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  1. They should move them to Hoboken. Hoboken style baby!
  2. Mike Gillis out GM'd again
  3. I hope he takes it straight down to the Rogers Center,
  4. Classy player that played the right way. I remember how Dave Nonis refrained from trading (rumoured) Edler + Kesler for him.
  5. That's because they have an awful defense.
  6. Edler-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Sbisa-Tryamkin Larsen Biega Pedan
  7. Both of them don't really have a place on this team for the opening night roster, barring injuries. They will both be solid call-ups though.
  8. But he was supposed to be our next Patrick Kane with Cody Hodgson as our Jonathan Toews!
  9. Kyle Connor played in a weaker NCAA division.
  10. Maybe no NHL teams want to sign him
  11. I just watched a video of the aftermath.. it's like a scene out if the walking dead...
  12. The Bruins bought a Stanley cup ala Jeremy Jacobs.
  13. Greg Oden
  14. Interesting tidbit on Jake. It's tough coming in to the NHL, especially at such a young age, but he'll be just fine under the watch of the Sedins, Burrows, and the other veteran players / coaches.