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  1. how do you propose magically getting rid of sutter and his 4.3mil contract + 1 more year? he's always injured.. and doesn't produce much.. he's almost even harder than loui to get rid of lol..
  2. what columbus is doing right now is amazing... if they even make the WC torts should be hands down the jack adam winner.. after losing Duchene Panarin Bobrovsky.. they are current sitting above the playoff bar in front of the laffs...
  3. lol the only way we meet colorado is as a WC team or in the conference final... a lot have to go right for either of those to happen.. so no not really.. but in terms of players atm Landeskog>horvat Rantanen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Boeser Mackinnon>pettersson slightly as Mackinnon have the fire grit and extra gear in intensity atm Makar=Hughes their Top 4> our top 4 their top 4 in the future>>>>>>>>> our top 4
  4. Lol virtanen definitely chicken winged a little.. the initial point of contact was made with the elbow regardless of where it made contact with perreault.. shoulder head doesnt matter.. virtanen been great this year but I'm not a fan of his lack of toughness. He lays big hit and questionable hit once in a while but runs away everytime when challenged. Hes always the last man in and first man out in scrums around the net.
  5. so um who coaches the pacific all star? Deborer? lol.. regardless i hope the leash on Green is short.. not that he's not successful recently.. but i can't stand the start of games more often than not coming out flat and the constant turtling when playing with the lead.. i mean the turtling been better of late.. but i'm sure we'll be in turtle mode with the lead after the all star game till the end of the season. the canucks are winning a lot of games lately coz of goaltending from markstrom.. not really coaching.. as they've been outplayed and out shot in many of them.
  6. i hope this team plays some defense.. if the team don't get going on the powerplay or we don't get any powerplay.. we are in trouble.. seems like we can't win games if we don't score on powerplays
  7. i'm glad i got a pettersson black jersey from last year.. i honestly like the black and white. very clean.. compared to these.. god.. they have 10 year old designing now?
  8. Lol juolevi haven't even played enough to even consider a call up to even play a game in the NHL nor did he look like a top pairing caliber defenseman in the ahl and you already think he's a top pairing defenseman lol.
  9. whatever on to the next wake up call for the team to play better.. i mean even during the 7 game winning streak they weren't exactly the dominant team most of the time it was thx to markstrom bailing them out. vegas pittsburgh kings blackhawks at times rangers they all played better than us despite us winning. easily coulda lost them all if markstrom didn't bail them out most of those nights.. they need to play better and harder.. can't just have mental lapse and take a sshift off here and there.. on to the next to right the ship
  10. Baertschi will rot in Utica before the canucks will trade him with cap retention. i don't think Aqualinni will be happy to pay more salary for players to sit in the pressbox or play for another team.. we have almost 10mil worth of cap space not including luongo's recapture that when the lineup is fully healthy is either playing in the minor.. bought out.. or sitting in a pressbox.. we are looking good now but imagine if we miss the playoff this year and next.. a big reason is going to be we have 10mil cap space + the 3mil luongo recapture doing absolutely nothing... or imagine how much better we could actually be if we had the extra 10-13mil to play with.
  11. Not sure why everyone here likes to troll nylander.. hes a fine young player and 7mil is a steal based on his production almost a ppg player.. and he'd be tired with pettersson in goals and 3rd on the team in points.. hes a far more complete player than boeser signed to long term and boeser will prolly ask for more than that after his bridge contract is over.
  12. of coz no one is saying he's done for the year.. with concussions you just don't know.. and he has a history of them. symtoms may go away and he plays a couple games and all of a sudden they are back again.. he got the green light from the medical staff to play before his symtoms are back again.. how effective would he be if and when he's back? 1 random hit or 1 fight he could be back on the shelf again.
  13. lol if dump and chase a few time in a game means every team plays dump and chase.. i guess?? they are basically taught to dump and chase no matter what unless it's a odd man rush.. they ain't a great forechecking team.. and wasting energy to try to get the puck back every shift is not a recipe for success.. dump and chase works if your team is full of grinders.. not when your team is full of skill players.. just like this team is programmed to do the drop pass on every single zone entry on the power play no matter what..
  14. Our offense system is one of the most frustrating to watch... dump and chase.. and when we do get the puck.. we move it around slowly... so defensemen and goalie gets into position to block or make the save.. the good offensive team plays with puck with way quicker pace... watching the canucks on offense 5v5 is like watching the game on TV played at 0.5x speed
  15. Lol then green and Benning both should be fired for extending baertschi to a 3 year contract only to say he actually cant play the style i want... I'm sure green had input before baertschi was extended.. u dont randomly extend players if the coach dont think hes a fit.. its not like baertschi was a new player on the team.. so they know what his style is before he was even extended..