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  1. no idea then, we shall see how it goes and we shall see wh balk first as benning can't afford to let this drag into the season as his job will most likely hinge on the success of the team this year.. so i can see boeser having the leverage in the negotiation
  2. all rfa player can be offer sheet. you are thinking about expansion draft where players like hughes won't require protection because he played less than 10 games in his 1st year
  3. Overvaluing the prospects progress much? Lind and gadovich doesnt look like they even belong in the AHL atm and u think they'll be a top 6/9 in a year or 2.. sautner and brisbois is no where near ready to be a 4-6 everyday defenseman in the NHL. Juolevi a top 3 later this year? Based on? All your projection you prolly have a better chance at Canucks winning the lottery than you hitting on 25% of them
  4. Haven't we said the same thing for every 2nd 3rd rounder in Benning era lol
  5. I agree but at the same time I would think it also depends where the scouts were focused at that time. It's quite completely possible the Canucks scout never even looked at those players. Theres hundreds and hundreds of kids all over the world cant look at them all.
  6. I dont know how much truth was to the Seabrook and 3rd for our 10th rumor.. but I dunno.. I prolly would have taken that in.. pick byram then we dont really have to force to attempt to sign a 7-8 mil Myers or Gardiner.. get rid of Ericsson and Sutter even with cap retained.. easily could have fit Seabrook contract in. Even if byram cant play this year our defense would actually look pretty good for the foreseeable future. Hughes Byram Juolevi Stetcher Tanev Edler Maybe tryamkin in the future Maybe woo in the future And a Seabrook as a bottom/7th And technically can still sign a myer or whomever since we are looking to move tanev and possibly not re-sign Hutton.
  7. Namestnikov and vasilevsky are both 1st rounder that were drafted before the Canucks had a pick. All their picks in the latter round are well before the Canucks. Not saying the Canucks will draft those player at those spot but who knows what they would draft in those rounds if they were higher up. Tampa bay actually had 9 players that were not in the top 6 but like I said every player every round is significantly higher than where the Canucks drafted.. also I still dont think it's fair you are using rebuilding team vs president trophy winning team drafting as comparison. I'd rather compare rebuild vs rebuild and based on your analysis Benning drafting sucks. Tampa bay bay had 8 1st rounder in the period and 6 of them turned into good angler. We have 6 in 5 years. 2 of them is no where near where we hope they would be, and one of them was traded for a negative asset in gudbranson. Not to mention other than gaudette demko and I guess tryamkin. We dont have a player from the 2nd round and up that looks remotely ready to even make stride towards the nhl let alone the ahl despite boasting how great of a prospect pool we have. Literally not 1 player that went to the ahl from their junior team made progress in recent memory except demko. Maybe they'll get better or maybe they won't.. in 5-6 years time we might be taking about how we never had any player of significance drafted in the 2nd rounds and up during this rebuild.
  8. I give u maybe 5 or 6 of the 10 you are talking about including kucherov.. most of them is at around 100 games played since drafted.. hardly considered an nhl regular. And you are comparing 08-13 on Tampa bay who's competing for lottery pick year after year to a team competing for the cup. With all the prospect available I'm sure they can afford to pick some player off the board. I think it's more fair if you compare teams drafting period when they were at the top of their league. Vs comparing drafting of team that's tanking. Coz if that's the case Benning drafting vs Tampa bay drafting from 08-13 vs 15-19 Tampa bay is way better
  9. tampa bay other than 1 great year at the draft in 2011 where they got kucherov in the 2nd and palat.. in the same span as gillis era.. they were pretty bad.. if you take away the #1 overall in stamko and #2 overall in hedman.. the most notable player they have is kucherov and palat... everything else is either a bust or career ahler.. chicago during the exact same span have Saad shaw outside of the 1st round.. like i said i'm not defending gillis picks coz he striaght up sucks.. but top teams tend to have terrible drafts not just gillis
  10. Oh no doubt Gillis draft is terrible but he is picking 29-30 every year and 55+ got his next pick literally every year hes been here. At that point those are all lottery picks. Benning first draft his first 2 picks are higher than any pick Gillis ever had and McCann he got rid of so fast because he doesnt view him as a fit here. I mean if you are judging their drafting based on how many of them plays in the nhl or whatever then I can say Ben Hutton played more games than all the non 1st round pick by Benning combined. I just want to say Gillis sucks at drafting but Benning ain't much better until those player actually makes an impact and so far none of the non 1st have. Gillis had 1 top 10 pick and he nailed it with horvat. Same cant be said about Benning and his 4 didnt include this year coz it's way too early but virtanen and juolevi not that they cant be great but considering what's been drafted after them I would say it's a fail
  11. When you are drafting at the very bottom of each round every year consistently why are you surprised? We only have like 1 or 2 player outside of the 1st round playing on the team. Demko and gaudette and they are still unknown atm
  12. The problem is we have some good players but certainly not enough based on how many top 10 picks we had. And we have a lot of useless player with cap hits that no one is willing to take
  13. did we even ever go into a rebuild? i think we are the only team in the last 7-8 years that's suppose to be rebuilding to have less 1st round picks or players that we drafted than we suppose to have.. 2013 horvat/shinkaruk 2014 virtanen/mccann 2015 boeser 2016 juolevi 2017 pettersson 2018 hughes 2019 podkolzin 2020/2021 traded we have 7 1st rounder in 8 years doesnt' feel like a rebuild and really we only hit on 3 of them that were drafted in the top 10 not including this year
  14. also it's possible we miss the playoff not coz the team is bad.. it's just other teams are better atm.. the western conference right now is starting to look really strong... the weakest team to get in was colorado.. with makar graduating and byram in a year or 2.. they are scary... calgary sj vegas ain't going anywhere yet. edmonton is bound to get better with mcdavid.. jets preds might regress a little.. but overall they are still a lot stronger than we are atm.. only team that might fall is dallas and st louis depends what they do in the summer
  15. considering the Lightning are in no position of power to negotiate as Miller will have his modified NTC kick in july 1st further reducing tampa bay's ability to trade him.. they were pretty desperate to move him before july 1st.. there was no rush to trade for him and i feel we could have gotten him without the 1st as it gets closer to july 1st.. so in that sense i don't feel this is a trade of value.. it's a good trade in terms of getting a good player.. but it's a horrible trade considering what we gave up to a team that have no leverage due to their cap situation and miller's NTC about to kick in.