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  1. sorry even with the behavior issues Kane is having.. there's no way in hell Buffalo gives him away for scraps and pieces along with cap retention.. it's not like they are having cap issue.. they'll hold on to him at the very least till he's convicted.. sure he's having negative press for the team.. but everything is hearsay.. and god knows how many people will do anything to make a quick buck.. look at patrick kanes accuser.. not saying he's innocent or guilty.. but there's no way in hell buffalo gives up on him after 1 season and especially for spare parts considering what they gave up for him.
  2. lol anyone that reaches 100 games is a bonafide nhler? a lot of fringe NHLers have 100 games so does that make them a bonafide NHLer? hell Cody Hogdson have well over 100 games and he's disappeared off the face of the NHL after a couple of good season.. Is Mason Raymond a bonafide NHLer? is Linden Vey a bonafide NHLer? they all have over 100 games by your standard... Virtanen will reach a 100 game even if he continues at the slow pace production wise he has last year just based on potential along.. same with Tryamkin basically will reach 100 games by default just coz they can't send him to utica otherwise he's going back to russia. I'm not saying those players won't be good or great in the NHL.. but it's way too early to call them a bonafide NHLer.. of that list only Demko and Boeser are even in the top 50 current NHL prospect... yes JB is good at finding talents beyond the 10th pick.. so are other gms.. we passed on David Pastrnak for Jared McCann who no longer even with us.. we picked up Virtanen with Ehler still available, others picked up Nylander, Larkin, and even bobby Fabri.. whom so far early in their career looks better than any of our prospect we picked up.. ya sure we picked up a lot of blue chip prospect.. but we also passed up on a bunch of other prospect that's having a far better start to their career than our blue chip prospect.. let's look at 2014 draft where we picked up Virtanen and McCann.. of all the prospect that played more than 10 games so far in their career.. Virtanen and McCann are bottom 2 and 3 production wise.. so is JB really that great of a scout? that remains to be seen in a few years time..
  3. not really it's a waste of his ELC as it wasted a year of him actually dominating in the WHL playing 20+ min a night vs sitting out every couple games with minimal mins played not making much impact on the team daily
  4. Virtanen only made the NHL at 19 coz our organization depth sux... he wouldn't make the team on most NHL team last year just saying..
  5. none of the players you listed are bonafide players in the NHL yet.. if you are basing on talents and draft position.. then every prospect is a bonafide nhl player coming up the system... i'd wait a few more years for the players to have couple years in the NHL before i rate JB..
  6. who do we have? Henrik and Bo? not saying i'd trade them.. but you just asking who's better.. Don't give me the Brassard have better stats crap.. Bo is put in mostly defensive situation and doesn't even have regular linemates to play with the entire year so it's quite comparable.
  7. that's all it take to take Zib out of ottawa? we probably could have offered something better for it
  8. well tampa have proven in the playoff they can win without stamkos.. but i don't think stars are going anywhere without benn.. Benn proved he can play without Seguin.. i dunno about the other way around
  9. realistically.. maybe except horvat for now.. there's no one on this team is untouchable for the right price.. all of those players you mentioned have potentials.. but none of them have set foot in NHL yet.. in general a prospect with potential have a far bigger chance of not reaching anywhere close to potential than they are to reach.. so if the right deal comes along for a young proven players that have a proven track record for success and realizing his potential.. you'd take that any day over prospect.. as long as it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.. virtanen hansen and sbisa and maybe a 2nd or 3rd i'd do for landeskog.. if they want tanev they'd have to add like a 2nd or a grade B prospect coming back.. those of you that's saying Virtanen will be a Landeskog lite in the future.. the chances of Virtanen to become an average player in the league is probably 50x better than him becoming a Landeskog 2.0..
  10. u can't blame majority of the BC boys that doesn't end up playing in Vancouver.. the media and fanbase is toxic... especially if you go on a slump with a big cap..
  11. which is why he should practice getting his shots thru and on goal.. doesn't need to be a booming slap shot.. that's what's wrong with our powerplay.. whomever on the point decides to dump it off into the corner and play down low in the corner.. other teams doesn't have to respect our point coz no one is willing to take the shot other than edler.. if they want to block it? make them feel it. how many breakaways do you see per game that results from a blocked shot? not enough to justify not shooting it.
  12. i rather have Naslund Morrison Bure than Sedin Sedin Bure/naslund or which ever sniper we had.. Sedins are slow and play the cycle game.. Bure and Naslund don't and they are not the drive to the net type either
  13. lol majority of the league and all the odds maker view us as a sad team anyways.. when was the last time vancouver was dead last in odds? lol
  14. SJ really on a downswing? the team ain't lead by joe thornton and patrick marleau.. it's lead by Pavelski Couture Burns and Hertl.. Joe Thornton and Marleau is more of a complimentary player to their new core which the Sedins should have been by now in their career except we don't have a pavelski couture or burns. you joking? 5-6 years ago we had one of the best defense in the league.. Edler Bieska Tanev Ehrhoff Hamhuis Salo and then alberts and rome as 7-8th depth defenseman.. and those are all in their prime.. I don't know what you are smoking to even suggest our current defense without hamhuis is looking better than it has been in 5-6 years.. right now our defense is full of question marks... will hutton continue to progress and can he handle a full 82 game as he showed plenty of fatigue near the end last year.. how will Tryamkin do in a full season with all the travelling and such? will Edler be healthy? How will the defense play without the veteran of a hamhuis to slowly bring tryamkin up to speed etc etc etc.. the defense isn't worse than last year.. but on paper it ain't much better than last year.. all depends on the development on a hutton or tryamkin
  15. he's great defensively i wouldn't say he's decent offensively.. the biggest problem with him is he doesn't shoot the puck.. his shooting % is decent @ 10%.. that means he scored once every 10 shot.. problem is.. he only gets about 40-50 shots TOTAL the entire year.. granted the 40-50 shots doesn't includes shots blocked etc.. but he seldom shoot the puck so i don't think it's much more than that... actually are defense in general doesn't shoot the puck except hutton.. Hutton had about 100 shot on goal last year.. and i'm sure some of those shot on goal resulted in rebounds hence his assist is at 24.. good thing happens when you shoot the puck.. for the amount of minute tanev plays.. i'd expect him at the very least shoot the puck more which hasn't been the case so far in his career.. he's reluctant to shoot the puck for whatever reason.