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  1. lol ericsson is still a far superior defensive player than majority of our bottom 6. Green will keep him on the team just for that. i am sure no free agents would have vancouver as their preferred signing spot if words leak out that if you exercise your no trade clause, the team will blackball you lol. as much as you guys all hate on ericsson, he is far more effective in the D zone than majority of our bottom 6 and as a penalty killer.. his +/- reflects that.
  2. so all he has to do is list 15 teams with no cap space lol at this point pretty much a NTC if he doesn't want to move. he knows the team can't afford to bury him in the minor as there's no cap saving and he'll always have a spot on the bottom 6 lol. not that hard to find 15 teams that can't afford to have loui's contract. i'm pretty sure Eriksson would prefer to sit in the pressbox or play bottom 6 mins than go to a team fighting for the lottery to grind it out. pretty much the bottom feeders/rebuilding teams are the only one that will even remotely consider his contract and eriksson and veto everything by just listing 15 teams with 0 cap space lol
  3. Lol with the cap not going up. Team with cap space will ask for the moon lol. Like why would they take loui and a 1st off you when they can just get a boeser on the low because we are cap crunched? Rather we should consider negotiating with Hughes and pettersson to sign a 1 year deal for slightly lower say like 4mil lower and then signed them to a 8 year contract the following year and up the amount by 500k a season so it makes up for the 4mil discount from previous year. That'll buy us a year for loui luongo beagle rousell etc contract to expire
  4. I have said nothing against them playing. All I have said is if a player opts out. That's a family decision. People should respect it. It has nothing to do with not being a team player etc etc like some of you guys are saying. Or saying they have no sympathy for the players that contracts the virus if they play. They are millionaire they can handle it. Bubble or not everything looks good on paper. Executing it to perfection is another issue. We shall see how the mls mlb goes.
  5. Getting hit by a puck trip and die like u mention can not be spread can it? All it take is 1 mistake in the bubble for it to go south and there are so many things that can go wrong. So if a player wants to op out due to safety of their family nothing wrong with that.
  6. Lol look at MLS? Teams were following their guide lines from the league and were confine in a certain area in their city without outside contact. Still a bunch got tested positive right before the restart. The virus evolves, what maybe symptoms today you might not show any later. Mlb got plenty of personnel tested positive. Bubble or not theres still a chance. I mean just like all of us the chances of getting infected is less than 0.001% so why bother taking safety precautions? Lots of countries around the world are starting to see spikes in the virus again after it was down to almost 0 we dont know if the virus is evolving. You can't fault people for not willing to risk their lives just for your entertainment. You make a lot so i have no sympathy if u opt out, and I dont give a f if u get the virus while playing because chance is low. That is selfish
  7. So in the unlikely event one player contracted the coronavirus while playing and dies from it. Who gives a f right coz they make so much and they have so little chance of getting it.
  8. I dont see how winning the cup will erase all the jokes. It'll be the canucks season is saved by the coronavirus. Markstrom was injured and we were spiraling out of a playoff spot. If the season were to finish without a pause and following the trend with markstrom not ready to come back. I think its fair to say the canucks were more than likely to continue spiraling out of a playoff spot. We are only in there coz corona saved the season and now all the players are healthy lol.
  9. why are we even arguing about whether winning the cup is legit or not? we are only winning the cup if all the top players from the actual contenders loses a bunch of their top players to the virus lol. whoever wins the cup prolly won't even be allowed to have a parade with the cup so who cares.
  10. it's not that they can't get it right down there.. it's a lot easier to tell 10 people what to do than it is to tell 100 ppl what to do.. literally it just takes any one of the 100 ppl to not follow instruction to fuk it up for everyone.. that's the problem when USA population is almost 10x canada
  11. lol no one said it's dumb edmonton ppl are living their life as normal. i just find it dumb you think they won't be inside a bubble isolated to the area around the arena... the NHL is not going to risk all the players and personnel's safety and allow the players to go wherever they want in the city. laughable if you think otherwise. all it takes is 1 player to contract the virus and spread to the team the season's done. you really think the NHL is wiling to take that risk? is Edmonton still doing safe distancing? are people still sanitizing everything down?? are people still taking precaution when they go out? just because you don't wear a mask doesn't mean life is normal.. if life is back to normal then people don't need to take the extra precaution.. all those barriers they put up in the edmonton casino are unncessary then coz edmonton is safe.
  12. lol that's the dumbest thing i've heard. of course they'll be in a bubble.. it just takes 1 infected person to spread the virus around. there's no travel restrictions within canada.. anyone can travel to edmonton.. you think the league wants to expose the player to potential virus?? you think the player wants to interact with you to risk themselve being exposed? if life is normal in edmonton then why aren't they allowing fans in the stadium since they can do whatever they want in edmonton and don't need to be in a bubble because it's so safe? all it takes is 1 infected person to interact with anyone in the city and it can potential blow up again.
  13. well i guess all of you that are pissed should just stay home and rot there. since that's probably the best way to not get infected. don't go to the mall don't go grocery shopping don't do anything just sit home and rot. then you are guranteed to not be infected. plenty of ppl don't practice social distancing at the mall and plenty don't practice at the grocery so those places ain't safe either.. so please stay at home and continue to get pissed over what other people do with their lives. if you guys are so worried about ppl testing positive here and there.. then might as well just cancel the season.. sports is not neccessary during a pandemic.
  14. ok good coz at first i read they were not gonna thx for clariifying
  15. curious why there's no reseeding after the play in round lol.. coz the #1 seed will play vs the 8 or 9th seed.. but the #3 and #4 seed have the potential to play the 11th or 12th worse team??