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  1. That was Burrows, not Gudbranson.
  2. I want to see the Kings suffer without Quick.
  3. Suck it Toronto!
  4. I doubt it's who the spoiler is.
  5. If we're winning 5-0, I say we put him in there for the final minute
  6. He has the tools to become a great player, but he lacks awareness both offensively and defensively. He really needs to go down to the AHL to learn the "Pro game" and re-gain the confidence and playing style that made him a top 10 pick.
  7. Why are people making fun of his weight? goalies are typically underweight (or average) as their position does not require them to have build muscles / mass. Look at our starting goaltender for example. Ryan Miller is 6'2 and he weighs under 170lbs.
  8. Scared him away after the last time.
  9. This must be a joke? The personal area to get changed must be a joke
  10. It looked like Jake brushed his head, but there's no "slam" into the boards. If you want to see a "slam", look at what Weber did to Zetterberg a few years back and that didn't even warrant a suspension.
  11. I'm going to guess that Skille draws in.
  12. Calgary didn't even score hahaha