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  1. Green is probably thinking - dam I messed up that call.
  2. steroids in the ass
  3. I have a hunch that Nilsson is better than Marky
  4. Nikita didn't show he could be an elite D in the league yet. the previous poster is correct, the KHL is not even the second best league in the world. It is all mute because Nikita is signed for 3 years and in his interview he said he has no intention to buy himself out of a contract. I wish he was here, glad he is doing well, but recognize it is the KHL. The level is completely different than the NHL.
  5. when you are chasing pucks and play you stand a greater chance of getting injured. Not saying both happened that way, but last year that is why we had so many injuries. You can see it in the first 4 games as well, we don't control puck or play very well. Elder is also a walking injury. Someone noted that he only played one full season in his whole career.
  6. Marky is not a no 1.
  7. What is wrong with this? We signed vets (Vanek, and crew) so our kids could develop in a winning environment.
  8. Brumistov, Vanek, Gagner - NO - Goldy, Archie and you choose the third - YES! Boucher? At least he can score.
  9. Edler lasted 3 games and our season peaked with the win against the oilers - that has to be some kind of record
  10. There are of course people who only want to see a winning team. But there is now a clear group of fans who are staying away because it is a pretend rebuild. Tonight we get Brum over Jake.
  11. a half ass rebuild.
  12. Game 3. He has moments where he looks good and then a lot of moments where he sucks. Early days and Green had him sitting tonight. We might be seeing Goldy sooner than we expected. Quite a few guys are not playing hard.
  13. Bert ended another hockey player's career. He is remembered around the league for that incident. Will never happen with him. As for Burrows he is a unique story for the franchise. From that great period of hockey he is one guy that stands out. The Sedin's will have their jerseys retired.
  14. Generate interest - Goldy, Juoleiv, Brock, Jake, Stech, Chatfield people dont want to pay good money to see Edler, Del Zotto, Gudbranson, Hutton, Dorsett, Sutter, the Sedins, 6 million dollar man, Brum, Gagne, Vanek.
  15. you are digressing. The original issue centered on a poster saying that drafting Tkachuck would have been 'short sighted'. That doesn't make any sense considering we are a team that needs pretty much everything. The second point being that Juolevi will be a better player in the longterm. Again the current sample size says no. And moreover people that assess players and their potential are saying that Juolevi's value had dropped. Perhaps it will go up. But the suggestion Juolevi is a better pick does not hold water. One thing that people talked about going into the 17 draft is that there was a lot of variability between the rankings outside of the top 2. That was not the case with 16. Oli was seen as the best D but the other top 5 were seen as locks. You are comparing two different drafts. Benning wanted a D fair enough and he took the highest ranked one at the time. There isn't a Nuck fan who doesnt want to see Oli on the team, but to suggest he was a better pick than Tkachuk is not recognizing the facts. Oli didn't look good at camp. That is why he is in Finland. As for Tkachuk well . . .