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  1. ah another game we come out flat lol starting to look like the leafs lol
  2. oh and we went on to bash gillis non stop about trading Schneider instead of Luongo who played as much as Schneider did in the same period since traded.. he had like 2-3 great seasons with the Devils and then injury and never recovered.. imagine trading Luongo at that time for a bag of pucks which was what majority of CDC wanted.. then we wouldn't even have Horvat and probably markstrom.. but i guess we'd prolly had a bigger chance at the lottery?
  3. Pk been good.. but the pp is inflated by plenty of goals against the bottom feeders. If u look at it games vs decent teams our pp looks horrible.. even the last game even though we scored 2.. our top unit looks terrible.. I blame coaching since last 4-5 years our record vs backup goalies/fringe starter is horrific.. I dont think I'm wrong in saying worst in the league.. double digits in shutout against and a 80%+ losing rate.. I think that's got to do with coaching being lazy and not watching films on their other goalie.. when other teams are lighting those goalies up night after night like a xmas tree and we make them all look like Brodeur.. that's concerning
  4. tbh the easy schedule against bottom feeders pumped this team up way higher than where they really are.. the powerplay is dominant against the bottom feeders.. against good decent teams.. they look horrendous.. they have a great record against bottom feeder teams but their records against teams competing for playoff spot is actually pretty horrendous.. hopefully we get more consistent secondary scoring.. or the weight of carrying the offense by EP will wear him down as we get down to the stretch run
  5. how did they earn a tie? that 3rd goal the entire team is like looking to the player that just got hit in the head and trying to get the ref to stop the bloody play lol.. that 3rd goal never even should have happened..
  6. no but with all the concussion lawsuit in all sports.. any contact to the head whether it's illegal check taking a puck to the head etc etc all should be instantly stopped.. sure people might fake it.. but league should be reviewing anyways.. if players are found to be embellishing maybe suspend them for a game or something.. for the sake of players well being.. rather take it seriously then just oh i don't think he's really hurt.. only to find out he's like covered in blood
  7. lol play should have been blown dead.... this is way different from an injury like blocking a shot in the shin or falling awkwardly or getting his bell rung.. so no the play should have been stopped period.... if the puck hits a guy in the head standing up... 9/10 times the play instantly stops... this guy took a wrist shot close range off the side of his head and is clearly bleeding and hurt.. how can you let the play go on? so what if they pass the puck to the point and the guy takes a slapshot and hit the guy again? not likely but what if? you might end up with a guy suffering life threatening injury taking multiple shots off the head.. the rule should at least be changed to referee discretion when it comes to plays like this.. not oh we keep playing till the other team have possession of the puck.. so what? if the canucks control play for the next 2 mins we just going to leave him continue bleeding on the ice?
  8. aite unless we have an extra gear in the 3rd.. we are going to lose AGAIN to a no name nobody goalie lol
  9. we need way quicker movement on the powerplay lol colorado holds the puck for 1sec and pass.. we hold the puck forever until they are on top of us before we try to pass zzz
  10. i hope newell brown is taking note of colorado's powerplay.. quick pass from makar to mackinnon shoot.. makar to mackinnon shoot again.. and repeat and repeat.. we have Hughes to pettersson or boeser.. one time the damn thing
  11. is rogers arena that empty on a saturday night against a fairly exciting team in colorado? or 1/3 of the arena don't care about the game and trying to buy beer lol.. it looks so empty in the lower bowl on tv
  12. cale makar.. he's gonna runaway with the calder trophy barring injury.. we are gushing about hughes.. but makar looks like he's on another level
  13. no joke.. is it mandatory they have to do a back pass on every PP rush up the ice?
  14. i wish our powerplay looks like the devil powerplay just now.. quick side to side movement and shoot