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  1. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    I mostly agree. Ninja Pro on most things, Steady Aim pro on sniping is usually my way, but on certain levels I'll put SitRep on (if I die from even ONE claymore, I switch to a nubetoobing, RPG-ing, Danger closing, SitRepping class). The best kill I ever had was a double kill by seeing and shooting a claymore through a wall and killing two people.
  2. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    When I hear people whine about the way I play (Cold blood, Ninja, Silenced UMP) I ask them how they would like to be killed, and if there is some way I can kill them that would make them happy. Most shut up, but if they suggest something I go with it and usually kill them like that too. I bitch a lot, but only when I legitimately don't understand what's going on. I've had some weird stuff happen to me lately: - Wasn't allowed to walk up any set of stairs - Pressed reload (after getting 6 kills and only 1 away from a Harrier) and ALL of my weapons disappeared. They stayed gone until the next round. - Been stabbed across the map (In Afghan, he was on the ridge, I was in the opium field) - Been stabbed through a building or through thick walls. Once, on the train wreck level, I was inside the middle building on the top floor cleaning out the campers, when someone outside on the ground stabbed and it somehow killed me. - I stabbed a guy 17 times and it didn't kill him - this may have been lag, but it didn't show any where it shows the connection quality. - I've had my perks disabled (Cold blood, ninja, sit-rep, scavenger). In the kill cams I'll show up on their heart beat sensors, or on their drone cameras, or harriers/helicopters will shoot me (without team mates around), or claymores won't be visible if I put sit-rep on and I can't pick up extra ammo from people I kill. - I've been killed by people with three or more attachments on their gun. I've even killed them, and took their gun to confirm three or more attachments - Holograph & Heartbeat + Silencer or Noobtube is the usual combination (I've never seen it with any other scope - always Holograph). Finally, I've even had the game lobby closed and in the window where it usually says "lost connection" it said "Host tampering detected. Game lobby closed for protection."
  3. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    I just prestiged for my fourth time. My first game after prestiging, Underpass (may favourite level), I started as the running class (I like the UMP). The very first kill I got, the guy dropped my favourite gun (Silenced UMP). I finished the match 39-1, I went up to level 6 in one match. I'd have to say it was 70% personal skill, 10% team work (they actually talked/listened and we organized!) and 20% luck. I never did use marathon/lightweight before, but it seems to work well with a silenced gun. I'm already back up to level 26 and I just prestiged this morning. My overall K/D is 1.14, but it's probably been closer to 5:1 or 6:1 so far this prestige.
  4. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    He definitely said he had one, and that he had earned it, but couldn't use it because I EMP'd before he was done using his chopper gunner. He certainly sounded legitimately pissed. I would be too.
  5. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    Do Pavelows not count towards kill streaks? I had my kill streaks set up as: 9- Pavelow 11-Chopper Gunner 25 - Nuke I got my Pavelow, and my Chopper gunner, and had a 25 kill streak (including some kills from my Pavelow) and I didn't get my nuke. Are there others that don't count towards kill streaks? I still have not used or earned a nuke. Though I did use an EMP to prevent someone else's nuke. That might have just been more fun than getting a nuke. (I used the EMP after I noticed someone was 25-0 before they were able to use their nuke, our team went on to win before the EMP expired. The guy was probably the angriest I've ever heard of).
  6. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    I like having Ninja Pro (silent footsteps) and cold blood on to sneak up on campers. The only time I "camp" is if I've come across a group of enemies I'm near I'll kill what I can before getting noticed, then I'll drop and hide (camp) in a corner temporarily until I've killed everyone coming after me. Then I'll move because I don't want people finding me. Generally it's only for a max of six kills. FMJ is another good way to get rid of campers (and get exp points).
  7. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    Best guns for the iron sights are: Assault Rifle - ACR Sub Machine - UMP - it's actually more accurate than the red dot. Light Machine - AUG But then again, you can't make up for personal preference. I can snipe with the UMP and a silencer.
  8. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    Hahaha, just had two kids trying to "nuke boost" in the game. One kid on the other team would come running to where we were and his friend would kill him (his friend on my team). I wanted nothing of it, so I killed his friend everytime he came over. My teammate was pissed (I had no nuke equipped, but I did enjoy a harrier and chopper gunner), his friend even more pissed because he was trying to kill me and couldn't. Hahaha.
  9. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    I've prestiged twice now without having a nuke yet. I need a good set up to get a nuke. I usually use: UMP 45 with silencer Stinger (shoot down air support to help out the rest of my team) Scavenger (Pro) Cold-blooded (Pro) Ninja (Pro) Two stun grenades Throwing knife (I have "most throwing knife kills" more than 300 times in my accolades - it's faster than stabbing sometimes) My kill streaks are UAV Harrier Chopper Gunner I've gone 25-0 several times, but I find as soon as I take off UAV for the nuke, I can't play well. Am I doomed to never get a nuke? I just played a match at the Sub Base and went 28-1.
  10. Dun dun DUn

    Thanks for the profile view. :)

  11. I've been here all along. It's you that's joining me. *shifty eyes*

  12. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    Your hockey face? EDIT: I can't be the only one to have seen the resemblance, am I?
  13. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    That might defeat the purpose. At one job (delivering pizzas) I can't wear it, just in case it falls out in someone's food, so I keep it up in my visor. Both of my grandfathers fought and survived the war. I am one of the lucky ones.