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  1. If we don't sign Edler, how about we sign both of them? Hughes - Myers Gardiner - Tanev Hutton - Stecher Schenn
  2. Very good question. Do you draft a potential top 6 forward or top 4 defencemen? or swing and go for a potential franchise goaltender? Although we have Marky and Demko, we risk losing one to the expansion draft.
  3. He only need 1 hit for performance bonuses. The other 2 were for the fans!
  4. Pretty sure he "moved on" once he signed that contract. I haven't seen the Loui Eriksson that played for the Stars and Bruins.
  5. Let’s all cherish this moment with where it all began:
  6. How creative. Take away the "Vancouver" name and boom, new jersey!
  7. I haven't even watched one game of this finals so far. Shows my interest level in this match up. Go Blues???
  8. Please don’t pull a typical Toronto choke job
  9. Great read. Now I know Mikhail Sergachev has another name!