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  1. I would like the comets to play the ahl flames in the first round and have Sven DOMINATE the series. I do wonder whether he would be a better option on lw over some other guys besides Sedin. I agree about developing him in a stable environment and not calling him up but just curious where he would fit if we did bring him up.
  2. Thanks for your insight. I've read conflicting reports regarding Corrado's waiver eligibility. Do you know if he is exempt next year? It would make a difference whether he makes the canucks as we also have a logjam of bottom pairing and depth d-men. If he is waiver exempt, I expect Utica to start the year with (in no order) Pedan Huskins Corrado Hutton Subban And any of Negrin, Anderson, Blain, Ehrhardt
  3. Well crap... I do remember people were up in arms about AV burning a year during the shortened season but I wasn't sure whether that was off his ElC or waiver exemption. Elvis, do you know anything about this?
  4. I know Tanev's name gets thrown out often during proposals because he is still unsigned but the canucks need to sign this guy at anything 4.5 and under. He doesn't have elite skills but is honestly the most solid and steady defender we have. I don't worry when there's an oncoming rush when Tanev is back there as he will RARELY get beaten one on one and always makes the safe play. People argue that that's not enough but name anyone else on the canucks who is that steady. Edler has had a great bounce back year but he sometimes has brainfarts in his own zone. When we need to out someone back there in a close game defending the lead in the final minute, Tanev is the guy.
  5. Did the Dorsett fight turn the momentum? I don't believe in that stuff but the canucks pretty much stopped skating around that time. I remember Kassian got a lot of flack on CDC for stirring it up with Phaneuf while canucks were up on the leafs. At least Kass showed the leafs who's boss and the Nucks closed it out. I hope WD is saving him for Saturday and he has his way with the Kings.
  6. As ridiculous as it sounds (because who wants to ever resemble the flames) I believe we have the personnel to play the flames style and actually be better than them if we practice. Would it make sense to approach the game against LA that way? But then again, what is the flames style?
  7. How do teams like Calgary beat them ?
  8. We don't want a Shea Weber long term RFA offer... Best thing to do would be to do a short term RFA offer which takes him to his first eligible ufa season assuming Columbus will match. Then sign him as a UFA as soon as he becomes UFA.
  9. Wow... I was about to rag on the Sedins for not showing up and then they do this.
  10. While I agree that Schroeder was misused as a canucks (playing checking role), I don't think his upside is that great. He is not good enough to be a top 6 player on an elite team. Personally, I think Vey will be as good or better than Bonino in a few years. He just needs to get stronger and get more experience.
  11. There is no team toughness without Kass. He is to us what Lucic was to the Bruins in 2011. With him in the lineup, we have guys like Hansen clowning Phaneuf. Without him, guys are lacking swagger.
  12. The best thing about it is that he stopped skating and started gliding from centre ice for a line change. I'm pretty sure that dude would fail the fitness test. It's kind of sad. If he had the drive to work out and be a better conditioned pro to go along with his skill set, he would be quite a different player rather than a laughing stock..
  13. To go even further, I think this whole waking up the other team is nonsense BS that the telecast says during the game to try to make it more interesting. Canadians don't like arrogance or disrespect so when one team is beating the other on the scoreboard and then ungraciously taunts or does something else, we as Canadians generally don't like witnessing that and cheer for the underdog at that point. As a result, we make saying like "oooh, they're risking waking up the other team". The only time this could be true is when an inferior team is beating a better team on a night that the better team decided not to show up. Adding disrespect could wake them up causing a comeback. However, that just means the right team won as they should have just won the game from the beginning had they showed up.
  14. I agree. What's with the attitude that promotes us to win meekly without waking up the other team? How about we beat them up physically as well as on the scoreboard to let them know who is boss. That's actually even more demoralizing and psychologically damaging to the opposition as they are literally left with no moral victories. I don't think a team that has to tip toe around other teams in fear of "waking then up" deserve the cup. The team has bigger issues if we blow a 3-0 lead and then watch one of our guys beat up their captain and then gets scared and thrown off our own game after witnessing that. If anything it should give the team more confidence and have team toughness where guys like Hansen even stand up to Phaneuf and make fun of him. That's what happened against Boston when pukes like Marchand was allowed to punch our captain's face repeatedly without any repercussions. Pretty sure Bruins weren't scared to wake up the Nucks.
  15. Which teams have had the best record against LA? Is there something they do differently than Vancouver? Vancouver has beat good teams this year but they just match up so poorly against LA. I wonder if it's a playing style or system that needs to be changed up. I almost feel like our game plan plays perfectly into their hands and preferred style of play. I don't watch enough hockey outside of canucks games to know if there is a better way to pay the Kings