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  1. Yikes. For someone who's hockey iq and vision is highly touted, that was bad play from Juolevi
  2. Oh man, Jason King got hired?
  3. Yikes...poor start for Bachman
  4. Damn, that was a nice goal and pass
  5. So are we going down Robson or Georgia?
  6. Wow this contract is a steal.
  7. Yeah I get it. Just being facetious that it's been 5 years since he was drafted and he's still considered a "prospect"
  8. Good signing, always good to kept first round picks with the team. However, we kind of a have a logjam at forward now. Is somebody going to be moved?
  9. Saw the same things as well. Hopefully as gets stronger and heavier, he won't be pushed around as easily.