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  1. Get this man a medal, thank you
  2. Not specifically youtube but I am searching for a certain video (more gif): It's an old timey clip where a man comes out of nowhere in an old road car with a seat attached by planks to the car. He then drives down the road and sweeps away a woman who was on the side walk with the chair attached to the car. Please help this is a dire situation
  3. '
  4. It should not adversely affect the actual weather in Vancouver. But there is the potential for the spread of radioactive dust. This leads to obvious health concerns in people, flora, and fauna. That said the fallout across Europe from Chernoybl was detected but no detrimental health affects were reported. Edit: When I say no problems were reported Im talking about places that were far removed from the epicenter in the same Vancouver is removed from Japan. Obviously serious health affects were reported near the reactor. 2nd edit: I suppose if enough dust was carried across the Pacific it could lead to increased precipitation in the area. The dust forms clouds which traps water moisture and is returned to the earth as rain.
  5. Only because I don't think a comet at such a great distance will have any effect on the earths polarity. Like I said planets and other comets come in much closer than that all the time and have no effect.
  6. As far as I know it works as so The Japanese earth quake was an 8.9 and San Fran a 6.9 I believe its a logarithmic scale so [(10^8.9)/(10^6.9)}=100 so the Japanese earth quake was a hundred times greater than that of San Francisco.
  7. Getting back to the topic at hand does anyone have an update about the nuclear facilities?
  8. She's not crazy for saying something major would happen in the next few days. I agree that could have been a plausible guess. She's crazy when she attributes it to a comet Millions of kilometers away and someone having psychic dreams to predict the events.
  9. Could be explained as I mentioned by the precursor quakes earlier in the week, under the assumption that they increase in magnitude heading towards the main quake.
  10. Very well, now I did not watch the whole video simply cause it hurt my head to listen to. But did she not predict the catastrophe for the 15th? So for starters her prediction is off. After that the video was posted after two substantial quakes hit Japan in the preceding week. It's not uncommon knowledge that there are often precursors shocks to larger quakes. So she posts the video after the events predicting a quake for the 15th. Hundreds of these doomsday theories are passed about every year they mostly go unnoticed because nothing comes of them. This particular one was close to a real event. As someone said earlier enough blind persons throw darts at a board ones going to get a bullseye. In her case she didn't even get the direct bullseye. Going on the "astrophysicist" predicted 5 major cities that were in danger of being leveled. That is certainly common knowledge that these major cities located along fault lines are at a great risk for sometime in the future of a devastating quake. There is noting enlightening about what they're saying.
  11. Nope she's crazy... The shift of the axis was caused by the earthquake, it did not cause the earthquake. Right now the comet is further away from the earth than Mars, Venus, Mercury and the sun. Why are none of those much larger bodies causing catastrophic occurrences? Her magnet video got across a point I figured out when I was old enough to reach the magnets on my fridge. Like poles repel People thought haleys comet would spell disaster but surprise surprise here we are.
  12. Please tell me you're joking?
  13. Though atm a lot of the coverage is from recordings earlier in the day.