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  1. lol we'll not be in the playoff conversation anytime soon.. our defense is actually not that great.. we are bottom 5 for shots against... that's a recipe for disaster.. and it's not like we are letting other team just shoot from the perimeter either.. a lot of shots against us are high scoring chances.. and that's with a relatively healthy defense minus gudbranson who i don't think will make a difference.. Millers actually been playing great lately with the high shots against.. if he's just average.. we prolly get blown out in a lot of the games.. do u actually see this team able to out score their opponent to compete for a playoff spot? we are giving up close to 3 goals a game avg lol meaning we need to avg 3+ goals scored per game.. with our currently lineup or projected lineup for next year? ya.. that's not happening.. lol
  2. Not even comparable.. Hansen have 1 year left hamhuis is a ufa.
  3. lol i still say this is a terrible contract based on his performance.. if Loui doing whatever he is doing now.. and only gets about 30-35 points this season.. for 6mil.. wtf would we have to pay Bo? his agent will be pointing at well if LE can get 6mil for hard work and 30-35 points.. then i should be getting 6mil+ for leading the team in scoring + doing everything LE is doing
  4. we are not wasting Bo's talent as he still got plenty of years left and he ain't in his prime yet.. but we are no where close to half way with the rebuild.. right now looking at that list.. we have a bunch of bottom 6 with maybe 2nd line potential other than hopefully Boeser.. and a bunch of 2nd/3rd pairing defenseman.. still lacking high high end top lines or top pairing defenseman.. Hutton Stecher and Tryamkin is good as a 2nd pairing guys.. they are not your top pairing defenseman.. hopefully Juolevi might be one.. but one can only hope
  5. There is no positive out of this. Let say eriksson is having an off year. And bounce back a little next year. He is still on a decline regardless and we are stuck with his mammoth contract for another 4-5years and pretty untradeable unless we give up significant assets to cap dump him. But I guess we have contracts coming off so shouldn't hurt too bad cap wise
  6. Ppl bitching about millers pant size and saying he's only good coz his equipments are so big can now stfu
  7. Toews Kane produced the moment they entered the league and are producing for much longer periods than the Sedins.. not to mention they still have plenty more productive years to come. Sedins really only had about 4-5 good/great seasons.. They are both on pace to easily break the sedins stats. Not to mention their playoff stats are just as good.
  8. when are you guys going to come to the realization we ain't a playoff team and are closer to a bottom feeder than we are to a playoff spot? our 3 highest paid players/ supposively top line are all on a MASSIVE decline. We just have couple of young players that's even doing anything on offense (bo, Baer, Granlund) and an above average defense... we are overachieving to this point of the season.. so why are we surprise at games like these?
  9. not really.. KHL team sees him doing well.. toss him a fat contract.. bye
  10. virtanen had his shot. and did nothing with it
  11. lol i never said Sutter is our #2 forward i even listed bo and Baer ahead of him which you choose to ignore. Sutter played with the twins as much as Eriksson and a whole bunch of other ppl.. powerplay sure.. you are the one that's complaining about Sutter being overpaid and useless which is not true.. he might be slightly overpaid but it's not like he's not producing and doing anything on the team.. atm there are far more ppl that's overpaid and under performing on this team.. let see the Sedins? Eriksson? the 3 that are paid like a top line foward but producing like a 2nd/3rd liners at best? the twins maybe better skill wise.. but their performance the entire year is far from being in the top 4.. showing up for a couple games and then disappearing for stretches doesn't count not to mention they are probably one of the worst back checking players in OT.. everytime they turn over the puck it's almost guranteed a 2-1 3-1 going back the other way and you'll see the Sedins going towards the bench rather than back checking.. Sutter can still score.. he can play defense.. and he's one of the better faceoff guys in the league... that alone this year warrants his play ahead of the Sedins who can't score much despite having the most offensive zone time and powerplay time of anyone on the team.. don't back check.. and a signicantly lower percentage faceoff guy that Sutter. so who's the overpaid useless guy you are referring to? Sutter @ 4.375mil that leads the team in faceoff, plays against other teams top lines, and producing at the same rate as the sedins? or the Sedins @ 7mil each or Eriksson at 6mil? he gets more ice time than any forward maybe coz he plays in all situation? powerplay pk and against other teams top line?
  12. we are basing it off his current play this year have nothing to do with stats.. he comes thru in the clutch situation and plays hard.. is he a top 6 forward? maybe borderline? but that doesn't mean he can't be our 2nd 3rd or 4th best forward on the team.. playing on the top 6 doesn't automatically make you the top 6 forwards on the team..
  13. i don't think hank and danny belongs in the top 3 at least not this season.. they have disappear for long long stretches throughout the season so far.. baertschi and bo are out producing ppg over the sedins.. and they are in far fewer offensive situation.. let alone the +/- if anything the order should be Bo Baer and then Sutter just coz he scores the clutch goals.. and the guy bitching saying sutter is overpaid and he plays with the sedin.. no he doesn't play with the sedins.. and if you want to talk about overpaid there's plenty of overpaid players on the roster and on other teams too so stop bitching
  14. lol first off we wouldn't be able to acquire both.. and 2nd.. virtanen isn't even good enough to be a 4th liner at this point of his development lol
  15. at worst? you mean at best? at least Torres scored 20 and 27 goals in this first 2 full season in the league and also a few 15+ during his career.. doubt Virtanen ever reaches 20 unless he all of a sudden matures up and play his ass off