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  1. agreed, should have been a regular season game.
  2. Bingo! The fans want to see the youth come what may be. Watching this team in Shanghai is like watching the same game for the past 4 years. This is the only preseason game I have barely been able to watch with interest. I am in Asia so it isnt a time thing.
  3. I am a long time archie fan as well, and have always thought the tools are there. He doesn't need to fight as long as he plays tough. Hope he plays well when teams start to look more NHL. He has leaped frogged at the moment a lot of guys aiming for that 4th work.
  4. Gud just went somewhere Cherry would never go - great look. Is that CIA in front of him?
  5. Archibald is not going to stay in the AHL if he has a choice. As far as his contract status nobody knows what it is. But I would assume it has an out clause if a NHL team wants to sign him. Just based on his sample size you can almost guarantee that he is going to get at least a two-way from someone.
  6. it has often been said that power forward players don't hit their prime until that age. This may be what we are seeing with him. You can already see he has more tools than a lot of the guys shooting for the 4th line.
  7. Archie if keeps playing this way will be signed by a NHL team on at least a 2-way. Him, Jake and Brock have been the 3 best players over the past 2-3 games. Archie is big, will hit, and can skate decently for his size. And he can score and make plays. The coaches and fans have taken notice.
  8. guess you haven't been watching Archibald the last couple of games - he has clearly tossed his hat into the ring
  9. saw the players walking out to the bus and there were 3 security guards and no fans. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it . . . .
  10. I got an idea, do we still have Ballard and Raymond under contract?
  11. see my previous post about kids. TEPCO is not responsible for the debris field that hit the coast of North America. There negligence and demonstrated environmental impact is in and around Fukushima. They are currently being sued by just about everyone at the moment.
  12. the garbage as someone else pointed out comes from the Tsunami from 2011. Over?
  13. That is why every year after the Cherry blossom events the news shows all the abandoned food, plastics, sheets, bottles and barbecue sets laying around - abandoned. Japan is no different than any country for illegal dumping. Last year the cleaned out the moat for a major park in tokyo and found hundreds of bikes, heaters and just about everything you can imagine. Spirited Away the famous fantasy anime is about this phenomena in this country. You can go to any vacant lot or public park and you will find dumping. It is a major problem for gov's in this country. One more point Canadian kids are generally more aware of littering than Japanese kids. Our training started back in the 70s. But you go to park on the weekend and you will find candy wrappers, bottles, and pieces of ballon (popular here to have water balloon fights in the park). It gets left until the volunteers come and clean up the park.