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  1. Smaller goalies need to come out more to cut off the shooting angles. He can't play deep or else he will get picked apart. With maturity and experience, he'll learn to stay more upright, go down less often, and be less sporadic in his movements.
  2. Baertschi-Horvat-Miller is our potential 2nd line. Benn-Stecher is our potential 3rd pairing.
  3. Thinking the team will look like this to start: Ferland - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Goldobin Baertschi - Sutter - Virtanen Pearson - Beagle - Eriksson Leivo Edler - Tanev Hughes - Myers Benn - Stecher Biega /Fantenberg Markstrom Demko IR: Roussel
  4. Tried COD MW Beta on the weekend and it was quite fun. Probably one of the best COD games I've played since MW2.
  5. I was at the game last night and I wasn't impressed by Kole Lind. Not sure if he is lacking confidence due to his slow professional start, but he kept losing the puck and really couldn't get his shots through, which should be his bread and butter. Of course, it's one game but he had a tough time adapting to the pros last season. Gadjovich didn't stand out last night and neither did Jasek. Bailey looked good in training camp but he also looked pretty lacklustre last night. I guess the whole team did but I hoping to see something from these guys... Edit: One more thing. Brisebois had a great game on both ends.
  6. Almost looks as good as their main squad
  7. Went to the game last night and here are my thoughts: 1) Miller is a solid acquisition. He plays a game very similar to Bo's so they complement each other so well. I was really impressed with his puck handling skills and speed. So many times he was able to gain the zone himself. Probably worked the hardest out of all the forwards. 2) Rafferty was super shakey and between him and Teves, I think Teves out-performed him on both ends. 3) The Canucks were super scrambly when Tanev went missing during the first period. Once he came back, they were able to have proper breakouts and finally some scoring chances. Maybe its against an AHL team, but Tanev looked really smooth last night. He was carrying the puck more than usual. 4) Albeit early, I think Mike Dipietro is going to have a tough time in the NHL. The moment he goes down, the entire net is open. Every time Calgary shot the puck, I really believed that it was going to find its way into the back of the net somehow. However, he is a battler and I love his effort and desperation saves. 5) Goldobin had a decent game and he had a few dangerous looks. I'm not sure if he is the right fit beside Horvat and Miller, but to fit in with that line, he will need to turn up his tenacity and engage more. 6) Aside from crushing a Calgary player right in front of me, Jordie Benn looked alright. He was burned a few times by the speed of the Flames but I do like how he can get shots through to the net. Steady and nothing too flashy about him. All in all, it was a great night. I got to meet Kirk McLean before the game and I got to speak with Antoine Roussel after the game. I asked Antoine how he is doing and he said he's about 2 weeks away from full recovery. He won't be ready for the season opener but he'll be back soon. What a fun last few days! Can't wait until the season starts!
  8. Green is probably thinking: “Jake?????”