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  1. Gudbranson was a higher 1st round pick... #3 overall
  2. And he sulked about it for the entire season... thank God that contract's over.
  3. Yep... very well said!
  4. I think that's the part that bothers me the most. He can't seem to get a fair deal done, he always has to give an extra throw in. I like the deal McCann for Gudbranson but what was with the extras?
  5. I believe Edler's on the market
  6. paraphernalia... and don't mention riots. Canuck haters are still holding the last one against us.
  7. Uh... Gilman
  8. He does seem to insist on trying to shove square pegs into round holes.
  9. You had to know he was bad when Bruins' fans were celebrating his signing in Vancouver.
  10. Complain to the league? Oh yeah... that'll help our cause for sure. However, I thought five and a game was plenty for that late hit, and I was shocked at the extra two games.
  11. Edler has to be moved while other teams still think he has value.
  12. I honestly think that firing Gilman is the worst mistake that Benning has made so far. I have no idea how they can afford to burn a year of Tryamkin's contract because we don't have room under the cap for that. Guess we have to hope that our own players don't heal so we won't have to re-activate them.... we can't.
  13. Aquilini will care. Season ticket holders not renewing is the only hope for real change.
  14. The hiring of Willie D was a mistake. This guy is not an NHL coach and he doesn't appear interested in learning how to be one. Time to admit that he's in over his head.
  15. Virtanen should go, McCann should not. I love this tournament and believe it's a huge benefit to player development, but we can't afford to give up a center.