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  1. ISP in Montreal ?

    I have never had such a frustrating internet experience (in a developed country) as with Bell Fibe, in the evening, on a Sunday in Montreal
  2. ISP in Montreal ?

    Go with Teksavvy, cheap and faster than Bell in my experience(Bell hits massive lag times in the evenings)
  3. Cosmos With Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Why not? Your life is no more insignificant than mine, than Pope Benedict the "insert number", than Roberto Luongo's or than Barak Obama's in the scale of things? It's more of an equalizing effect than a nullifying one. What they can do you can do, and in sum, all these insignificant people have achieved quite a bit (I won't bother listing examples but I'm sure you can think of some clever things people have thought of). But eh, what do I know, depends how you look at it
  4. Cosmos With Neil deGrasse Tyson

    I'm guessing this show isn't targeted at people looking to relive the original series but rather to introduce a new generation to the ideas. Think about it, no 14 year old today is going to sit down and say to themselves, "Hey I should watch an educational TV show produced in 1980" (I'm not knocking its quality just acknowledging you have to present to your audience). Also the ideas may be rehashed but I think all of us who are aware of them regularly lose track of their real weighting and the realizations they carry. I'm sure we've all had the moment where we realize the grandness of the universe and it inspires us to do something profound with our lives to but the next day we're swearing at the computer because the internet is lagging. In that sense it doesn't do much harm revisiting those "basic-by today's standards" ideas and re appreciating them.
  5. http://en.wikipedia....the_Philippines http://en.wikipedia....rorism_in_China Terrorism isn't exclusively against western nations, that said I don't know what the intra-country hot topics of that region are
  6. How I Met Your Mother

  7. Undergraduate University

    I'm looking at things from a research perspective but I would think some of this is translatable to business. Regardless of what you want to call it (better, bigger, renowned, prestigious, stringent, acclaimed ect ect), it can certainly matter where you do your undergrad. As someone mentioned, a lot of where you go depends on your experience. To get that experience you need the opportunity, this is often found at the better schools. They have more funding, more connections, and more influence in setting you up for those opportunities. You can obviously succeed starting from anywhere, you just have a head start with a more prestigious school. With competition tight, this can mean quite a bit. Small side story, I did my undergrad at a fairly well ranked school (top 20) and got set up with an amazing summer job as a research assistant one summer. As I was waiting for a bus off the ferry, a lady starts talking with me and asks what I was doing on the island. I then tell her about my work and the project I'm helping on. As I finish, she says to me, "you don't go to school here, do you?". I hadn't thought about it but she was right, if I'd gone to school at an island university, I most likely would not have landed that position. This goes to my second point, more jobs than you know are filled through in house hirings or suggestions. As someone else mentioned make your connections. The bigger uni's draw bigger names and thus have better connections. Similarly they also tend to attract hyper successful students which can turn into those links down the road. Really you give yourself a better chance at things by attending the "insert word without offending anyone" school. Though as I said it's just a head start, not a trip across the finish line. You still have to put in the work to go somewhere, there are just typically more somewheres to go if you leave from #25 over #236.
  8. Youtube thread 2.0

    Get this man a medal, thank you
  9. Youtube thread 2.0

    Not specifically youtube but I am searching for a certain video (more gif): It's an old timey clip where a man comes out of nowhere in an old road car with a seat attached by planks to the car. He then drives down the road and sweeps away a woman who was on the side walk with the chair attached to the car. Please help this is a dire situation
  10. How I Met Your Mother

  11. How I Met Your Mother

    It would be horribly cliche if they ended with Barney and Robin. Also that article posted earlier mentions Robins dating comes front focus and I doubt that relates to Barney. My money is still on the random encounter guy for her.
  12. How I Met Your Mother

  13. Say something about the Member above you

  14. OMG Earthquake?

    It should not adversely affect the actual weather in Vancouver. But there is the potential for the spread of radioactive dust. This leads to obvious health concerns in people, flora, and fauna. That said the fallout across Europe from Chernoybl was detected but no detrimental health affects were reported. Edit: When I say no problems were reported Im talking about places that were far removed from the epicenter in the same Vancouver is removed from Japan. Obviously serious health affects were reported near the reactor. 2nd edit: I suppose if enough dust was carried across the Pacific it could lead to increased precipitation in the area. The dust forms clouds which traps water moisture and is returned to the earth as rain.
  15. OMG Earthquake?

    Only because I don't think a comet at such a great distance will have any effect on the earths polarity. Like I said planets and other comets come in much closer than that all the time and have no effect.