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  1. So when's this guy planning on getting his first point of the season?
  2. Hahaha w/e man, it's just rep. I find the comments on your page here a lot funnier haha.

  3. LOL yo man .. one comment got me like -65.

    i love CDC :P

  4. There wouldn't be a Silva anymore if he fought Fedor. Fedor is several knotches above Silva.
  5. haha yah i guess

  6. More than 365 times a year.

  7. haha np :) ..i wish almost everyone a HBD on here even though i don't know them :P

  8. how often do you bloody turn 15?

  9. haha, funny!

    anywayz edmonton = souray = lol.

    Did you hear what kevin lowe said? "You can never have too many good defensemen..." I literally lol'ed and fell off my chair after i heard that. Guy's officially gone psycho.