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  1. Green was also Baertschi's coach in junior with Portland, when Baertschi lit up the WHL playing with Johansen and Rattie.
  2. Would do that in a heartbeat.
  3. Is it confirmed that he signed a year deal in the KHL?
  4. Don't even say that!!
  5. Not surprised to be honest. The guy flew out of Vancouver a day after the season ended, a couple hours after the season end press conference.
  6. Let's laugh at their tears.
  7. Their main forum is Calgarypuck, not the NHL official forum. However I would stay away from there if you're a Canucks fan, it's way worse than CDC.
  8. Gordon Bombay ftw
  9. He looked like he was going to wait on some tables after the press conference.
  10. Tanev looks and sounds baked.
  11. Haha Tryamkin and Bo just gave each other a grin and a head nod after Tryamkin answers a question.
  12. Also, sounds like Markstrom wishes he got more starts, injury notwithstanding.
  13. He wants to stay and help the young guys develop, just like how the veterans helped him develop when he broke into the league.
  14. ruilin96 gave a good summary. He also said it doesn't matter who wears the C but the team still has great leaders in the locker room.
  15. I think that was Farhan Lalji who asked that question. Henrik gave a good response though.