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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    so just because i have a 416 on my name i'm from toronto? so it can't be my birthday? if i'm anti canucks i wouldn't still be buying season tickets to support the team unlike you keyboard warriors that just talk or feel the need to randomly calling ppl or bsing &@*$ without facts. so if i'm from toronto why the @*%( am i praising a lames player instead of a laffs player?
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    so when have i said Tkachuk is an elite? and what part of Juolevi play screams elite? i just said he's a better pick than Juolevi and at this point of their young career Tkachuk is progressing nicely where Juolevi's been up and down. more like you guys are the one hyping Juolevi to be this elite top 2 defensemen. Can he be? sure.. ya the lames definitely going to trade away Tkachuk for defense when their top 4 is giordano harmonic hamliton and brodie.. and also have parson coming up the pipe for goaltending in the future.. but nah let's pretend Calgary's defense and goaltending is going to need help because they are only 7th in the league defensively
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    uh huh maybe consider taking your homer blinders off. top 5 penalty drawn in the league. producing every 3 out of 4 games is making no impact to their team at all sure he's immature costing his teams penalties at time but who are you to say he won't mature? Kesler and Burrows cleaned it up in their career while still being the pesky thorn on the side of opposing teams. we all know how much praise you'll sing to Tkatchuk if he was on your team no matter how much you say he's a cheap player blah blah blah blah blah. no difference when burrows was on your team the early days. you guys absolutely love him while the rest of the league absolutely hates him.. and burrows and kesler not exactly an example of role model when it comes to being clean. lots of players when drafted have the skill to be a top line player top pairing dman blah blah.. how many of those actually happened? Virtanen have the skill to be a top 6 power forward.. did that translate in the NHL yet? look at all the top picks oilers wasted with top end talents.. where are they now? sure oilers may have wrecked their development but it's not like Canucks have a proven track record of developing players either.
  4. even if it's top 5 pick + Petterson and another prospect i'd still take that gamble. If Oilers were to trade McDavid or the leafs were to trade Matthew at the draft would you not give that up? Dahlin is mentioned in the same category as those 2. a franchise foundation player you build your team around. players like those don't grow on a tree nor you see them available in trades or free agency. If boeser continues his growth, Demko continues to impress. having a Boeser, Demko, Dahlin and Horvat to build around is better than what the Oiler have right now literally just McDavid. i mean it's a gamble but it's a franchise changing reward if we win. that'll still leave us with players like baertchi goldobin dahlen gadatte juolevi etc etc. still looking very good moving forward and sign a few vets here and there or retain the sedin at a lesser contract as a 2nd/3rd line role player. chances are team that gets the 1st OA might not budge but wouldn't hurt to shoot for the moon and pull something crazy off kinda like burke landing us the 2 sedins
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I would take a 2nd liner that’s making a huge impact for his team producing agitating and drawing the 2nd most penalties in the league over Juolevi who’s projected as a top 3-4 D any day. Juolevi rebounded this year but still doesn’t look NHL ready. His progression have been up and down since he was drafted. At this moment he have Equal chance to bust as he does to succeed and by succeed he would need to be at least a top 2-3 defensemen
  6. Let say the Canucks don’t win the draft lottery but finish with another top 5 picks. Would you guys even considered trading Tanev for a 1st and then packaging that 1st and our top 5 picks and a prospect if necessary for the first overall just to draft dahlin if the team that lands the lottery pick is consider trading? I would myself it’s literally tanev plus a 1st for a top defensemen with franchise potential for years and years worth the gamble over having 2 lower level prospect. All good teams have a great D. You and have the Matthews and Mcdavid of the world but they ain’t gonna win anything until they get a legitimate defensemen or a great goalie u need one of the 2 imo to even have a chance in this league to win the cup
  7. I don’t see how not winning the Calder will save us any money. I rather him win the Calder which means he’s continuing to tear the league up. He’s on elc anyways so not winning the Calder wouldn’t stop him from continuing to produce the next 2 years and earning a big payday. Prolong slump might not necessary be good for a developing rookie
  8. overall this season Markstrom have been below avg with way too many questionable goals. yes he'll play well here and there.. but he needs to be more consistent if he wants to be a starter in this league.. not necessary win/lose but needs to stop letting in the weird goals and the bad goals that deflates teams
  9. well technically we did have Luongo and Schneider XD between the 2 easily can cover 15 years
  10. Depends on how the GM value things. Defensemen in general should have a higher value but Duclair have a far higher ceiling then Hutton. Hutton also regressed quite a bit so to say Hutton is worth way more then Duclair is a bit of homerism here. They are more of a 1:1 trade value if it was Hutton of previous years then maybe..
  11. Lol the same Hutton that’s sitting in the press box night in night out?
  12. while Tanev is a great defensive defencemen he is also very injury prone. He hasn’t played more than 70 games in any season and he won’t be again this year due to injury yet again. So teams are going to be wary about giving up too much for a guy that is avging playing only 3 quarters of the season every year
  13. Are we too hard on our team?

    Are we too hard? No.. why? Coz it’s not about losing.. it’s the way the team and players being deployed. We are suppose to be a rebuilding team not a make the playoff and hope for the best team. We are playing our vets over young players. Look at how much we are playing ppl like Dowd. He’s like Megna to Willie D.. so much for all he talks about Travis green being a young players coach.. what I’m seeing now from last year is no different maybe a little more up tempo style but still play vets over young guys in hope of making the playoff rather than developing the prospect
  14. lol there's no turning around.. our goaltenders can't even stop beach ball.. unless they make the puck bigger than the net.. our goaltenders can't even stop them.. their confidence is completely shot.. i mean how many terrible goals have they let in this season now like the catch from markstrom that luckily didn't count? just keep playing the way they are develop the young forwards.. don't worry about the score since we ain't stopping anything. address the goaltending in the summer either FA or Demko and hope for a miracle at the lottery
  15. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    It was more a 6 on 4 if u count the 2 goalies lol that pos engaged the 2 players at the bench so those 3 were never even part of the play XD