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  1. Last week Hutton got dumped by his long time girlfriend, saw it at the Roxy
  2. A team of plugs. However, i think there is a bigger issue. You often hear players says that the systems are mostly the same. Sports has become over coached and organised. It has become bland and sterile. This just isn't with hockey. Everyone copies everyone and then you end up with the same thing. The only reason I watch the games now are to see unique players - like stetcher and Nikita.
  3. Pens versus Team Plug. It looks like pond hockey out there, especially what Malkin just did.
  4. I think I know how we can fix our 6 million dollar man.
  5. subban pedan grenier
  6. Art
  7. AV didnt coach them when they were 36 years old nor Torts. It doesn't take a genius to know that while they are still very good players their D skills and O skills are not at the same level they were once. In fact on of the themes of this year is that some of the younger guys are better options for big moments. Players get old
  8. If you actually watch the games you would know that there are faster better skilled two-way guys in the line up who you want. The goal came off of Daniel being completely burned.
  9. Sedins should not be on the ice with a minute to go against a team like the hawks - bad coaching. Daniel got burned!
  10. i would probably go with no name over whoever. No name has a better corsi
  11. Lumme, Salo, Juolevi - the Nucks always get it right with Finnish D.
  12. Someone has been peeing in the Gatorade