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  1. wai_lai416

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    Lol good teams will win against us even if we outplay them. This team is still a long way from competing with the top elites.. especially with this defense
  2. Wasn't the objective get rid of gagner and his useless cap why we bringing back spooner and his bigger cap to play in the ahl
  3. I would do OJ straight across.. just coz OJ seems injury prone. 2 major surgery already since drafted. Stunted his growth and who knows if he'll ever be fully recovered to handle the physicality of the NHL as a defensemen.
  4. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    and that's the tactic for Chicago and pittsburgh too how that worked out for them? Arizona is just bad coz their owner group sucks and want to sell everything and pay the bare minimal. Carolina and Buffalo both looks great they are both outside the playoff coz the east is actually competitve unlike the west where their top 3 team outside the playoff would kick our top 2 wildcard teams out by a long shot. Carolina if their management ain't cheap and actually paid lindholm and Hanafin they prolly in the playoff right now. Buffalo have 2 franchise player to build around 1 on offense 1 on defense plus a whole load of young players with impact in the NHL. outside of Pettersson this year, the next best thing we have is Gaudette. great but not comparable and nothing in the AHL even looks remotely ready for the NHL other than our undrafted star Mceawen. on defense we are waiting for the arrival of Hughes who will probably struggle a little to start based on his size.. and then maybe Juolevi if he ever stays healthy and makes it to the NHL. you make it sound so easy that we can just go out and sign a bunch of free agents to make this team look good. we have 8.7mil cap space right now let just say it goes up to 10mil next year. Boeser is due for a raise and he'll likely be north of 6mil. Goldobin as bad as he is if we keep him he ain't gonna be 1mil. josh levio? ben Hutton? those guy will need a raise. and then 2 years from that we need to sign pettersson who if he keeps up us production will be costing us 10+mil. the anchor contract in eriksson ain't going anywhere. Gudbranson and Sutter will be done when pettersson is up for renewal so whatever cap saving u get from those 2 will probably all go into pettersson. so do we have a lot of cap space to sign anyone to big contract in the free agent anytime soon? not unless u get an idiot gm that's willing to take eriksson sutter and gudbranson off our hand.. maybe if we retain salary.. amd once again we have all these so call hot prospect.. but in reality none of them really have much trade value for you to go GET a player
  5. wai_lai416

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    meh all our tradeable vets have no value anyways.. Tanev is no where close to what he used to be and the team wants to make him a canucks for life lol.. Edler can't be traded coz he refuse to go anywhere and we'll likely re-sign him.. so technically we'll have Tanev and Edler both for close to 10mil while declining rapidly.. Eriksson is untradeable with tha contract.. Sutter.. pretty sure no one wants him based on his play this year.. Gudbranson good luck with that contract lol.. canucks currently own 3 of the top 25 worse contracts in eriksson gudbranson and sutter lol.. 15+mil tied up in 3 players that doesn't really contribute to the team.. Gaudette easily replaces Sutter production at 1/5th the cost
  6. wai_lai416

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    lol i've been saying this team is couple of top 6 and couple of dman away from being actually competitive...yet everyone just wants to believe this team is actually good because they are in a playoff race where it's a crawl to the finish line lol.
  7. wai_lai416

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    another game against backup/rookie goalie another shutout against lol 6th of the year against backups this year.. pretty sure they have a combined goal against of 0.3 with a 990 save percentage or something
  8. @PistolPete13 looks like the trend continues.. backup/3rd 4th string goalies continue to dominiate the canucks win or lose lol we are making those goalie look great
  9. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    too bad those key components you are referring to can't score a goal even if their life depends on it. oh hey look at all the past cup winners. their key component can actually play some offense and defense.. and why are you talking about the past with players that's not even on that team anymore? they cleaned house and literally got rid of everything from that past time frame. their current roster and prospect is more similar to what we currently have since our rebuild and them cleaning house. both team top heavy, and full of bottom 6 players with no clear cut prospect ready to step up. both team have terrible looking defense with 1 bright prospect. we have better goaltending prospect so we are ahead in that department. so whats your plan for this team? make the playoff so they can be knocked out. hope you strike gold again with a mid range pick? so if that fails we go the free agent route and toss 10+mil at a karlsson?? or hope that other free agents would love to sign in vancouver for the chance to play with pettersson? and if that doesnt' work then we go throw prospects and picks for players?
  10. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    we have not been embarassed coz we have played hard great.. this team's defense is probably among the worse in the league. Markstrom is playing well above his potential which is awesome. History also shows that when we over play Markstrom he will melt down as shown previously when Nilsson was hurt the past couple years.. and the team will unlikely play dipetro.. this team is all reliant on Pettersson to do something and he's schooling the league.. but the lack of top 6 caliber player on this team will catch up sooner or later. the only 3 legit top 6 we have is Pettersson Boeser and Horvat. Baertshi god knows if he'll ever recover, Virtanen is a great 3rd line checker that can chip in once in a while. Goldobin can't even stay in the lineup.. so where are you going to fill THREE top 6 players from? drafting in the bottom half of the 1st round and hope every player is jackpot like a boeser? Karlsson, Kane, Tavares lol. Tavares pretty much had his sight set on Toronto, Karlsson and Kane were both traded and Kane re-signed with the team and Karlsson likely would do so.. how many legit top 6 or top 2 defensemen legitimately hit the free agent market? Tavares? this year Mark Stone might be the only one we have a legitimate shot at.. but if Ottawa trades him.. the team that trades for him will likely try to sign him.. and we don't have any assets available to trade for it. i don't see how making the playoff and get blown out in the first round by whomever is good for the team. Edmonton made the playoff too with McDavid and got blown out of the playoff what good did that do them? you are laughing at edmonton yet our team are almost identical.. 3 great player.. surrounded by 9 bottom 6 forwards.. terrible defense.. and questionable goaltending at times.. as reflected by the standing we are almost identical.. only difference is our player work their asses off, edmonton not necessary and we also take it slow with our players unlike edmonton rushing and ruining their prospect
  11. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    We are really only 4 points from dead last in the conference so doesn’t really need a disaster to finish there. As for the ufa I don’t really see how u can sigh 2 of them for 8-10 mil the top tier will be 8-10 mil alone. And the bottom tier meh is just bottom tier nothing spectacular that will turn the team into a contender. I don’t mind them playing good competitive hockey but let’s not be delusional this team is good enough to be contending when it’s really still a few years away
  12. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    Lol so what ways do you suggest to acquire top 6 talent? Trades? We don’t have any assets to trade for a top 6 or top 4 defenseman. Free agents? So over pair a player to come here? How have they worked out with the last 3 years? We are on pace for 82 points. This team is literally nothing without pettersson 3 cores top 6 and filling it with a bunch of plugs ain’t going to carry you look at Edmonton. Look at most of the top teams majority of their players are drafted not thru trades or free agent. Stop being delusional a team that’s going to be hovering around 40 lost have no reason to be in the playoff to embarrass themselves it’s good they are playing competitive hockey but it’s terrible to squeeze in with 80 points and think we are ready to compete
  13. wai_lai416

    Playoffs, could it happen?

    I’m still hoping for no playoff and get a nice pick sell off some players and get more picks.. it’s very clear this team have no top 6 depth we boeser horvat and pettersson... goldobin cant stay in the lineup even though he’s the 4th point getter.. Virtanen is hot and very cold.. baertichi might not ever recover from the concussion.. and nothing in the minor looks like a can’t miss top 6.. same with defence we have Hughes and MAYBE juolevi but most have given up on him that if he makes it as a bottom 4 pairing it’s already a win. Please don’t waste horvat boeser and pettersson year by having the fake believe this team is a playoff team.. they are only in the bloody race coz all the teams not in top 5 sucks.. and it’s not even close..
  14. wai_lai416

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Washington Capitals | Feb. 05, 2019

    people need to stop complaining about the high stick goal... it doesn't matter coz the puck touched markstrom before it went in.. it doesn't matter if he touched it accidentally or not... if it didnt touch markstrom then it's no goal.. the fact it touched markstrom negates the highstick whether it was intentional or not... read the nhl rules regarding that.. (i) the puck has been batted to an opponent (when a player bats the puck to an opponent, the Referee shall give the "washout" signal immediately. Otherwise, he will stop play).
  15. wai_lai416

    (Speculation) DiPietro Called Up?

    lol pretty sure you can't call up a player from junior....