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  1. Canucks Memes

    Its a frickin Giraffe falling down and saying "hey look, I'm Hossa" as a joke Maybe I should animate the giraffe getting right back up and lacing up ready to go play. But this isnt "arts and design" class. Its a meme get over it.
  2. Canucks Memes

  3. Canucks Memes

  4. Canucks Memes

  5. Canucks Memes

    too much?
  6. Lol I'm glad you enjoyed my comment :P

  7. hi there how's it going.how's your summer been.:)

  8. your welcome.:)


  10. Hello there How u doin. i like your profile name it is very cool i like it a lot.:)

  11. Just read that the owner is blaming the Canucks losses on the officials. Yeah that's it, couldn't be the 16 goals (I think 14 of which have been at even strength) could it! How about just playing hockey and maybe shipping Rafi Torres to Siberia where he's likely to cause any damage. Outside of taking cheap shots and sitting in the penalty box, exactly what is his function?

  12. Murphy is a tool.

  13. Haha, that website was way better when it popped up a couple of boxes floating around the screen, and then when you tried to close it, more would pop up, so there would be like 150 little faces floating around your screen saying "you are an idiot hah ha ha ha aha"