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  1. Let's sit a hall of fame player for 14 games so he doesn't get to game 1500. That'll motivate him!
  2. If we picked Matthew Tkachuk, there’s no guarantee that we’d have Pettersson or Hughes. Depending on how the Canucks were doing with Tkachuk, we could’ve drafted in a lower position, higher, traded the pick away, etc... Everything happens for a reason. Lets just hope Juolevi pans out to be a reliable top 4 defenceman.
  3. Darnell Nurse is garbage. Sign him up for the Olympic diving team.
  4. Nurse is trying to get into the Olympics like his sister. Only way he can do that is to try out for the Olympic diving team.
  5. Absolutely no way that play is offside. The puck is the first thing to enter the zone...
  6. Hope they slot him in with Pettersson and Boeser. Get them going 5 on 5.
  7. Garbage effort. Boeser is so casual and frustrating sometimes.