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  1. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    so can someone tell me what have Babcock done since 2008 that makes him deserving of being the head coach of team Canada over guys say like Quineville or even AV?  2010 and 2014 gold medal tbh i think have very little to do with coaching.. and putting in any one of the more experienced coach would have yield the same result.
  2. Miller, for early season MVP

    take out the goalies that have sub 5 games played then his stats are more respectable
  3. 3 on 3 overtime! Awesome!

    Canucks doesn't have the high end skill for 3 on 3.. they keep marching out the Sedins who with the pucks are amazing.. but 3v3 it's tough for them to go to the cycle game.. and as soon as they lose the puck.. it's essentially a 2v1 or 3v1 coz they are too slow to back check.. how many times have the sedin lost the puck in 3v3 and then it ended up in the back of our net? i remember at least 2 off the top of my head.. and we haven't been in all that many
  4. [PGT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 5-1 win

    canucks fans are sad.. majority of them sold their tickets to profit and let the arena fill with opposition teams fan.. i know a lot of people do it.. but tonight is especially bad when i don't even know if there's 50% canucks fan there tonight.. majority of the ppl there are red and white
  5. [PGT] Caps 3, Nucks 2

    lol with the amounts of cross ice 1 timers and 2 on 1 ovie's been getting.. it was inevitable he buries one
  6. PGT: Canucks-3 Blues-4

    didn't like the lineup much tonight.. first period was a dog.. 2nd period not much better.. i don't understand why Vrbata isn't playing with the Sedin to try to jump start him.. it's obvious him and Horvat doesn't have much chemistry.. i mean Willie D rather put hansen on the first line then Vrbata.. i woulda stick Vrbata up there on the first with the Sedins.. let the kids play together as a 2nd/3rd line and have Sutter center Hansen and Burrows.. skill line/Speedster young line/ gritty 2 way line/grind line but oh well on to the next game... one thing i noticed about Virtanen.. he floats back to the defensive zone =\ on one play he turned over the pick.. glided behind hamhuis who's chasing.. and then for whatever reason poked him with the stick tripping him =\ give up the puck gotta hassle back kid
  7. It's Miller Time?

    it's ok.. when Luongo and Miller wins.. it's a team effort... when Schneider and Lack wins.. they stood on their head and the whole team sucked.. that's just how it is in Vancouver.. good goaltenders have god like status here while great goalies half the board wants to run out of town the moment they falter.. interestingly.. Luongo after he left Vancouver have better stats than while he was in Vancouver.. playing in a much more offense happy conference..
  8. Enough is Enough, Get A Telephone Man!

    so we should stick a tough guy to play with the sedins so that they can play 4v5?? i don't see anyone on the canucks roster that's tough physical and have high end skill.. maybe a virtanen.. but he's more a skill guy..
  9. [PGT] Flames vs Canucks 3-2 OT Loss

    glad we got a point despite not showing up at all in the 3rd period.. i hope that's just as not showing up in the 3rd.. and not the other team absolutely dominating us and we can't keep up.. whatever.. we got 3/4 points.. this team is a work in progress anyways as long as we keep playing the young kids and the game is competitive i don't really care about the result too much..
  10. Willie D is the wrong coach for us.

    i don't understand why a lot of you want to keep McCann or Virtanen up if they are only going to be your 13th/14th forward or playing on the 4th line 5mins a night.. playing 20+ mins against lesser opponent in junior still >>>>>> sitting out 3 out of every 4 games and then when you get in plays minimal mins and then glue to the bench the moment you make a costly mistake
  11. Hard Copy Tickets

    there's still hard copy tickets available for season ticket holder, if you are that worried just get them to log in to their canucks account and transfer over the ticket to you so you have ownership of the tickets.
  12. there's a difference between cheering loudly and acting like a drunken idiot screaming and swearing. i'll cheer loudly for my team but i can't stand those drunken idiot beside me spilling beer all over the ground yelling screaming and swearing like an idiot
  13. Canucks hard copy tickets

    i just went and picked it up. you only get the booklet if you select you wanted the booklet as one of the options for your custom benefits. last year when i first joined i was given the single tickets for full season i made a little complained and they special ordered me the booklet lol but arrived 2 weeks after season started.
  14. Canucks hard copy tickets

    so when can i actually pick up my hard copy tickets?? i selected the customize season ticket option in the benefits and i never heard from them ever again?? no email no nothing except the email about charging my credit card
  15. Sure.. bottom 6 is as good as others.. but not when ur top 6 and top 4 D is no where close to the elite teams lol.. and our bottom 6 offense is almost non existent except boho