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  1. Pears, I would love them to release the Eriksson, and Sutter. But do you know how much of a cap hit the team would be taking after they are released?
  2. Didn't people say the same thing about Bertuzzi ? I'm not comparing to him , But he did take some time to developed.
  3. I hear what your saying . But we already have a weaken defense with Hutton and Tanav on the selve. You might as well take a look at some of the rookies.
  4. IMO we can never have enough goaltender. Look at the future. Do you see Miller staying around after next season. Backstom was only insurance. I can't see him being here for next year.
  5. Benning never won a cup? What was he doing in Boston.
  6. Ok Superfan, Lets go back to '94. How did this team do in the regular season? We were three points away from missing the playoffs all together and we wouldn't be talking about the 94 run.I wouldn't call a 41-40-1 record and 85 points is anything to be scary about going into the post season. The question would be how are we going to survive!!!! The team gel at the right time. Thats's all nothing special. Quinn going into the playoffs had the same core for the last three years. The Canucks started the playoffs as a 7th seed. So every round ,all the way to the final we were the underdogs all the way. Totally disagree with you on Pavel Bure disappearing act in the 94 playoffs , 16 goals,15 assist 31 points in 24 playoff games. I would say he did a pretty good job against the so call tight checking. You can't compare one team from another. Their unique in there own way. Every year is different, We don't have the same coaching staff or Gm for the last 40 years so you can't say I'm a little uneasy. And we don't have GM WHO IS satisfied.