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  1. We just signed Boeser... why the heck would we trade him? Although he is not having an amazing year (and he's currently in a slump), he is almost PPG. He's obviously distracted by his home life too so give him a break. Bunch of idiots here.
  2. About 1200 pages later, Jake is finally looking like a top six forward. Well worth the wait.
  3. A line brawl would be amazing. Both teams give the finger to Parros and the league.
  4. How Alex Ovechkin has been in the league for 15 years and teams can't figure out how to cover him on the PP...
  5. Although I didn't know Kobe Bryant personally, I followed his career ever since I was in elementary school. He got me into watching basketball and turned me into a Lakers fan. The first jersey that I bought was a Kobe Bryant #8 jersey. Despite never having a conversation with him, or meeting him in real life, can I say the same (above) about the thousands of strangers that die each day? You don't need to have a "real connection" to feel anguish when someone that is well-known dies, especially if you have followed them for years and looked up to them. If someone prominent on the Canucks were to die tomorrow, how do you think you would feel despite not knowing them personally?
  6. Reporting one of his daughters was on board
  7. Not confirmed yet so hope it’s not true