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  1. Sven I can see coming up at some point, Goldy you just need to move on from him. It's over he left you.
  2. 2 games down and 80 more to go. I will let you work out what % of the season is now over.
  3. U didn't get the memo about Luke?
  4. Gaudette was one of the Nucks best players tonight - Green said so himself and if you didn't notice for that reason he was getting more shifts. You should know by now that Green tends to play guys that are going just like every coach in the show.
  5. it is all relative and he was one of the more impactful players on our side.
  6. 100% right about Gaudette. Gaudette was one of the best forwards tonight hands down. We lost but that third was very good.
  7. I thought perhaps after Bo, Gaudette was one of our best F's. Liked Miller and Jake most of the time as well. EP wasn't very good tonight on either side of the puck. Hughes had a few rookie plays but overall the kid is impressive. I liked Myers as well most of the night.
  8. First, all different types of people from all different kinds of backgrounds enter into politics. So your belief that there are 2 types of people in the world is nonsense.
  9. They way you exaggerate and pander here makes you look pretty special too.
  10. no because i do it win or lose and regardless of whether the season is on or not U are a responsible drinker in my books
  11. remember when Green sat Boeser 2 years ago cause the thought he was tired, for me this is kind of the same thing - brain fart by Green. Gaudette should 100% be in the line up - had one of the best camps, works like a beast, has a shot and probably the best O upside of the bottom six
  12. Here is the bigger problem, the NHL is not a slow league. Even slowing down means playing fast something that Goldy cannot do. At the AHLhe will dominate. Nucks hopefully are done with the this failed project.
  13. Leivo is big, has a very good shot, good enough speed and most importantly he is good down low, in front of the net and along the boards. On our team we do no have many guys who can do that kind of dirty work. Leivo is the type of player that doesn't stand out because he does the hard work. He is an important depth piece and is suited for playoff hockey where things tend to get a little old school at times.