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  1. Sounds like a job for..
  2. Yeah probably a summer league. He's wearing Canucks pants and Helmet.
  3. "No way am I trying to sign him because he's my nephew!"
  4. We got rid of all our pennies to make a super Penny!
  5. PENNY!!!!!
  6. lol that's was hilarious. I knew it was Phelps ahead but they got me pretty good Got me all confused.
  7. That Edmonton Oilers alumni team would still dismantle the current Oilers team
  8. Edit: Wrong thread. Should have been a Canuck!
  9. Not a great finish but great match! Costly errors at the end there.
  10. Great beach volleyball match so far! Coming down to the third set.. Go Canada!
  11. I read this in an asian accent. You're definitely high...
  12. Maybe kids around the world need to hire better photographers
  13. Damn Ninjas! Stop cutting onions around me with your Silver knives!
  14. This Olympics could be Rio Good.