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  1. (Report) Don Henderson suing Dennis Wideman

    So many doctors and lawyers in this thread. Why do we even have a judicial system when we could just be deferring to the wisdom of random internet posters who have never even met this referee, let alone diagnose all of his injuries? Well, I'm a lawyer (but not a doctor), and I can tell you that it's extremely common for personal injury plaintiffs to claim many injuries. They may or may not be proven in the end, but the tactic is to put down everything that could be linked to the original incident. Then, as the case proceeds and the plaintiff sees medical experts, the list could be reduced (or lengthened). As well, the money claimed isn't just as simple as picking a number out of thin air. When a personal injury lawyer is deciding on a number, they take into account cost of future care, loss of future income, loss of enjoyment of life, and a bunch of other factors. And, of course, they aim high, because that's their job. And then it's the job of defense counsel to come up with a lower number, and usually - in 98% of the cases - they settle without going to trial.
  2. Considered worse by whom? You?
  3. Ranking the Leagues 31 GMs - Is JB the Worst NHL GM?

    He gave a whole one sentence for each GM to justify his opinion. I'm not sure this is worth the time it takes to read.
  4. I don't think they got it

    Can't tell if you're serious... A high draft pick doesn't mean "tank". And you can't really "tank" for, say, the 29th overall pick. In fact, that's the opposite of tanking.
  5. Will the Canucks be able to deal with California teams?

    Except you didn't list all of the games. Canucks played 15 games against those three teams, not just the 10 you listed, and had a 7-7-1 record over those 15. While I agree that it's not a terrible record, .500 hockey isn't something to brag about.
  6. FYI he's Gregor Clegane, not Robert Strong, in the show.
  7. I know the "less down, longer terms, reduced mortgage insurance" stuff is good for you because it means more business, but that's a dangerous thing to do. Canadians are already generally over-extended. One little tweak of the prime rate the wrong way and millions would be hooped. I don't think that's the answer.
  8. They should increase the PTT for foreign owners. 10% or 15% would be a start. It may not deter the ludicrously rich Chinese nationals who are snapping up all of the properties in Vancouver (and, for the most part, leaving them vacant), but it could fund some affordable housing projects.
  9. Here's my two cents as a real estate lawyer who does dozens of residential deals every month: there is no "bubble" in the Metro Vancouver area. The prices will eventually stop rising as quickly as they are currently, but I don't think we're going to see a dip in value. Vancouver is a desirable place to live - these values are here to stay. A low interest rate is fueling the growth to some extent, and since virtually every other area in Canada is struggling, I don't see the Bank of Canada raising the prime rate anytime in the near future.
  10. Disheartening Post by Fellow Canadian about Real Estate

    Taxing foreign purchasers won't do anything. If an offshore Chinese national is prepared to pay hundreds of thousands or even millions above asking, throwing on some extra property transfer tax won't do anything. They'll just reach into their wallet. The only way to deal with this effectively - and the way in which many other countries, include China, do it - is to bring in hard caps on foreign ownership.
  11. But the transparency was each team having a representative in the room.
  12. A lawyer doesn't take his place. The other poster is wrong.
  13. Mass shooting in Ohio

    It's definitely a cultural thing. Guns are engrained into American culture and thus, for gun advocates, the good outweighs the bad. The only way to change the culture is to take away the guns. Mass shootings won't stop overnight, but once a generation of Americans has been brought up without guns being a part of the American value system, then we'll see less gun violence. It's a gradual, but necessary, shift. It's like cigarettes. When the anti-smoking agenda came in, people didn't stop smoking overnight. It took years for attitudes to change. The kids who first saw those anti-smoking ads are all grown up and, as a result, there's been a cultural shift from seeing cigarettes as cool to basically been ostracized for smoking.
  14. Mass shooting in Ohio

    I wouldn't call them jaded. Rather, it's clear that Americans have just accepted mass shootings as a consequence of their "freedom to bear arms". Mass shootings like this one, Sandy Hook, etc. are the price that, apparently, the majority of Americans are willing to pay to live in a gun-crazy country.
  15. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    Denis Pederson's kids go to my kids' school and we've talked a few times. Does that count? Also one of my remote-ish cousins, Rob Dirk, used to play in the NHL, including the Canucks.