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  1. Guys I'm not saying it's aliens but... Aliens.
  2. Which games have you been watching? Prust has looked just fine.
  3. Why does anyone else have the right to know that? How would other peoples opinions help him?
  4. Is this 2011? Haven't we learned by now this is a philosophy that doesn't really work?
  5. I'm not sure I see the comparison. Unless you are doing th e same thing I was and only talking about player caliber.
  6. If those two switch teams who do you think has the better season statistically? Dubnyk is better than what he was able to show playing for Edmonton but he's the same goalie he's always been. A good starting caliber goalie but he's closer to Cloutier than he is to Hasek.
  7. 1.Genius I said Seabrook wouldn't keep up his level of play and I said it's because most players don't. I didn't change my stance you just failed to grasp what I had said. I also was very clear though that his contract (which I feel the need to spell this out for you) would still probably look good because as his play degrades the percentage of his cap hit will go down do to a raising of the salary cap. 2. Dude just stop. You owned it and you haven't shut up about it since you owned it. 3.I don't even remember the other ones. Wade Reddon and someone else right. Gosh gee I wonder why you picked Wade Reddon almost as much as I wonder why you picked points and +/- to try to describe a d-mans play. Yeah lets talk about Foote. The season he was traded back to the avalanche he was traded at the end of February for a 1st round pick and a 4th round pick. Yeah that useless 36 year old plug could only command a first round pick. So a 36 year old gets traded 2/3rd the way through a season and gets a first rounder. Notice how that might make what you're saying seem foolish? 4.Yeah players get worse as they age and we can make that look however we want by cherry picking what stats to use. Didn't I already agree to that? What part of this are you having trouble grasping? Maybe you've just had so many people point out the stupidity of your argument that you're getting posters mixed up? Want to take a look at Rob Blake next?
  8. 1. Absolutely if you go by this thread. Just because people think you're talking out of your ass doesn't mean they're all stupid. 2. Yeah and almost every other player in any sport ever. The unfortunate part of your argument is the hyperbole. 3.I base it on having half a brain. You see his cap hit as he ages will obviously stay the same. However chances are the percentage that he takes up will go down because history dictates the cap keeps going up. 4. JUST own it. After that leave it alone. I mean hell you even brought it up again in this response. 5. You conveniently didn't comment about Adam Foote. Why's that? Here let me do it for you. When Adam Foote was 30 he played on the Colorado Avalanche; A team that finished that year in 3rd place league wide. 4 years later he played on the Columbus Bluejackets who finished 23rd in the league. Your example; along with being a dishonest representation of your point, leaves out the context of the situation. 4 years isn't that much and most players don't become decrepit by the time they hit 34. Most players who are star calibre players are still star calibre players. Seabrooke is without a doubt a star calibre top pairing D-man. Give your head a shake.
  9. Nobody would think that he is likely to be as good overall at 34 as 30. So what's the problem? Is that your argument that players usually degrade with age? And your way of proving it is to point out specific players? What else changed for Adam Foote between the ages of 30 and 34 ? Here's a hint. (3rd to 23rd) As far as the contract goes. Do you know what's going to change in 4 years? or 9? An educated guess says this contract (without something drastic happening) looks pretty good for the entire time. Also should just own the Bieksa thing rather than piss and moan every post about how everybody else is stupid. You said something dumb...own it and move on. You can't expect to not be called out for something like that.
  10. Yes but I think with getting younger there is also an expectation to get better. Just getting younger for the sake of it would be stupid.
  11. One trade people like and they'll be back to singing his praises. People are fickle. (and outspoken) It's human nature.
  12. Puff puff pass
  13. I don't know what you expected but to use the word pathetic I have to think you grossly over rated Lack and his worth. He's a backup who can pick up the work load if need be. Likely at best he'll be part of a tandem.
  14. I see this all the time here. What does pride have to do with it?