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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Agreed. Skill level aside, emotionally he needed another year in junior.
  2. Nikolay Goldobin | #82 | Left Wing

    Apparently Sutter's
  3. [Poll] Who Gets Burrows' A?

    Bo for now, they can hand him the "C" next year.
  4. (Article) Tryamkin was right

    Have you been following the Comets at all? Jake is not exactly lighting it up in the AHL... 7 points in 23 games and he's -4.
  5. [POLL]Who's your favourite CURRENT Canuck?

    Bo. If we could pick two, I'd pick him and Stech.
  6. Hey Benning? There's an actual NHL coach available for hire, but Gerard Gallant won't be out of work for long.
  7. (Discussion) Who would you get with $14M?

    Seven million. The Canucks would have to retain about half of their salaries in order to move them.
  8. (Poll) Willie Watch

    7-2 Rangers... pretty sure #williewatch is back on. How far out of the playoffs will they be allowed to fall before Aquilini loses it? #noplayoffgatemoney
  9. Pretty sure you mean the decision has already been dictated by Aquilini...
  10. [Report] Canucks assign F Jake Virtanen to Utica

    Good move. He needs to play... a lot... get his confidence back and be the dominant player that he is.
  11. Doubts about WD

    Me neither. He's had loads of time to get his act together. He still makes wacky line combinations, still can't utilize his players properly, and still couldn't line-match his way out of a paper bag. In other words, he's still not an NHL caliber coach. OMG, this is gonna be a painful season.
  12. [Discussion] Loui Eriksson

    Yes but he completely sucks. What a waste of 6 mil. JB may be a good scout but he's a terrible GM.
  13. Gudbranson was a higher 1st round pick... #3 overall