash submits no-trade list to Rangers

    If I was a playoff team or contender I wouldn't even take him. Guy was absolutely invisible in the playoffs, especially in the finals against the Kings when the Rangers needed him most.
  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    He also posted some Finnish "quotes" and told us to translate for ourselves. What a joke.
  14. Olli Juolevi | D

    They can't handle their prize prospect being a healthy scratch so they need to make up some sort of excuse to make themselves feel better.
  15. [Report] Brad Marchand suspended 5 games No remorse or apology from Marchand in his statement today. He only feels bad for "letting his team down". Guy needs a harsher suspension for him to truly learn a lesson.