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  1. Yes! awesome news. Probably my favourite play-by-play commentator other than John Shorthouse.
  2. The hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City look downright scary. I’ve driven past a few times and it’s always cluster of people waiting outside...
  3. I have a feeling everyone in Toronto knows the name of their zamboni driver David Ayres
  4. How to get away with murder - 9/10 The last few seasons were terrific. The story and cliff hangers keep you on the edge of your seat. It makes you want to keep watching. Great character development as well.
  5. Maybe there was a passenger recording the video and he happened to lose his left arm??
  6. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/john-gibson-anaheim-ducks-elite-101-goal-scorers John Gibson includes Pettersson in his top 5 players that he hates playing against. A good read on some of the elite players in the game.
  7. Brian Leetch and Bobby Orr? Never heard of this plugs. Why would they associate Quinn Hughes with them?
  8. By the time part 2 comes out, you'll need to get the next console to play it too
  9. What's crazy is basically every team has the next 2 months to prepare a game plan against their opponent (if it begins in August).
  10. On a side note, this is pretty impressive (top FO percentages in the league): 1. Sean Couturier (59.62% on 910 FOs) 2. J.T Miller (59.19%, 718 FOs) 3. Jay Beagle (59.14%, 678 FOs) 4. Claude Giroux (59.03%, 1123 FOs) 5. Tyler Seguin (58.16%, 925 FOs) 7. Bo Horvat (57.3% on 1483 FOs)
  11. UNOFFICIAL: With the NHL 2019-2020 season officially over, here are some of the winners of the regular season awards if there are no changes: Art Ross: Leon Draisaitl - 110 points in 71 games Maurice Rocket Richard: David Pastrnak / Alexander Ovechkin - 48 goals William Jennings: Tuukka Rask / Jaroslav Halak Presidents Trophy: Boston Bruins - 100 points Who do you think will win the rest of the awards? Hart: Leon Draisaitl Ted Lindsay: Leon Draisaitl Calder: Quinn Hughes Vezina: Connor Hellebuyck Norris: John Carlson Selke: Patrice Bergeron Lady Byng: Nathan MacKinnon Jack Adams: Bruce Cassidy (Boston Bruins) GM of the year: Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)