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  1. then is Eriksson a 25-30 goal scorer with sutter and Baer? don't think these 2 or even horvat is comparable to Marchand and Krejci.. at least not at this point of their career.
  2. sry i don't see any difference in the top 6.. Eriksson will give you 25-30 goals assuming he's healthy.. Hansen prolly could have hit the 25 goals if he was healthy all of last year playing the entire year with the sedin.. now that he's demoted to the second line.. he'll more than likely be back to where he was in his entire NHL career.. a 10% shooter.. it's not a coincidence his shooting percentage shot up to 18% playing with the twins because he's getting the easy shots.. he always had the speed.. just never the finish unless it's served up to him.. always was.. always will be.. which will put him in the 12-15 goal range.. which is exact same production as last year as the injured vrbata.. so do we gain anything in terms of offense?? no not really..
  3. this ain't even hypothetical.. the twins will never ever be 1-1.2 ppg avg player again in this league.. they are at best 0.6-0.7... and i don't even see any teams out there that's a serious playoff contender with a onerous contract to dump along with 3 great young pieces.. we are talking about 10mil in cap space here.. more like we need to retain 50% of their salary along with a cap dump for this to even be anywhere close to being realistic.. please name a serious contender out there that have anywhere close to 7-10mil worth of cap space to dump to fit in 2 7mil players.. and at their age.. i doubt the sedins will even bother accepting a trade.. they probably deep down already accepted the fact they ain't winning a cup
  4. Henrik is the best 2 way player? have you not seen them in 4v4? they literally give up on the play going towards the offensive zone every time lawl... Hansen is a career 10% shooter.. so if he ain't playing with the Sedins.. he'll translate to only 11 goals last year.. which he most likely won't be playing with the Sedins unless eriksson doesn't work out with the Sedins.. Sutter is an Elite 3rd line center?? WD is making him our 2nd line center.. and if he puts spare parts to play with Horvat.. look for Horvat's production to be pre-sutter injury like last year.. Edler fine.. he can put up some points.. Hamhuis ain't going to help u score any goals.. and if Tanev is the #1 Dman on this team which i guess he is coz he at least excel on his defensive game.. we are not gonna make the playoff.. the only defensemen that can put up points on our current lineup is Edler(maybe) Hutton(maybe), and Sbisa who many are ready to run out of town.. the others are more than likely not gonna put up much points if any at all... Let say Hansen is back to his old self 10% shooter.. based on last year that's going to be 11 goals only.. which is very likely if he ain't playing with the Sedins.. i mean we were complaining about his hands of stone prior to last year.. and i don't really think it changed much last year.. WD decides to put Hansen back with the Sedins for more production.. can we really guarantee Eriksson will do well by himself with Sutter?? and whomever they put on the other side?? Horvat/Sutter is not Krejci and Marchand.. there's so much question mark going into next year that it's not that hard for the media to think this can be a bottom feeder lottery team.. in order for this team to even compete for a playoff spot.. so much needs to go their way.. ie Horvat Baertschi needs to continue the way they were in the 2nd half.. Hansen needs to be a 15-20 goal scorer without the Sedins.. or 20+ with the Sedins and Eriksson will be able to play with Sutter or Horvat.. Rodin needs to be able to make the jump to NHL and provide some secondary scoring.. Edler will be back to the old Edler and the defense to chip in some goals.. and both our goalie needs to be standing on their head.. if we make the playoff with this current team on paper.. it's gonna be like 2006 again.. coz the goalie stood on their head.. on paper.. that 2006 team have more scoring than this current version of the canucks.. and we were picked to miss the playoff before the start of the season by majority of the media
  5. Calgary biggest problem last year is keeping the puck out as all 3 of their goalie can't stop a beach ball.. take out Gudreau and Monahan.. they still have 5 players over 40+ points.. you can probably make it 6 if Sam Bennett didn't miss a couple of games.. they may not make the playoff without the 2 top scorer.. but it's not that hard to see them finish ahead of the canucks if they get any goaltending which is hopefully their case with the trade for Elliot. The Canucks? take out the 2 sedins? we have 1 player with exactly 40points Horvat.. and the rest are all below... Edmonton last year injury wise.. Nuge, Erbele, Drasaitl, McDavid all miss 10+ games each throughout the season.. and we all know edmonton problem is defense which they are trying to address... i'm not saying any of those team will still make the playoff.. but to say they'll still finish at a reasonable spot ahead of the canucks is not unreasonable say if both have 1 of 2 injury to their top point producer.. we didn't lose the sedins last year and we came pretty close to finishing dead last in standing and scoring.. the most significant piece we lost was sutter.. and we almost finished last.. let's not even say the canucks will finish last if sedins gets injured.. we'll probably finish last if just one of any Sedins, Eriksson, Horvat, Sutter loses any significant time.. considering we don't even have the depth to overcome the lost of a 30ish points player.. didn't really put edler in there coz i don't think the defense suffered too too much without him..
  6. Kopitar and Doughty goes down.. they still have pearson carter toffoli.. which all are 50+ points players.. Toew and Kane goes down they still have Keith Seabrook Panarin.. Sedin goes down.. all we have is Horvat? which might not even work if he's up against other teams top defense pairing every night.. heck.. at this point of their careers.. let's not even talk about loss of 2.. let's just say one of the sedins goes down.. can they even over come that.. i'm not convince the sedins at their current age is capable of producing without each other.. Daniel is no longer a sniper like he was before.. we can sit here and laugh all we want at Edmonton and Calgary.. but at least they have the weapons and players that's capable of putting the pucks in the net.. their defense maybe so-so.. but who cares how good of a defense u got when u can't score.. Calgary if Elliot plays anything close to what he did in St Louis.. easily finish well ahead of the canucks.. Edmonton.. we shall see.. but if McDavid was healthy the entire year last year.. they'd prolly end the season with more points than us.. i have the canucks battling Arizona and maybe Edmonton competing for the bottom of the pacific
  7. battling? what is there to battle? Willie D have Sutter ahead of Horvat on the depth chart so really nothing to battle.. Baertschi? really depends on what they do with Hansen and if we go out and sign a player like Hudler.. if so.. what is there to battle? it's either Hansen or Baertschi and Baertschi will probably win by default coz Hansen can play decent in a 3rd line role where Baertschi might not excel there
  8. sorry i don't see moving around 3rd and 4th liners infinite times = a rebuild.. how is it a rebuild when you are keep signing old players to significant roster spot rather than letting your young player try to compete and grow in the position? we literally have only 2 significant spot on the top 6 for our young prospect to really play for.. we have the 2 sedins.. eriksson and either horvat or sutter taking up 4 of the 6 spots.. and some might even pencil in Baertschi.. so 5.. and depending on where Willie D plays Hansen.. might be 6 so we could very much have 0 spot in top 6 for the young guys to compete for.. that'll leave players like Virtanen, Rodin competing for a 3rd or 4th line role.. not exactly a position they will thrive in.. and following year add in Boeser.. this is definitely a retool.. as we are still building around the sedin as the main core of this team...
  9. if that's our future top 9 and top 4 defense pairing.. we are going to be a very average team for a very long time..
  10. mock draft? they are getting paid to do this $&!# and they don't even know Miller is a UFA by the time the draft begins?
  11. i think the biggest issue they have on Benning is he doesn't seem to be fully committed to either a full playoff push or a full rebuild.. he's stuck somewhere in the retool stage that we've been in since hell since gillis was here.. while we have some good decent prospects.. roster spot wise on the team that allows them to excel is limited by older vets... and a lot of this ranking is probably going to be based on his inability to move any players at the trade deadline.. partially his fault and partially not..
  12. Bartkowski and Weber are both offensively and defensively challenged.. and no holding the line of attack will not increase our offense from our offensively challenged team.. pretty much all the teams that went to the playoff or had a chance in the playoff have a positive goals difference.. this team needs to give up 25 less and score 25 more to just barely break even.. and we can probably only be able to manage one or the other..
  13. sure he was concussed he doesn't know where he is, he's wobbling around, maybe didn't know the guy in front of him is a ref.. but he knows how to skate to his bench and he knows how to crosscheck the guy in front of him to get out of his way so he can get to the bench.. this isn't a case of he's concussed and accidentally ran into the referee.. or bracing himself from impact cause he saw the guy at the last moment.. he lifted his arm and gave a forward shove.. ie a crosscheck.. so you are telling me he has no idea he was cross checking someone? so if a player gets hit in the head he can swing his stick at the other guy's head in retaliation and just came he was concussed and he didn't know what he was doing?
  14. NHL was right in suspending him for 20 games if not more.. sry what? concussion is an excuse to run over people from behind?? so if i hit my head.. i can use concussion as an excuse for doing something illegal or dangerous?
  15. imagine if Florida took seth jones instead of Barkov.. they'll have one of the best defensive pairing in the league for years to come with Ekblad and Jones.. the 2013 draft is one of the better draft in terms of producing decent nhler.. most of the top 10 picks are having a decent to great start to their careers