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  1. Luongo did not have any of those the first few years he was in vancouver... he was still consistently near the top in save % despite facing one of the most shots in the league. our defense than was a past prime ohlund, salo and then a rookie edler.. with fitzergard and krajcek. i would say edler tanev hutton stetcher is superior in terms of balance and depth than those. burrows and kesler were no where near the caliber player they were in 2011 at the time
  2. Looking at the physicality of these playoff.. we will have no players left after 4 games. The smaller skilled forwards are getting absolutely destroyed out there, and the big skilled physical players are dominating like McKinnon
  3. Pretty sure I said I'd agree hes been good/great this year with fewer bad goals. I just don't agree with half the cdc thinking hes all of a sudden in the elite category after couple of great month. If he can keep it for couple more season maybe until then hes a good goalie nothing more
  4. what about gibson then? his team is absolute trash even worse than vancouver yet he still finished with a .920% there's a few other goalies on teams finished below us on the standing with higher save %. hell even anders nilson had a .914% while playing for the ottawa and that team is literally an AHL team. the canucks team/goalie was absolute trash in luongo's first year yet he still managed to steal games every single night and dragged us into the playoff.. if you want to call someone elite.. then have numbers to back it up.. don't go oh of coz he won't have elite numbers coz his defense sucks blah blah.. this is what's wrong with the fans here, a goalie had a great couple months all of a sudden he's elite and we need to sign him to a long term deal, or pettersson had a great start and all of a sudden we are saying he's better than mcdavid.
  5. meh the canucks have the fewest draft picks of any rebuilding teams in the same time span. we have no players worth draft picks it seems and those that we traded for prospect, one is already gone (dahlen) and the other is as good as gone (goldobin). l'm looking at rangers rebuild vs vancouvers rebuild. the rangers will have as much 1st rounders including this draft as vancouver had since 2014 lol.
  6. .900 and .908? the elites were in the .920+? he had 2 great months .943 and .930 but every other months is .911 and below so 2 out of the 6 months he was elite.. 4 out of 6 months he's avg.. his save percentage is ranked 27th in the league. if you take out goalies with less than 30 starts he's ranked 25th. and if you count starters only he's ranked 20th.. so hardly anywhere close to "ELITE" as some of you want to call him.. i mean he's been good and consistent this year not giving up the early bad goals i give you that and have been keeping his team in it most of the game, but really he's good since december.. i would put him no where near the elites. look around the league.. there's easily 10 to maybe 14 15 goalies you'd take over markstrom.. so does that make half the league have elite goaltending?
  7. Lol an injury prone declining player and 2 prospect will get u into top 3-4? I think even NHL 19 will decline that trade lol
  8. Lmao 10th overall plus a 5th rounder is good enough? Even if gaudette moved up he still would'nt be taken in the 1st round lmao.
  9. why do ppl keep referring to gaudette sautner bresboi and juolevi? guadette played a grand total of 14 games in utica.. if anything he developed in his playing days in the NCAA and then on the big club.. sautner and briesbois both are hardly NHL ready.. they are not even on this team if we are not missing edler tanev hutton and whoever else at the same time nor are they going to be our depth 7th defenseman next year.. jake? what developement have he shown other than inconsistency? he had a really hot streak to start the season and then disappeared pretty much the rest of the season production wise back to where he's been all other seasons.. MacEwan have completely fallen off the radar in the 2nd half of utica's season.. Lind and Gadjovich if anything have gone backwards in their develeopment.. they both look lost in utica if you watched any games.. there's something very wrong in utica.. we gave them prospect to develop and they hardly developed anything this year. even Demko we brought him up to the NHL to spend a month with our goalie coach to fix his technique. There's a reason why Benning have to personally go down to Utica to see what the hell is going on down there.. i expect the coach and or maybe ryan johnson to both be relieved of their duties. Utica isn't there to turn every player into superstar, they haven't turned a single player into a star let along a bonafide consistent NHLer.. Demko maybe? he played like 5 games.. and he had to spend a month with our goalie coach to fix his technique so there's obviously something they don't like in his game.. Virtanen? i predict he'll be packaged by TDL if he doesn't start using his body and drive the net more with that speed of his.. Juolevi? if he can stay healthy? he's been injured so much the last couple years makes you wonder if he can even survive staying healthy in the NHL or he's just gonna be another Tanev injured for 25-40% of the season every season..
  10. you need a defenseman that can eat up 25+ mins a night that can produce at both ends aka the norris caliber ones... or you need at least 3 "good" defenseman that's capable of playing around 20 mins a night.. you also need bottom 6 forwards that can chip in here and there not a bunch of top 6 that are just shutdown players that doesn't provide offense..
  11. When all said and done he has the potential to he the best player in the draft. Playing 20+ mins a night all season and showing no signs of slowing down. And hes only 19.. ppl like to say defenseman takes longer to develop so hes no where near his max yet. Potential future Norris dman
  12. lol don't really like the way Green handled Goldobin at all. if he's benching Goldobin for 25% of the season.. then he should be benching guys like Eriksson and so on..
  13. Lol if I'm Jersey I wouldn't even take that. If Hughes is as good as he's projected to be. Devils is pretty solid up front with hirshier as their 2c. Now all of a sudden devils have 3 1st overall this decade alone if you include hall lol. That's the new oiler
  14. So basically only 1 out of 20. Looks like we getting more bottom 6 plugs
  15. I don't mind tanking as it guarantees me a much higher picks than this 10th pick