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  1. decent signing.. not really comparable to eriksson.. at least neal proved he can play on any team with anyone.. unlike eriksson
  2. Top prospect pools 2016 - where are they now?

    columbus i'll argue is only competitive coz of bobrovski they made it previous year before dubois even made the team and went on that ridiculous winnign streakj
  3. Top prospect pools 2016 - where are they now?

    i dunno but i think most of the teams on that list majority of their core players were still from before 2016.. Boston's top 6, chara rask etc, Columbus, calgary, etc etc i mean the newly added prospect helps but it's not like the prospects were the reason why they are competing for the playoff.. where for us it's mostly starting from scratch.. we didn't have the foundation of those teams to just add couple of good prospect and all of a sudden compete for a playoff spot.. and most of those team have elite or multiple elite star players on that roster complimented by good players and some great prospect.. but mainly they have solid defense and goaltending something we still need to work on.. maybe demko and dipetro is the solution maybe not, but out defense is still a big work in progress.. by the time in a few years the team is ready to possibly compete.. we'll have just juolevi and hughes fingers crossed are legitimate NHL defensemen.. Tanev if not traded will be on his decline, Edler prolly retired, and then there's not much to look at for our D
  4. Toronto had a clear plan on what they wanted to do. Suck to acquire the highest possible pick and rebuild. Ours was sign free agents to keep being delusional we are better than our record indicate. All the recent ufa signings in the past few years were to try to make the Canucks sneak into the playoffs. We lucked out on Boeser. Imagine if he never panned out. The Canucks rebuild will still be at the infant stage. Juolevi will never become the top 2 defensemen he was originally touted to be. Virtanen is a fringe 2nd line 3rd line player at best unless something drastic happens. Now all the pressures are gonna be on petterson and Hughes to step in alongside Horvat and Boeser to become the saviour of the franchise. Half of cdc is expecting Boeser to be a 40+ goal scorer.. and everyone is expecting petterson to have 70+ points on his first year without ever playing a single nhl game
  5. Nah I can see edler not waiving and just retire go back to Sweden and we get nothing out of it
  6. Chances are we hold on to Tanev till TDL and you guessed It he will be injured and untradable
  7. It’s still a weak draft unless u were picking in the first round top 10
  8. still comparing apples to orange. we had a late pick in those rounds with Gaunce and Shinkaruk in a relatively weak draft.. look at everyone that's drafted behind them.. literally all of them have 0 success in the NHL except a couple which all other teams passed on too.. so u can't really blame the management for weak draft.. and besides we are just overhyping over rating all our late drafts.. literally none of them played a decent amount of NHL games with anything resembling success.. seen it way too often.. hyped prospect fails in the NHL.. in 5 years time we might be saying the exact same thing how bad our prospects were minus those top 10 picks
  9. [Rumour] Hawks looking to dump Hossa's contract

    our cap recapture on hossa would be barely anything we didn't gain any benefit of his front loaded contract
  10. [Rumour] Hawks looking to dump Hossa's contract

    so what do you suppose the team do? go out and sign a tavares? or blow all the cap space on a bozak? who out there would you like to overpay to join the rebuild? who out there next year? you really think we have a chance at like a karlsson or doughty? we have enough prospects to reasonably foresee a good future? well so did buffalo carolina edmonton arizona etc etc and where they now? still down there.. maybe things with trend up for buffalo and edmonton since they have a franchise player or 2.. all the bottom feeding teams with good prospect means nothing..
  11. Apples and orange? Sure they are different types of player. But You are ready to declare a 22 year old a bust,but 21 he should be given more time to develop. So at 22 smaller forward stops developing? Beside it’s a zero risk signing. If the kids out play him then so be it he can be in a press box or ahl. I don’t see him taking spots away from kids that have earned it. At the same time kids should not be gifted a spot by not signing players to compete for spots
  12. So duclair is a bust being a year older than jake but out producing him even if u take away the extra season he played but with jake he needs to be given more time? He’s producing at around 0.4 ppg that’s already a step up from a lot of players we have at 22 I don’t see how he’s taking the spot away from a kid if u are saying Jake is a kid then Duclair is pretty much the same. Low risk medium reward
  13. [Report] Canucks interested in 4 UFA Centers

    Just like Carlson probably isn’t worth 8 mil but that’s just the market price for players
  14. Good trade for the flames. Anyone that’s laughing would have done this if it was the Canucks. Hanafin is still young and is developing nicely. Lindholm have huge upside potential. Sure it hurts to give up Hamilton but they get 2 players back both with top line/pairing potential. Even if hanafin doesn’t grow into a top pairing he still a very good 2nd pairing
  15. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Man imagine if we are in the lottery position next year even if we don’t win the pick and Benning can pull something like Burke did with the sedin twins it would be franchise changing. Another brother tandem on the same team with elite talent