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  1. Good more inexperience coach with 0 NHL coaching experience not even assistance. How many 0 experience coach have success in this league. Ya not that many. It's also not like he did much in our youth development.. I put 0 of the success the current young players on the team on him.. and those that are in Utica none made a huge progress.. oh well on the bright side we'll probably be in the lottery for the next few years. If you guys are saying he didn't get much to work with in Utica? Well he ain't getting much to work with in Vancouver
  2. Jack and Patrick both being a top 3 pick franchise player. I dunno if Toronto gets a tkackuk they'll still make the playoff.. it'll be another great piece but not one that'll bring them to a new level
  3. All those teams were irrelevant till they picked up a franchise top 3 player. Take out mcdavid like last year they don't make the playoff. Take out Matthew leaf have no where close to the success and chemistry they have now. Ekblad being injured and panther did a total remake of their entire defence they didn't make the playoff. We can add all we want to the core. Until we draft a top 3 player that can actually be a franchise player. Nothing's going to happen. Look at all the other young teams with a bunch of good young players.. nothing is happening with them. They'll be good enough to claw and fight their way to the playoff. But they'll never actually go on to compete in the final for a cup
  4. damn i did nail it from 5 years ago trade schneider keep lack luongo gone XD
  5. WD will prolly be gone in the next couple weeks, but we should at least thank him for the development of some of our young players.. bo Baer stecher tryamkin Hutton granlund. We can critize him all day for some of his decisions. But we can't denied the fact those players made huge strides in their development. Let's hope whoever next we bring in can continue or young guys development so we can be more competitive sooner than later
  6. I understand that Daniel scored 28 and 20 the previous 2 years. Their overall production have been on steady decline, and their offense play and zone time controlling the play is also declining. Daniel scoring 28 last year you have to give credit to Hansen who's drawing some of the pressure away from Daniel. Now that he's gone I don't see the likes of Megna or whomever being able to do the same and Sedins are another year older. The Eriksson experiment with the sedin didn't seem to work. He needs a player that can set him up and it didn't work with hank nor bo. So he's gonna be stuck playing with sutter who ain't a playmaker.. so I dunno if eriksson will ever regain his scoring. I mean 3-5 players hitting 20 goal isn't unrealistic but too much needs to happen for that to happen
  7. horvat baertschi granlund have a very good chance of hitting 20+ Daniel? both the sedins have been on a very steady decline in recent years i doubt he'll hit 20 goals again.. Eriksson also based on the way he played the entire year i see nothing to suggest him scoring 20+ next year and Boucher? if u factor in all the games he played with other teams this year.. he has 6 goals in like 38 games.. he hasn't really progressed production wise since he entered the league.. Rodin i'm sure will never play in a canucks uniform again.. not much to look up to when we are the worse Canadian team in the NHL.. and every one of those team have one or more bonafide NHL stars on their team when all we can boast is Bo who's absolutely awesome for us.. but that's not saying much about our teams talent level compared to just the other canadian teams alone..
  8. i'd like Crow to come back to Vancouver.. with his up tempo offensive style of hockey and with some of our young blood.. even if we suck in the standing next year.. at least it'll be some what entertaining assuming the young guys continue to progress.. it's already given that we were gonna suck.. but the games themselves are unwatchable at times.. and where are the guys that were arguing with me before the season started that we will score more goals this year than last with the addition of Eriksson and subtraction of Vrbata?
  9. lol we'll not be in the playoff conversation anytime soon.. our defense is actually not that great.. we are bottom 5 for shots against... that's a recipe for disaster.. and it's not like we are letting other team just shoot from the perimeter either.. a lot of shots against us are high scoring chances.. and that's with a relatively healthy defense minus gudbranson who i don't think will make a difference.. Millers actually been playing great lately with the high shots against.. if he's just average.. we prolly get blown out in a lot of the games.. do u actually see this team able to out score their opponent to compete for a playoff spot? we are giving up close to 3 goals a game avg lol meaning we need to avg 3+ goals scored per game.. with our currently lineup or projected lineup for next year? ya.. that's not happening.. lol
  10. Not even comparable.. Hansen have 1 year left hamhuis is a ufa.
  11. lol i still say this is a terrible contract based on his performance.. if Loui doing whatever he is doing now.. and only gets about 30-35 points this season.. for 6mil.. wtf would we have to pay Bo? his agent will be pointing at well if LE can get 6mil for hard work and 30-35 points.. then i should be getting 6mil+ for leading the team in scoring + doing everything LE is doing
  12. we are not wasting Bo's talent as he still got plenty of years left and he ain't in his prime yet.. but we are no where close to half way with the rebuild.. right now looking at that list.. we have a bunch of bottom 6 with maybe 2nd line potential other than hopefully Boeser.. and a bunch of 2nd/3rd pairing defenseman.. still lacking high high end top lines or top pairing defenseman.. Hutton Stecher and Tryamkin is good as a 2nd pairing guys.. they are not your top pairing defenseman.. hopefully Juolevi might be one.. but one can only hope
  13. There is no positive out of this. Let say eriksson is having an off year. And bounce back a little next year. He is still on a decline regardless and we are stuck with his mammoth contract for another 4-5years and pretty untradeable unless we give up significant assets to cap dump him. But I guess we have contracts coming off so shouldn't hurt too bad cap wise
  14. Ppl bitching about millers pant size and saying he's only good coz his equipments are so big can now stfu
  15. Toews Kane produced the moment they entered the league and are producing for much longer periods than the Sedins.. not to mention they still have plenty more productive years to come. Sedins really only had about 4-5 good/great seasons.. They are both on pace to easily break the sedins stats. Not to mention their playoff stats are just as good.