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  1. And your special power is knowing the thoughts of 'everyone'.
  2. Is it fun? Your choice to see it as minimizing. I do not see it that way.
  3. 1.35 million 'yearly' would also suggest a onslaught.
  4. one major problem with your argument - you forget to consider kids, pedestrians, and cyclists. I am not even talking about the number of kids killed riding in cars. Do they have a choice on how they get to b from a? If you don't own a car like me you still have to use the roads either walking or on a bike. Pedestrian death rates are growing.
  6. remember there are other ways to die Frightening Car Deaths Per Year Statistics for 2020 1.35 million people die in road accidents worldwide every year — 3,700 deaths a day. Car crashes have risen to the 8th leading cause of death for people globally. Saturday is estimated to be the deadliest day of the week for car crashes in the US. In 2017, there were a total of 34,247 car crashes involving fatalities on US roads.
  7. The article is reporting facts. It is important to do so. By not doing so is extremely dangerous and putting people's health at risk . See also 2008 Chinese baby milk scandal - remember that? You can bet that these providers have some kind of government connection. I get what you are saying, but censoring or not reporting these facts is not an option. Mainland China (communist China) is a massively corrupt country that bends the truth in ways closer to North Korea than Trump. This culture that has existed for decades has become systemic throughout all aspects of life. If you think the North Korea comparison is extreme well remember close to a million Uighur have been sent to 're-education' camps. According to the Chinese government though it is 'voluntary'. My wife was heckled in Austria last month and it is unfortunate that for years to come average Chinese people will have to deal with it. Can you imagine how safe Milan will be for Asians once things settle down.
  8. This is how they roll. Systemic lying and scamming are the norm in mainland communist China. Article on faulty masks and tests from China.
  9. Dude, in 2011 they had a high speed train accident and they tried to hide it by actually burying the derailed cars - you can google it. In Asia nobody believes anything the Chinese gov't says that is just standard operating procedures. You cannot call them out on it for obvious reasons. Their new narrative in the making is that the virus did not originate in China. China is a country with serious credibility issues even before this happened. I do some business with 'mainland' Chinese and they can sure stretch the truth when they need to. You have to be careful.
  10. US just extended to April 30th. At least 3 more weeks before any real movement by the gov't would be my bet.
  11. what you say is currently the thinking of most experts - not completely recovered.