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  1. The eastern media for the most part does not follow this team and they know that slamming the team is popular outside of BC. The local guys who know the team do not think we are total crap but recognize that we are not that good. Ownership has not publicly stated that there is a window.
  2. Nonsense I would say that the minimum time you need to assess a GM is 3 years. If I was Prez I would probably wait 5 years before I started firing people. As most people understand we are where we are because of very poor drafting under Nonis and Gillis - we have next to zero 25-28 homegrown guys who are in their prime and would have kept us competitive.
  3. you don't win with controversy in the dressing room
  4. would be nice to see both guys earn spots. Grenier would probably clear while Pedan would be scooped for sure.
  5. well I picked the most obvious spot - subverting a legitimate democratic process, authority or institution with armed forces by a group of non-elected military people.
  6. Wow where to start
  7. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. it seems like there are quite a few people on this post who regularly ask themselves - why does this always happen to me.
  9. fall guy for sure. For the promises made and money spent it was a flop. As others are saying Duthie is your best man for sure. Not a fan of maclean.
  10. every team has players that don't get on so well. To come out in the media and slam a former teammate is lacking as well. Most 19-20 something guys need time to mature, why would he be any different. As well all pro players have to battle with confidence issues and some do it by reminding everyone how great they are. This is a non-story made into a story. I think it is extremely tough for young guys coming into the show and being forced to act like the 30 year old vet with kids and a family. They eventually do but it takes time. Hockey players are a very conservative group. You got a narrow line to walk in order to fit in.
  11. As I always tell Benning, analytics are your vitamins
  12. we don't land a top 3 so people on this site write off the 3-4 picks that come after them as if these guys aren't elite in their own right. You don't trade down when you are a team like the nucks and have so many spots to fill.
  13. Lose the chance sounds as if we had some control over it. If you looked at the %'s a 4 to 6 seemed the most probable. The bottom ten were all close in terms of wins and losses this year - we were not hands down the 3rd worst team in the league. You aren't really looking at the math objectively.