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  1. Our health care SUCKS!!! Failed my wife...

    My Dad has coverage in the US through his work (even though hes been retired for over 10 years now). Got a stent here in Vancouver that he had to wait 4 months for. Had to have it redone when he was down in Bellingham. He asked how long before they could do it, Guy says " its not too long a wait, maybe 45 minutes". Had it done that day.
  2. Our health care SUCKS!!! Failed my wife...

    I went into Royal Columbia in an ambulance one night 4 years back with heart failure due to stress and besides the place being overcrowded and having to wait in a bed in the ER for 15 hours for a spot to open up in intensive care I was treated extremely well. I was in for 2 days in intensive care and 8 days total. Everybody was very nice, the food was half decent. No complaints. Of course I did go into the hospital in Langley a few months before that to have my foot X rayed because it was swollen up and painful to walk on. The doctor looked at the x ray, looked at my foot for 5 seconds and told me it was just sprained and not broken. He failed to notice It was swollen as a symptom of the congestive heart failure I was experiencing. Fun times. Looking back I realize I was to blame as well. I was completely oblivious to the plain signs of my own health deteriorating. Im all better now thanks to a steady diet of prescription drugs.
  3. At my old job in Langley we couldnt hold onto decent warehouse staff for under $15 an hour anyways. Be interesting to see how that (and everyone else in the $15 to 20 range) go up as the minimum wage increases.
  4. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Im gonna call B.S. on this right now. They dog and pony these numbers to the public but somewhere along the line they always disappear as the projects move ahead and we once again get no new social housing in the core. How much of the former Olympic Village was originally planned to be social housing? All of it was removed from plans before construction even began. Long before the cost overruns and other problems became clear. P.S. The liberals have been in power in BC since 2001. The province has been in a massive housing price increase wave since 2001. The fact that they did nothing to stop or even slow it at all until just recently is appalling and inexcusable. Yes, Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell before her are the reason you cannot afford to buy in this city.
  5. Rant about smoking drivers who pollute

    Saw a video once from Florida where cops were in a boat on the water checking to make sure recreational shrimpers were using their measuring things to make sure they only took adult shrimp. Every boat they approached where a guy on board was smoking they would get ready to write a littering ticket and sure enough while they were there the guy would, without thinking, toss his cigarette butt into the water. Big ticket plus they made him go get it back. The guy said it happened every single time.
  6. Top Gun 2 is 'definitely happening', says Tom Cruise

    Hard to like him, being a cultist and all, but he never made a bad movie. Of course "bad" is subjective. I wouldt listen to him about anything outside of movies but I do give him the benefit of the doubt there. I was 18 when Top Gun came out. It was a huge hit. Quentin Tarantino got a lot of press by saying if you just listen to the sound only during any of the flying scenes it sounds exactly like gay porn. So we have that to look forward to in the sequel.
  7. Rothchild's Friend's Mural Under Eiffel Tower

    "The idea that the Rothchilds are part of some crazy international hereditary conspiracy to control the worlds wealth is preposterous" - David Rockefeller
  8. What truly makes you happy?

    Money. If Icould stop working while maintaining my current lifestyle Id be much happier. Spending more time with my wife and doing what we want together rather than what we need to separately most days of the week. That would make me a happier guy for sure.
  9. The British council part didnt tip you off at all?
  10. Putin is just completing Russias transformation from a Authoritarian state to an outright dictatorship. Its all going to plan.
  11. How well do you know your neighbours?

    Many years in a condo. Never knew anyone there anymore than to just say Hi to them. I was on the 4th floor and never took the elevator. The stairs were right beside my door so I was in the hall for all of 5 seconds and I hardly ever passed anyone on the stairs. We have a house in Cloverdale now. Our subdivision of maybe 50 or so houses has one entrance only so the whole division is pretty tight. Watching the house prices go through the roof has been interesting. The folks nearing retirement who bought there when our division was new 25 years ago are starting to sell. $1.3 million for a fully paid off house gives you plenty of retirement options. Will be a long while before ours is paid off.
  12. Pavel

    Id need a pic of the little fella to make a decent name recommendation.
  13. Club House Sandwich

    I love Club House sandwiches. Love em. But theres been this trend lately thats bugging the hell out of me. A club house sandwich is a double decker sandwich using 3 slices of bread but lately I see in restaurants they will have something called a club house sandwich but its on a bun. You cant just go around tossing a piece of chicken on a bun and call it a club house sandwich. This crap has to stop. You can use chicken or turkey. You can switch up the type of bread being used and mix up the ingredients but it has to look at least something like this: This is NOT a Club House Sandwich: But more and more restaurants are passing chicken sandwiches like this off as Club House sandwiches. Its an unacceptable practice that needs to stop. Tell these douche nozzles this is BS in the only way they understand. By voicing your concerns and not giving your patronage to these businesses. Its a war out there. One we cannot lose. Our cause is just and God is on our side.We will win or we will clog their rivers with our dead. That is all.
  14. HonGJIAN Electron Go out Mosquito

    . It will light up nicely as this device burns it to the ground. Ah the smell of roasting chicken mmmmmmm.
  15. Alf Is Dead

    Yeah, the real truth: It kinda blew.