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  1. Hahahhahah. Remember when you said that was you in your picture.

  2. Haaapy Biirthdaay!

  3. dude. too many birthdays man.

  4. This is why you should just never argue with Pfizer. 1) because everyone else likes him, your on your own. Unless theres no way yo can lose. 2) He researches like crazy. and blindsides you with knowlege and well thought out posts. 3) Every one likes him more than you.
  5. Happy birthday dude...

  6. That's great! I am a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch :)

  7. hey man, No im here for a year of university and its ????in great. Love being here. Ill be back in vancouver next january though...going back to UBC.

  8. So what are you doing in SA? Vacation?

  9. Hey, how is Cape Town? I was born and raised there, came back from my last visit there this past January 12th! Left just in time to miss Eskom turning off the power supply on us...lol... :)