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  1. Man I really like bridge, show me deals for the youngsters. We haven't seen the best of Brock and he has had those couple of injuries. Now we get to see if he can step up to the next level....and he'll get the big money if he does, and well deserved too if he brings it these next 3 years.
  2. Probably being ignorant but why should Brock get 7 mill/ year. I'm not on his back or anything like that before I get ripped a new one, but he's had 2 20 goal/ 50 point seasons with a couple of injuries. Perhaps Karlsson isn't the best comparison but he's on less than 6. Is there someone better to compare him to maybe?
  3. Big upgrade from last year! Let's hope that 8.7 mill we have left isn't all for Boeser . Good money for these two newbies too. With Edler coming off the books 21-22, looking good for those big money signings in Hughes and EP.
  4. I don't really get this cap dump argument. Personally I see a cap dump as one which is obvious to see from both sides, ie a Marleau or Eriksson. He's a 40-50 point player on a good contract for a few years and he's young enough that his stats shouldn't go through the floor. Maybe a first is too high a price or maybe not, we'll see, but this is not a cap dump type of trade.
  5. I tried to look this up but couldn't find it. Which position and line has he played in mostly? Basically what I'm asking if he plays 2nd line for us will he need to step up? Cheers
  6. I get you have to start giving up picks when you think the time is right to push us over the top, but a first seems a lot for his goal scoring record. I guess with all trades....time will tell.
  7. This is a genuine question before anyone rips me a new one. To me his goal scoring record doesn't stand out, this is not something to care about at all at his development level I guess? Do scouts pay attention to points at this stage?
  8. I only really see the highlights and obviously the stats but I read about the frustration about Jake so I would like to know what we want from him next year. Is it not necessarily about a step up in points but rather consistency and being a 'presence' on the ice in all shifts? I guess for some fans next year is make or break or are most fans understanding that this is the progression of a power foward and it will take longer than that?
  9. Yeah I agree with you here. I guess because we have at least two new D coming through who are potentially top 2/3 next season then it's worth seeing how they progress during the season. But you're right EK's don't come along very often. For sure it's a difficult call, guess that's why JB gets paid the big money.
  10. Actually he thinks (or thought) we could fight for a playoff spot with the current players without trading some big assets at the trade deadline. I would say that's called staying the course
  11. I think we're still 2-3 years away from competing, we have big holes on our top line wings. I don't know why any big time UFA would come to a non-competing team if they have options to go elsewhere with similar dosh. Add to that we'll have Hughes and hopefully OJ on the team next year and maybe Woo the year after. We have no idea how those guys are going to pan out and we have time to see. It might be the big money for that big UFA signing might need to be spread amongst two players for example. If we get Edler for two years that would be best so we'll have the money to splash at the end of his contract.
  12. I guess in an ideal world, management would have sat down with him before the trade deadline and said look, this is our final offer for the new contract, if you think you want to test other teams instead then what about a trade? In that scenario I hope it was sorted verbally before the TD. 3 years max and no NMC NTC.
  13. I think we're too early for signing someone like Karlsson. He's like your last piece of the puzzle when you're ready to challenge for the next few years and I don't think we're there yet. I know that means we miss out on him but we have time with this core and another scoring D will become available. We go all in when the time's right, when we know Hughes is the stud we think he's gonna be and OJ has finely hit the big time. Until these young guys have played an NHL game we can't count on anything.