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  1. not really he was offered a qualifying contract to retain his RFA rights. so he can always just sign that... i don't think the canucks can rescind his qualifying contract unless Goldobin agrees to it especially now that UFA signing is all done. He has the option to sign the qualifying offer or play over sea if he's getting paid more.. but atm the canucks don't really have the cap space for goldobin and boeser.. well they do temporarily with LTIR.. but they will still need to clear cap if they can't get rid of loui
  2. So? Basically more than half of his contract he signed are bad crippling contracts and you want to applaud him for it lol. We are lucky we were able to get rid of gudbranson. We are now paying the consequence of a serious of bad contracts he signed. Eriksson and schaller.. the spooner buyout that alone is 8+ in salary cap wasted when we could use that to improve the team or weaponize it for asset. Can prolly also add Sutter to the list as hes redundant and worth no where near 4mil for what he provides and prolly not worth much if anything on the trade market.. hes been injured for close to 50% of all games since traded to Vancouver.
  3. Eriksson, schaller, burmistrov, gagner, gudbranson, possibly sutter were all a bad signing and some were terrible contracts.
  4. oh don't get me wrong they are great players for this franchise.. but they probably wouldn't have retired their numbers in 95% of the teams.. let's be honest here.. if they never had the stanley cup run.. neither player would had their numbers retired.. the stanley cup run in 94 elevated Linden into the retired number just like it elevated captain Kirk into the RoH. I would say Luongo is attached to the city despite what happened.. i mean after all it is in this city that he elevated himself from stardom to franchise player level along with the gold medals etc etc. i don't think we'll retire his number now.. and probably not in a few years.. as most the bandwagoner fans here hates him for the cap recapture and wanting to leave the city even though the fanbase and media did their best to run him out of town. the cap recatpure have nothing to do with Luongo as it was a legit contract under the CBA, and Florida is the team that didn't want him on the LTIR, but heck it's Luongo's fault.. it always is
  5. they are the favorite?? i guess tampa bay is just a trash team who just happens to have good if not better forward and forward depth.. superior defense.. and a vezina goalie..
  6. only the canucks would honor mediocrity but not honor greatness. we retired 2 players that are heart and soul good players in smyl and linden. yet we like to trash the greatest goalie to play of this franchise and top 5 goalies of all time.. he's 1 of 3 goalies to play over 1000 games.. 3rd in wins etc etc etc yet he's only compared to Kirk Maclean who's even in his prime isn't a top tier goalie in this league. yes it's his fault the league punished the team with cap recapture.. it's also his fault florida refuse to put him on LTIR and asked him to retire.. if the canucks were so desperate they could have traded for Luongo and put him on LTIR.
  7. will never happen plenty of players have done less and paid more. everyone will be looking at william nylander's contract as comparable
  8. so you mention dumba is better than boeser.. and they have to give us a promising young forward on top for a player that you mention is not as good as dumba and on top of that a 6mil cap dump? am i missing something here? boeser alone probably wouldn't even get you a dumba let alone adding LE on a massive cap dump. Tanev is probably at his lowest point in terms of trade value and if we were to move him it'll probably be at the TDL
  9. lol how are we going to be buyers when we have nothing of significance to buy with? we are already out our 1st rounder, are we willing to give up the 2nd rounders too? or are we giving up on prospect that doesn't have much value in the NHL atm? the only prospect we have that might be worth anything is podkolzin and dipeitro.. as for the NHL players we have LE sutter who we are trying to dump.. maybe virtanen but his stock ain't high. and moving tanev is more of a seller move than a buyer move
  10. why would edmonton want an overpriced center that have limited offense capability and more likely than not to be injured for the entire season? since being traded to the canucks sutter had 1 season where he played 81 games.. he missed 62 games the first year when we got him.. and missed a combined 77 games the last 2 years.. he's played 57% of the possible games since traded here lol.. hardly an asset GM would pay anything to acquire.. let alone getting rid of him is more of a cap dump
  11. well hughes and demko should be the top 2 coz they legit made it to the NHL.. the rest not so much
  12. Sure but they are at least playing on the team or LTIR. Ours we dont even want them on the team and they ain't on LTIR
  13. Is there a team that's worse than the Canucks when it comes to dead cap space? We have Eriksson at 6 mil that we cant get rid of. Spooner buy out at 1mil Luongo cap recapture at 3mil and Sutter who I dont even know if we can get rid of either at 4.4mil who barely played 50% of the games since traded here.. that's 14mil in cap space that we have wasted
  14. Capfriendly faq section have a really good read about the LTIR. Something to do with the leafs ain't over their upper limit and by taking on Clarkson they are over their upper limit.
  15. nah if they kept spark and sent him down they won't reach the upper limit to get the 100% LTIR relief on horton, but by picking up clarkson they are guranteed 100% LTIR relief from Horton and Clarkson. basically they have to buy clarkson's contract for extra LTIR space it's like a difference of 700k ish.. but when they are penny pinching to sign marner they'll need it