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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    Good call.
  2. haha oh yeah holy cross.. i go to ND

  3. Ahh, okay. Well I went to Holy stuff!

  4. ohh, no, no, i don't go to LFA.. though I do have a few good friends that go there.

  5. Nope! I was asking you, I thought LFA uniforms looked like what you described yours as. It's been a while!

  6. you went to LFA?

  7. Thanks for the nationalism help.

  8. I walked right into the proshop and asked the guys if I could take a look around the course. They just said yes, as long as I didn't tell security who sent me, haha. No one was there! It was absolutely dead.

  9. How did you manage to see the Canucks at Northview?

  10. yeah, i'd say so.....

    More evidence that God was a woman, not that I believe it or anything.......

  11. The heat's on in my comment box.

  12. Thanks, ur cute too.