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  1. How could anyone not fall asleep watching the Canucks? Sedins are playing hockey in slow motion. The PP can't score or even set up. Even a Canucks 5 on 3 PP is not a threat. PKs can't kill. The team is out-shot in most of the games.Vancouver can't win games in regulation. Imagine where in the standing Vanvouver would be in without that little bit of luck in OT and shoot out. For WD, a 3 goal lead cushion into the 3rd period is not enough for him to win games and it happened again and again. With the exception of a few, there is zero talents among the forwards. Worst of all is that this situation won't change in the next 2 seasons as there are no young prospects who are potential goal scorers that are now playing. There is no hope for this team before WD and JB leave Vancouver.
  2. Watch the Canucks PP & PK and I know it is WD, not Virtanen, that JB should send down to the AHL. The Sedins now won't shoot, can't score, can't make or take passes, can't make a clean entry into the zone during PP. All they do is to create turnovers after turnovers game after game and waste most of the PP time on the 1st PP unit. Megna is a marginal NHLer at best and he has PP minutes. The idiot claimed he is a very loyal coach and now it is this loyalty that costs the team. WD has absolutely no idea how to coach. Firing WD is an even better option.
  3. I did say in my previous post that this 4th line has lived up to all expectations. You can't ask for more from them. But all 3 will be lucky to stay in the NHL in the next year or two and none of them will be a top 6 forward. Megna playing on the PP just show that WD is an idiot. The problem with this team is it has to find players to replace the twins, Eriksson in the next few years and none is going to come if Virtanen, one of the very few prospects that has the potential to be a top 6, is treated like this.Tkachuk has a much better luck with Calgary. WD is only good at destroying the confidence of young players. This idiot scratched Baertschi for 1 game when he ONLY got 6 points in his previous 8 games. Baertschi was lucky to survive. He could have gone forever. Under WD & JB, I don't see any bright future in Vancouver.
  4. If Virtanen wasn't playing a 200 feet game, he must have been the luckiest Canuck in the 10 games he played when his team was never scored upon while he was on ice, mostly playing on the 4th line. Transition from defense to offense won't be a problem as this guy has wheels. has a good shot, can hit, and 13 points in 55 games he played last year was pretty good for a 19 year old. I just don't know what this sorry franchise, WD & JB want from their young prospect. If they don't let Virtanen play for a year or two in the NHL, no one can tell how good or bad he is.. Instead, they choose to waste time on Megna, Chaput, skille, after all those Vey, Etem, Cracknell & Prust last year. I just feel sorry for Virtanen, to have been drafted by the Canucks and not other teams.
  5. Young forwards who have the potential to develop into a top 6 and can score goals is desperately needed by this team. The current 4th line plays up to expectations, is not a liability on defense, but none of these players can be a top 6 forward in the future. Virtanen played 10 games this season, ended up a +1, and his team was never scored upon while he was on ice playing on the 4th line. He got 13 points in 55 games last year. The stats showed the kid was not a defense liability and he has the potential to help this team in scoring. But WD was talking about sending him to the AHL even before the season starts. WD declared him a failure after only 10 games with that stat and he is gone. Rodin played well in the pre-season. He came back and played 1 game after a injury. WD almost declared him a failure after that and he was benched most of the time. I wonder what kind of stupid coach WD is. Is he not supposed to help young forwards to develop? Instead, he is here to hinder their development.No one knows if Virtanen or Rodin can play in the NHL unless you let them play. Bo did not succeed in 10 games! WD's judgement is obviously a problem when he gave Linden Vey so much opportunities but is so intolerant to Virtanen and Rodin.This off season, Vancouver will be searching for a goal scorer again in free agency. Hopefully, they can have another 6 million to sign another 31 year old for 6 years. The Canucks PP and PK are among the worst, are outshot in most games. The only thing that has improved is the faceoff%, not because of WD, but Malholtra. Canucks's hockey is boring under him. No wonder there are so many empty seats at home games. WD is useless and should be fired asap.
  6. The Sedins are a waste of time on the PP. Last time the Canucks had a PP in the last 17 seconds of OT, Hank held on to the puck till the last whistle without a shot on goal. Tonight, the Sedins again had no shot on goal during the PP in OT and gave up a short-handed goal. Who is going to pay to watch the Sedins these days? Take them out of the PP, it is painful to watch them keep passing the puck endlessly until turning it over.
  7. When WD and others criticize the play of Virtanen, they probably do not know Virtanen is the only Canucks forward who carries a plus in the +/- column, even though he often played on the 4th line in the 10 games he played. His team never got scored upon while he was on ice this season. To me I think this is a big achievement for a 20 year old. You don't need a garbage coach to destroy the confidence of your top young prospect by taking away his ice-time and benching him. And why would any team let a journeyman Skille take away the playing spot of an elite prospect? This team is doomed at present and in the future under WD, JB & TL.
  8. WD's team doesn't win games. Young prospects under WD don't have ice-time to develop. This coach is simply useless to The Canucks and has to be fired asap.
  9. Jared McCann was lucky to be traded. Vancouver is just a graveyard for young prospects. They would rather have guys like Skille, Cracknell, Vey, Prust, Etem in the lineup, who have no future in the NHL, instead of young prospects Virtanen, McCann, Shikaruk whose potentials are unknown. If young players don't get the ice-time, you'll never know how good or bad they are. Even Markstrom, who outplays Miller, gets all except one of the Canucks wins, will still be a backup at the end of this season. Under WD & JB, Vancouver will never find the next Burrows and Hansen. This team is hopeless.
  10. It is sick to watch this sorry team keep playing the losing goalie Miller because of his 6 million dollar contract. This team can't win with Miller giving up so many big rebounds. He is also too old and slow to stop all those screened shots. It was Lack who led this team to the playoffs when Miller was injured. It was Markstrom who kept this team in the playoff race while Miller was injured last year. The hope vanished soon after Miller returned to the lineup. This team was a winning team when Miller was out of the lineup early this season. WD and JB must be blind if they can't see this. Keep Miller in goal and keep losing. Congratulations WD & JB.
  11. Keep playing the winning goalie. For 3 consecutive seasons, the Canucks were in the playoff race only when Miller was injured. There is no exception early this season. Statistics don't bias or lie.
  12. JB is running a recycle program with the Canucks as he kept signing players not wanted by other teams trying to save their NHL careers. Skille, Cracknell, Prust, Vey, Etem, Bartkowski etc. would never help the Canucks at any time. These guys only took away the play-time of any young prospects who have the potential to play in the NHL. Young prospects instead are shipped out before they have the chance to play a handful of games in the NHL. Under JB and WD, you will never see another Burrows, Hansen or Kesler as Vancouver has become the graveyard of young prospects.JB should be fired asap. His next job would be with waste management.
  13. Last year when the Canucks were trailing by 1 goal in the 3rd period, the forward with the most ice-time was Dorsett. In the Ottawa game, when the Canucks trailed by 1 goal with 90 secs left in the game, Dorsett was again on ice.The problem is that Dorsett seldom scores. WD is only good at telling young prospects they are not good enough and healthy scratched them.The Nucks are hopeless now and in the future under WD. Fire WD now, it simply cannot be worse.
  14. JB's acquisitions of Skille, Prust, Cracknell only made this team older and slower. Add to this list Bartkowski, Vey and Etem, this team is less talented as well. These players also took away the chances of the Canucks own young prospects to play whom JB keeps trading away. There won't be any help from young prospects within the Canucks system in the near future in consequence. JB is running a recycle program in the NHL trying to save the careers of players dumped by other teams. This is not the way to build a good hockey team. Canucks have no hope before JB & WD are fired.
  15. JB built a ???faster and younger team in the off-season by spending 3 millions in acquiring a 31 years old Prust and 30 year old Cracknell, both borderline NHLers. Together with Dorsett's 2.65 million salary, the Canucks might have the league's most expensive garbage 4th line that's a liability all season. It has to be JB's admission of failure when he waived both Prust and Cracknell before season ends. Vey and Weber were also put on waivers. So the acquisition of Vey by giving up a second round pick is another failure by JB. But when both clear waivers and got back in the lineup, Vey became the top line center when Henrik was sidelined because he is WD's boy and Weber became the point man of the top PP unit. This is a joke. JB and WD simply do not have a clue on what they should do. They are just a mess.