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  1. A lot of people seem pretty certain he will get his 1000th point tomorrow night...
  2. Maybe he'll get a shift like Rodin.. oh wait.
  3. Safety first boys and girls.
  4. Maybe Megna got a cold from all the ice time he got.
  5. Great - looks like Alex Carrier is scoring his first NHL goal. Seems like this always happens.
  6. I just picked up Greiss in my pool too.. hope Halak stays down in the AHL.
  7. Maybe it's you Jamie... maybe it's you.
  8. Alex "Shin-Buster" Edler. It's crazy how he can rarely get shots through. I always thought Kevin Bieksa was bad but Edler has taken the crown from him.
  9. Megna on the second unit PP is still a head scratcher. Put in Boucher or Rodin. This team needs an offensive spark.
  10. How about Boucher for some scoring?
  11. Sing - 7/10 The movie had it's funny moments and the songs were decent, but it was a pretty boring movie overall. Moana - 9.3/10 I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it's definitely one of the top Disney movies of the last decade. I must say, the character 'Maui' (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) nailed it. I love how they also included some signature "Rock" things, such as eye-brow raising and more. And of course, the songs were catchy.
  12. If a team offers the Canucks a 3rd round pick or higher, I'd take it and run. Before this current season, I don't even think teams would have offered us a 5th round pick for him. Although he has found some chemistry with Horvat and Baertschi, he's not getting any younger, and we can sign him in the off season for cheaper if we want to bring him back.
  13. Modern Warfare 2 is the best COD ever. Aside from NHL, I never spent so much multiplayer time on a game (console wise). If they have a remastered version of that coming out, I will purchase a PS4.