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  1. This thread? Does it still need to be pinned?
  2. Anyone who says Sundin was a bust is an idiot. Not only was he one of our best forwards in the playoffs, but it was pretty much about a month or two after he got here that Kesler broke out in a big way. Not to mention pretty much everyone else on the team credits Sundin with teaching them so much. Also, we had the cap room and gave up nothing for him. Seriously, is the OP retarded or something? Getting Sundin is probably one of the best things Gillis has done.
  3. Burrows hasn't taken a game off since he began playing with the Canucks on 05/06. My fav player on the Canucks; he's an incredibly hard worker that deserves none of the reputation he has.
  4. Lol....Izumi from Lucky Star ^^

  5. Even if you call the Sedins the best line for Vancouver tonight, no one line has been all that good, so it's not saying much.