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  1. Guys I'm not saying it's aliens but... Aliens.
  2. If all we knew was basic grade 10 English than yes Tony G was a literary genius. He was an OK writer who complained about whatever he could to get readers. In this town that often means complaining and quite often he was really just expanding on whatever some other journalist had already touched on. We can't fault him for that because that's the job but lets not paint him as anything but an OK journalist especially during his last 10 years on the job. Complaining about things for the sake of complaining about them does not make someone a critical visionary and throwing in a metaphor is something we learn about in grade 7 Language Arts. Can't fault him for that either though as it's not uncommon among journalists.
  3. Tony G wrote mediocre article to the lowest common denominator Canucks fans. (The whiners and armchair GMs) Most people I know read them as entertainment not information because that's how they were written.
  4. Maybe their team should just play better.
  5. Which games have you been watching? Prust has looked just fine.
  6. Why does anyone else have the right to know that? How would other peoples opinions help him?
  7. Are you by chance related or have a personal relationship with Irwin?
  8. I'm not even 100% sure I've got that totally correct so I don't know. I don't think so. As fun as waivers are I think most self respecting teams probably aren't picking guys up for the hell of it. It's either an improvement or to fill a hole. I think last year there were only 15 players picked up off waivers. I imagine the number of players who made it through is much higher.
  9. That's not quite how waivers work. When the canucks are able to send him down I believe they would first have to offer him back to Boston who could claim him back and put him directly in the AHL without losing him.
  10. Last year Weber was a +4 with 11 goals in 65 games? What's your point? Also going by stats or actually watching him play he's probably closer to on par with Weber.I would still give Weber the edge over him. Irwin had a flash of showing real promise his first season. Seems like it might have been just that; a flash. Best of luck to him but lets be realistic with our comparisons rather than act like a bunch of basement bloggers ragging on the guy it's currently fashionable to rag on.
  11. You need to watch more than just canucks games.
  12. Is this 2011? Haven't we learned by now this is a philosophy that doesn't really work?
  13. He would be a good pick up. I'm not sure why some people are as excited as they are about him. He's ok but not a huge improvement on anything we have. Honestly though I'm not sure he even displaces Weber on the depth chart.
  14. I'm not sure I see the comparison. Unless you are doing th e same thing I was and only talking about player caliber.
  15. If those two switch teams who do you think has the better season statistically? Dubnyk is better than what he was able to show playing for Edmonton but he's the same goalie he's always been. A good starting caliber goalie but he's closer to Cloutier than he is to Hasek.