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  1. So in other words you are talking about something you know nothing about. That's what I didn't miss.
  2. Did you even go there? Sounds like you dropped out. Francesco Aquilini graduated from SFU and he does sell fries.
  3. You mean you still haven't figured out that Willie is gone. He even knows it. 2 losing seasons in the NHL doesn't get a coach a 3rd.
  4. I went to SFU, have a PhD from another uni. Sounds like you want to go to UBC. Why avoid tough courses - life doesn't work that way. I enjoyed my time at SFU and at least for me and my friends we had a great time. Two of my friends studied business at SFU and are now investment bankers. One is a VP and both make big money. You get out of life what you put in to it.
  5. boucher is not wellwood
  6. Sounds like you are talking about Trump
  7. Yes but Benning said the other day they want to resign Miller so assessment doesn't apply to the 'whole organization'. You would think they would hedge on Miller as well, but they haven't which tells you something about Willie's status.
  8. You tell willy that you want the young guys to play a lot and you bring up people like Grenier (on his way) and other fellows down in the minors so we can see what we got.
  9. you are missing the point, nobody is really blaming Willie. What is being said is that based on a lot of other factors he will not be the coach going forward. In this league as any player or coach will tell you the one stat that counts is WINS. One more thing - Miller has in fact been elite. If he had been on the Jets, Flames and a few other week goalie teams those teams would be in comfortable playoff spots.
  10. Ask a few basic questions and you get your answer Is willie liked by the players and gets them to play well - Yes Do the fans and media like the on ice product (attendance and viewing) - No Is the team winning - No Is the coach in his first year at the club -No If fired would Willie be in high demand in the NHL - No Hiring a new coach would mean hiring someone unfamiliar to the club -No Does the club lack the money to fire and replace - No What I thought was interesting yesterday is that when the asked Benning about Willie he took a very long pause to think it through and then said we will assess. That is not a vote of confidence at all. But when asked about Miller they said they want to sign him.
  11. Benning is in the good books because we have people like stetch, nikita, gran, sven, goldy, boeser, demo. The Nucks 100% do not see Willie as a coach with the team longterm - that is obvious. What makes things worse for Willie besides his record, is fans and media are not keen on him anymore. What is more the Nucks have 2 coaches in line that they are familiar with and like. If there was no one on the radar perhaps, but you got Green and Crow. Remember Crow is seen as a guy who is good with young kids and reaffirmed with his work with that superstar kid in toronto. As well the Sens are probably going to make the show. Then you got Green. Took Utica to the finals and as we speak has got Utica back in the run for a playoff spot. At Xmas time Utica was pretty much written off. If they get in and win a series then look out willie. There are other things in play media, fans, other coaches that are involved in whether willie goes or stays
  12. Oh so what you are saying is Benning should be canned and not Willie. Perhaps Linden too? The Nucks thinking about the future will not see Willie as part of it. It is pretty obvious.
  13. Oh so what you are saying is Benning should be canned and not Willie. Perhaps Linden too? The Nucks thinking about the future will not see Willie as part of it. It is pretty obvious.