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  1. Gritty win! Way to go Milos! 7-5 6-4 Tale of the match was the break points.. Milos was 2/2 and Fish was 0/8
  2. found a pretty terrible stream of it.. http://atdhenet.tv/34437/watch-atp-masters-indian-wells Better than nothing I guess. Really wish SN1 picked it up live like thought.
  3. Are you sure they'll be showing it live tonight?? They've been showing delayed all afternoon.
  4. Gonna be some massive serves hammered out tomorrow between those two.
  5. Yep, I noticed it by number #49 and then saw every single number except for #5! It's bugging me that I only missed one! haha Edit: Maybe the 5 was the 'high-five'?
  6. http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/warnings/SWS_bulletins_e.html?prov=bc Special weather statement in regards to widespread snowfall on the south coast Thursday.
  7. Of course it's sticking! Have you seen the temperature? Jealous of you islanders!
  8. Am I the only one that thinks Lilly is more attractive than Robin? Or are there others out there like me.
  9. PUMPEDDDDDD It's going to be legen.. wait for it. What time does is it on tv? I watched all the seasons over the summer so I haven't watched an episode live yet. Also does anyone know how many seasons CBS has signed on for? dary!
  10. ^Maybe some people would like that in a spoiler there VC, even if it is only speculation.
  11. Usually shoot between 100-110 on full length courses. 72ish on par 3 courses. I've been at this level for about the last 4 years. I never hit my woods because I'm terrible with them so my 3 iron is 'my driver'. Love the sport though.
  12. banned for impersonation
  13. Less than 11 hours later and there's no snow in that trend. TWN should be dismantled.
  14. Can't believe this thread hasn't been bumped.. it's completely white here in white rock and there's snow covering the ground too.