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  1. Pretty sure Roussel have a guranteed spot u don’t sign him to a multi million multi year contract to put him in the minors before he even plays a game for u. Benning would not have the balls to do that. He already signed LE to a bad contract. Gagner is a waste of space.. and if roussel have to fight for a spot and ends up not on the opening roster. I’m sure aquaman will fire benning for terrible signing years after years
  2. Long Contracts and Cap Space

    with 3 years left on Luongo and the amount of games he missed the past couple of seasons.. i really don't see luongo plays out his final 3 years.. unless the panthers places luongo on LTIR if he's eligible which i don't really see the panthers doing as it would require them to get under the salary cap before the season by 4.5mil before they can place him on LTIR while if he retires early would only cost them very little in terms of cap space.. i mean with the amount of injuries Luongo have been suffering lately it's not out of the realm of possibility he ends up on LTIR.. but i really don't see the panthers putting him there as they are pretty much up against the cap every year nowadays
  3. good i'll still take hughes so even if we don't get the 1st oa we still have a chance
  4. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    with the style of players we have i pick crow
  5. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    oh since when does league investigation mattered? chicago hossa contract no problem. vancouver.. big problem.. pronger LTIR no issue. league investigation means $&!# when they pick and choose what they want to punish and what not. just like the NFL with the deflategate $&!# oh all the other team hates you and want us to hit Patriots hard.. ok suspend you with no real evidence coz i'm in charge blah blah blah.. al lthe league are the same. there's always a few teams that always seems to benefit and like i said if u don't agree with me than gtfo? i'm not allowed to have my own opinion now coz it doesn't line up with yours?
  6. Edler would LOVE to re-sign with the Canucks.

    So who replaces the 24+ mins and the 20mins of Tanev who’s averaging missing 1 in every 3 games the last 3 seasons?
  7. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    Thread is about did the caps bend the rules? Will more team do it? Wtf do u have against me? Keep asking what the thread is about. U don’t like it then stay the f* out I didn’t ask for ur opinion. Teams didn’t sign orpik for a month so how do you know orpik didn’t reject other teams. It’s not out of the realm of possibility caps have it all prearranged with him to sign him later in free agency so it’s less suspicious. I’m sure plenty of teams would love to sign orpik at 1 mil as a depth defensemen. The guy was a horse in the playoff.
  8. NHL clears washington for trading and re-signing orpik

    I’m just saying are we going to see more teams trading away players no longer worth their cap hit to other team and work something out under the table to get them to buy out the player and then re-sign them to a minimal contract. Example if Edmonton trades away lucic and his contract and works something out with that team to buy him out by adding a player or picks or prospect. I doubt any team would pick at his current cap hit thru waiver. And then Edmonton proceeds to re-sign him to a contract let say a small cap hit but he’s still getting paid the same after the buy out. Are you guys ok with that? I mean it’s not against the rule. But I’m pretty sure this orpik thing was pre arranged
  9. Well the NHL officially cleared Washington of any wrong doing for trading Orpik to the aves then Colorado bought him out and Washington resigns him for 1mil. I dunno this feels like it was pre arranged to circumvent the cap. But now that the league cleared them, will more team do something like this that are up against the cap with players that are front loaded on their contracts? Like in a few years we dump Erikkson plus sweet so he’s not eating up 6 mil cap space and dump him to a cap floor team that will buy him out and then we re-sign him to 1 mil? Not saying we should nor erikkson is worth but just saying will more team pull stuff off like this
  10. lol u don't have cirtanen in your PP unit coz he ain't good enough to be there but you put him on your top line? he's done nothing to in his career yet to be given top line role/mins and vice versa Baertschi have done nothing to be demoted to the 4th line at 12mins... that have to be the most expensive 4th line ever in the history of the league lol.. 14+mil 4th line plugs playing minimal role on the team
  11. Not sure why ppl here thinks we would be helping Toronto out. We are taking away one of their top scorer for a shutdown defencsmen with 0 offense capability that will be thrust into the role of shutting down unit on a pretty bad defensive team. If anything he would be used for more defensive situations. Blocks even more shots and gets injured like he always does in Vancouver. He has missed a grand total of 1 full season worth of games in the last 3 seasons combined with a whole list of injuries. If nylander is offered. Id take it and run. Our top 6 is far from being set. And if our prospect does pan out we can always move a baertschi or something for picks
  12. Baertschi Horvat Boeser Goldobin Pettersen Dahlen the rest I don’t care if we are gonna bring pettersen in id like to see him play together with Dahlen and develop grow together and get some chemistry going. Pettersen is weak on the draw now but can only get better or plug in sutter to center the 2 I just want to see them given the chance to prove what they can do and not the make a mistake I bench u for the rest of the game or only playing the vet late in the game coz the coach wants to win. The long term success of the team hinges on the rookies development and success. So hopefully they aren’t scared into to playing safe only and not trying to make mistake
  13. Pronman Rates Prospects #2 - Rebuild Done?

    Coz he doesn’t have a choice until he reach free agency when he’s 25? If we are still bad by then then we have a problem
  14. GDT - 2018 Canucks' Young Stars Tournament

    so you are saying demko is not athletic no reflex a quitter and no internal drive?