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  1. I am guessing you are still in high school or have just graduated from it.  
  2. Pointing out that cultural traits exist is not stereotyping.  The existence of shared cultural traits is well researched and documented regardless of whether you think they are important or not.  I didn't say they completely define a person that was you 'misreading.'   
  3. Saw the video and you could intrepret it a million ways.  He is also Swiss and reacts and responds in different ways from Canadians. Being polite, not interfering is all he appears to be doing. If you look at the in Dallas vid and photos he is just one of the guys.
  4. Baer was about even with a lot of other invisible players last night.  With Baer what I see is he is not fast, nor agile, and is not strong on the puck, when he gets the puck it often means it gets turned over or he's got nothing to do with it.  With this latter point that is not his fault.  But I would say that only reason he is in the lineup because most of the other players are as bad as him.   For me it is pretty obvious why the Flames felt comfortable giving up on him.  I don't think he is good enough for this league at the moment.  
  5. WD is out of his depth

    Well they lost tonight, Reimer has been exceptional, but overall they are still down near the middle to bottom.  Last year they were horrible - had a massive losing streak.  So anything compared to last year will be better. Over the long haul they have better hockey men running the ship, but that is no guarantee a cup will be won in the near future.  Would be a miracle for the leafs to win a cup in the next 4 years.  
  6. WD is out of his depth

    Again we have a statistical fact that coaches over the long haul don't have much on the outcome of how successful a team is.  There are just too many other variables in play.   That is the biggest reason why they are so regularly fired, because is the short term you get a boost but overall the long coaches have very limited impact .
  7. He's gone girls, let it go let it go 
  8. WD is out of his depth

    this team is trending down which is what you expect with a rebuild.  Doesn't matter how good of a coach you are you don't have much control over a team's winning when other teams are just better because of the players they have.   Willie is not the reason we were bounced from the playoffs nor the record we have.    
  9. WD is out of his depth

    Last year when Van was beating expectations and the top teams in the league nobody was calling for Willie to be fired.  What does this tell you about his critics? 
  10. During a game every player is going to do something good and do something poor.  With Baer what the above posters are looking at are those moments of good and generalizing it to his whole game.  He doesn't add anything to the team at the moment like a number of other players and that is why as well people think Wd is a bad coach.  The reality is the team outside of a few players isn't good.  We got off to a good start and that was because of Miller being hot, but this team is not good.
  11. Time not to panic (discussion)

    People have to realise that we are a middle of the pack team now and will continue to be for years to come.  
  12. it is well-researched that humans extremely dislike to lose or have something taken away regardless of its value.   Part of this psychology is that we overvalue the things we have in our hands.    Experienced collectors and traders don't have this problem.