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  1. how's that different from the tens and thousands of so call fans pissing all over the individual members of the team?? how many players have the media/fan try to run out of town now?
  2. pretty sad considering where he was picked he can't even crack top 5
  3. If we are trading tanev for jvr just to flip him at the deadline.. why don't we trade tanev for someone that's actually in the future plan? Tanev can fetch way more than what jvr can fetch
  4. sry how is this a win? Draisaitl is good.. but he's not a player >>>>>>>>Horvat.. and he does play with a McDavid at times so his stats can be inflated.. we have no one of that caliber i rather take my chance with 4 lottery pick for players usually with potentials for top 6 or top 4 vs late round picks that may or may not turn out. and let say they don't offer sheet horvat.. i'm sure edmonton will gladly trade you Draisaitl for 4 lottery picks.. even if you throw in a draisaitl this team is still going no where anytime soon.
  5. We lose? Coz we will be a lottery team for the next 3-5 years while Edmonton will be a playoff team with a low 1st rounder?
  6. please enlighten me how we are in better shape than the flames? at the very least they have 1 top line elite skill in Gaudreau and a decent top line center in monahan.. and we have 0 proven elite skill player.. we have a very good player in Horvat and a few other good players that's about it.. so does the flames.. we can talk about potential all day.. and at the end of the day it means nothing until they make it to the big dance.. look at how many top prospect in the league oozing with potential doesn't even make the league at the end of the day?
  7. Virtanen juolevi pettersen back to back to back off the board pick. Man we might as well just not have a top 10 pick ever
  8. all i wish for this draft is a player that will make an impact and can play in the top 6... so far Benning's drafting ability in the 1st round is nothing to write home about.. already wasted 2 first rounders in virtanen and mccann and passed on players that had far better NHL success.. passed on Tkachuk for Juolevi last year.. Juolevi can still be great but watching Tkachuk developing and playing nicely in Calgary hurts while Juolevi looked average in the OHL last year.. imagine if we drafted better with our 1st round picks the last couple years.. we'd be so much further ahead in the rebuild
  9. Based on what drouin sign for and what bo done compared to him? Don't see anything less. Sure drouin have higher seeing but Bo is more complete and consistent with similar stats
  10. based on what we traded grabner for and who we kept over him? i'd gladly take Grabner back.. never was a fan of the trade to begin with.. Grabner have turned into a reliable top 6/9 player with great speed and good penalty kill ability.. Raymond? turned into a useless perimeter player that falls whenever someone get close to him.. Ballard? no comment..
  11. hard to not win when you have the league pulling magic strings for you to land Crosby and Malkin when the team was about to go bankrupt.. nowadays dynasty is about getting that 1 franchise generational player and build around it or get multiple franchise non generational players. pretty much what all the cup winners have in common nowadays. let's not that about a dynasty.. let's talk about if we'll ever make it back to the finals in say the next 20 years.. based on this teams luck and the ability to draft and develop superstars? i doubt it
  12. so your idea of developing young players is force feed them mins even if they don't deserve it? so he should have played virtanen 20+mins a night because he's the 6th overall pick? i mean hutton seemed to play quite a bit of mins every night ahead of a lot of ppl. stecher played a lot of mins too.. he could have easily dumped the 2 in a 3rd pairing role with 10mins a night. while i don't agree with his line combination in a lot of night.. saying he's never enthusastic about developing young players is a joke.. he could have easily sent McCann and Virtanen back to the junior in the first year if he doesn't even want to bother give them a chance
  13. baertschi played well in his limited minutes here. Hutton played well under WD, Granlund played well under WD the only one that didn't play well under WD really is McCann and Virtanen who both ain't doing anything in the minors either.. i don't see how WD is overrated with developing young player considering majority of you guys are bashing him for his development, and putting all the praises to the young player development to Green when he hardly even coached them to begin with.
  14. sure they can.. Eriksson is was playing with the likes of bergeron krejci marchand who at this moment is better than the sedins in their steep decline.. if these were the sedins pre 2013.. maybe.. Eriksson is also couple years older now and the players he's playing with aren't the same level as the ones he played with
  15. why the hell would u even give up so much for a 3rd overall? this draft lacks high end talent to begin with and pretty much a top 2 draft and even the top 2 is prolly weaker than last years top 3-4.. and you are ready to give up Sven and tanev for a gamble? i'll take Sven any day over any picks after #2.. at least Sven have started to prove he can play and score.. and still young..