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  1. Came across this video of YP Lee throughout his career. He joined VWFC in the twilight of his career and was still a good player and mentor for our team. He spent most of his career playing LB but played RB with us as well. Interesting to see the big teams and the company that he played against.
  2. I read a lot of criticism of Rivero. Fair enough. A striker needs to score goals at the end of the day. But the fact is, he does many things right considering how isolated he is up front. One player that frustrates me most is Manneh. So much speed is mostly wasted by poor decision making that's only gotten marginally better over last two seasons. How many times does he dribble the ball straight into the opposition? He's not a good passer either. Anyway, it's only two games in. We have few new players. Hopefully Robbo finds the right combination and we start to see some chemistry soon.
  3. Agree with MJDDawg. Octavio is a high effort player. He's also a very smart player. Finishing definitely needs to improve. His hold up play is excellent but players around him need to play around that. Manneh played a bit smarter this year, but still dribbles straight into defenders most of the time and is definitely the worst passer in our starting 11. More than a striker, I'd like for the Caps to sign two influential midfielders who can hold possession and make plays.
  4. I missed the first half. But the second half can be summarized as: If the long ball doesn't work, keep trying the same thing for the next 45 minutes..
  5. I literally forgot about him. Sutter 3C McCann 4C Cracknell extra.
  6. I'd like to see: Sedin-Sedin-Burrows - go with what worked most consistently Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen - Virtanen's best chance at sticking with the team. Vrbata-McCann- Hansen - Vrbata on 3rd line that should get good number of minutes Prust-Cracknell-Dorsett - Prust + Dorsett. Havoc.
  7. classic Manneh. too much speed for his own good. 2 on none. dribbles straight into keeper.
  8. I have a feeling they will be more popular than the VPD.
  9. I'm sure most of us are friends with, and met people who are religious, agnostic, atheist, or etc. there are such varieties in theories and opinions in both science and religion. and the more I try to understand both, i don't know why one has to disprove the other. there's religious knowledge that supports science. there's science that supports religion. ask enough questions and there will be shortcomings to both.
  10. Well, Ousted has reasons to blast his team most of the time. It's a competitive world. The team has to respond.. It's been a while since Miller-Camillo-Teibert produced regularly. Need Reo in the midfield. Too bad we couldn't even grab a point from such a pivotal match. And Colorado and Portland both win later that night. Go Caps! I want to see them in the POs. Probably the last hurrah for YP Lee.
  11. He has been great for the Caps. But let's not get carried away.
  12. [quote name=__' timestamp='1372490359' post='11483566] Personally, I don't think Rennie needs another, if we already have enough in O'Brien, Rusin, Leveron, Mitchell and not to mention DeMerit. Complete logjam once everybody's healthy.
  13. What are the chances of Whitecaps signing a goalkeeper we've heard of? Isn't Cudicini the only GK who's come over from Europe who's notable? I was unimpressed with both Cannon and Knighton. Hopefully Ousted is an upgrade. We do need to add a CB, a fullback to back up YPL and Harvey.
  14. Couldn't agree more. O'Brien and Rusin pumped the ball up the field too many times without attempting to make a pass. YP Lee and Rochat are obviously more comfortable with the ball at their feet. Darren Mattocks seems to have a mental block atm. He's got lots of potential. But eventually, he'll have to start converting some of these for Caps to get the W. Great games from Reo-Coker, YP Lee. Manneh deserves lots fo credit. His inexperience was evident. But the goal was taken with such calm and poise. Once his confidence grew, he became harder to stop. Usually, I don't criticize opponents for diving. Every team has players that do it. But FC Dallas took it to a new level and I was annoyed. A win would have been the ultimate justice.
  15. Daigo in his first game seems 100 times better than Robson. Manneh and Hurtado are speedy and explosive players. They'll have to take better touches and make better decisions overall. But it's their first game and their futures look bright. YP Lee seemed more involved with the additions of Daigo & Reo Coker. He was solid last season. But I thought the Caps could have used him more. Reo-Coker seems like he'll be a good addition too. Versatile. This is all based on one game. And against TFC. But things look encouraging.