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  1. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    I have seen the past. But that's what it is. The Past. I understand what your getting at . I think you misread what I'm getting at. I'd ask you how many players where taken after the 8th overall pick that had a major impact in the NHL from 1980- 2013. You mention only 5 players that were taken 8th overall in the draft that made a major impact in the NHL from that timeline in which I totally AGREE. But some draft years were weak . To a point after the top pick everything else is a crap shoot. I'll use the 1999 draft the year the Sedins were taken .Nobody besides them made a major impact at all Scouting is not a science. All scouts and Gm have been wrong, good or bad. Teams look for certain players. My point I'm trying to get at is just because that we may get that 8th overall pick doesn't mean its going to be a bad pick . Just because that certain player is ranked 8th overall doesn't mean they're going to draft that player. . Remember 22 teams passed on Boeser, Kesler .. The game has changed .Its more about skill and speed. Just for fun, Look up Kesler's draft year 2003. Look at some of the players taken after the 8th pick.. Phaneuf ( 9) Dustin Brown (13) Brent Seebrook (14) Zach Parise (17) Ryan Getzlaf (19) Brent Burns (20) Cory Perry (28) Any of those players IMO could have been taken 8th overall but have made a major impact in their career.
  2. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Now can you tell us how many players taken after the 8th overall pick had an measurable impact in the NHL since1980? Right now they don't know for another month where they will be drafting. .And if we do get the 8th overall pick doesn't mean were going to get a crap player. My god didn't this team drafted players like Kesler and Boeser 23rd overall in their respective draft?
  3. Sub .500 means they lost more then they have won . Correct? Under Torts they were a game over .500 and under Willie they finished over a hundred points. So that will be 3 years not 5. How do you expect a team to trade a player like Tanev when he's on the injured list. When Benning took over he had no starting Goaltender when Gillis traded both of them. The farm was bare and he had half a roster with an aging core group with NTC Your pissed now !!I couldn't imagine if we had Gillis as our GM stating he wouldn't ask any of his players to waive their NTC Meaning they would have a much older roster to deal with . How long did it take Quinn or Burkie to turn this franchise around ? I know it was longer them 3 years.
  4. Tillman wants the NHL in Houston

    And we heard this before back in the late 90"s, Early 2000 from Burkie saying we are one phone call away from moving but that was when the Grizzles were still around. But one question? If F.A sells the franchise and it moves . What are they going to do with GM place Since they own that too when they're main tenent is gone ? In some ways I can't see the Canucks being relocated.
  5. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    I can agree to a certain point .But they're are players that came out of college that adapted to the Nhl without going to the Minors. One of the advantages that Boeser has is that he was playing against 21-23 year old players the last two years. Which in some ways makes him more prepared than a player coming out of Major Jr. who has been playing against 16-20 year olds.
  6. Flames future in Calgary

    This is the same Burkie that kept saying we are one phone call away from moving way back when.
  7. My pet peeve with this team

    Pretty much . It's not like were contending for the cup now. We did it under Quinn /Burke. I can't see why we cant do the same with Benning.
  8. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Brock also played two years in college from a winning program in North Dakota. Playing with young men between the age of 18-23 years of age compare to playing Major Jr . Which also helped his development playing against players older then him.
  9. Predicting Canucks leading scorers 2017-2018

    I understand where your coming from but every NHL coach started out unproven at some point. Keenan and Torts were proven NHL COACHES but only lasted a year here. It all depends if the coach can be suited to the players style of play.
  10. Pretty much dead on Warhippy. Choosing to have the nucks ranked 9th is a fair assestment. The future looks alot brighter now then it did a couple years ago.
  11. Gaunce should be Protected

    Thats because they didn't have a GM OR President after they fired Quinn. But that all changed when they hired Burke the following year.
  12. Benning's Failure as GM (Discussion)

    Even the mighty Quinn made some questionable trades or moves in the Past or did nothing at all .. Keep in mind Quinn never had to deal with a cap ,nor did he had to deal with players with NTC. Back then Players never became free agents until they reached the age of 31. Big difference.
  13. I Agree that we're on the right track . It's going to take some time to rebuild. Burke and Pat Quinn went through the same thing.
  14. You have some interesting points. But Janis isn't it a little bit premature to say that Horvat who is in his third year is not going to be an a elite center? A kid who has improved his game every year he's been here. Would you have said that a few years ago about Kesler , or a H. Sedin , They didn't look like Elite Center in their third year in the league either. We could also say that Reinhart has potential but so does Horvat . You maybe right on Virtanen . but I also remember people were saying the same thing on a young Cam Neely . Yes being a tanker will not guarantee job security for a Gm ,Coaching staff or even players for that matter. , but reality is they're going to do whatever it takes to make this team compete every night. And players are not going to tank when they have jobs to fight for. Remember this is their livelihood. Nobody is Guarantee that we will get the first pick overall with as tank. No guarantee that first pick will not be a bust or that a late pick will not be a superstar. We could draft Owen Tippet and he may or may not turn out. How many top 5 picks did we get in the 70's and 80's Janis? How did that worked out for us. Also did you put into consideration who your going to expose to the expansion draft? I can understand where your coming from Janis. But that's a pretty big gamble that may or may not work.
  15. Please be SELLERS at the deadline

    Agree it is possible but at the same time players have the right as to which team they want to go to. And working out a trade isn't as easy as it is on paper. Look at Kesler's situation when he only gave two teams to work with. They also have to think about who they could expose in the expansion draft.