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  1. I'm not sure I see the comparison. Unless you are doing th e same thing I was and only talking about player caliber.
  2. If those two switch teams who do you think has the better season statistically? Dubnyk is better than what he was able to show playing for Edmonton but he's the same goalie he's always been. A good starting caliber goalie but he's closer to Cloutier than he is to Hasek.
  3. Thanks for the great season Canucks.

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    2. Mongrel


      Nope. Congrats to the flames and their fans. They did outplay us and they worked their ass off to do it.

      Not everything needs a negative attached to it. If we want to talk about fans lets model good ones ourselves. Games are over, rivalries done; until October.

    3. thejazz97


      Fair enough.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      better things are coming

  4. I'd like them to win the game today of course but could they please do it in OT.

  5. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    hi Waller. Wanna switch half our teams in the off season?
  6. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    The injury to Smith is what's going to do it for me. Only 2 of my guys that could come back anytime and the rest pretty serious injuries. Even if I squeak in in won't matter though. When I took over the team I knew this team was built for the regular season so I'm not complaining.
  7. CDC Fantasy League (Full)

    Announcement from the Coyotes While we are a new GM here we would like to announce that we are not brain dead. If you make multiple offers that are insulting we will no longer have dealings with you.
  8. CDC Fantasy League

    I'm sorry if it's been answered but are we having a roster freeze during the break?
  9. CDC Fantasy League

    RUMORS Rumors coming out of Phoenix that a trade has been made and is awaiting league approval. This could be the deal Phoenix GM Mongrel has been looking for to get his team younger. Diamonds in the rough? Legitimate talents? Underachieving youngsters? We will know more soon. Waivers The Phoenix Coyotes place David Steckel on waivers with the intention of sending him to the Victoria Cougers.
  10. CDC Fantasy League

    The Phoenix Coyotes would like to wish Shawn and Antti much luck in the future with the Red Wings. We enjoyed their services here but we are moving this team in another direction and that means tough choices need to be made. With that being said we would like to welcome Mike Smith and Travis Moen to the team. We are expecting big things from both of them this season and in the future. The organization would also like to thank Caboose for his professionalism. He came in with an offer and we were very pleased with how things progressed.
  11. CDC Fantasy League

    Thank you for the opportunity to play. Although we are in 7th place I don't feel that we have a team that will fair very well in the playoffs. We are NOT rebuilding, we are retooling our team in an effort to get a bit younger with skilled players. No project players please. Jagr, Zetterberg, Fisher, Thornton, Stoll and Selanne are all being put on the trading block.
  12. I guess.... talk about an obvious troll & douche.

  13. So is this idiot in the chicago thread for real?

  14. Sorry I should have said "properly". That's my bad.

  15. I'm not sure what you mean. Where had I not argued them?