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  1. NHL 2018 CDC Top 10 Draft Challenge

    !anrikCarter 2018 Top 10 Draft Selections! 1.) Dahlin (Buffalo Sabres) 2.) Svechnikov (Carolina Hurricanes) 3.) Zadina (Montreal Canadians) 4.) Wahlstrom (Ottawa Senators) 5.) Bouchard (Arizona Coyotes) 6.) Boqvist (Detroit Red Wings) 7.) Hughes (Vancouver Canucks) 8.) Tkachuk (Chicago Blackhawks) 9.) Dobson (New York Rangers) 10.) Kotkaniemi (Edmonton Oilers) My personal Canucks board goes: 1.Dahlin 2. Svechnikov 3. Zadina 4. Bouchard 5. Hughes 6. Wahlstrom 7. Boqvist 8. Kotkaniemi 9. Tkachuk 10. Dobson
  2. Even at 29th we have like a 20% chance of picking in the top 2. But we can only drop to 5th instead of 8th.
  3. Canucks - Panthers history that runs way back

    A lot of the trades you award to the Panthers I disagree with. Bure for Jovo. Bure only lasted 4 seasons and only two of those seasons dodd he score 50 goals (58 and 59). The other 2 he scored 13 and 22. Jovanovski had 7 productive seasons for us. Given the situation, I'd say we did pretty good. Draw. Ballard, Oreskovich for Bernier, Grabner and Howden. Obviously not a win for the Canucks but I don't see how you can say it's a clear win for the Panthers either. They waived Grabner before he even played a game for them, Bernier only had one bad season for them and Howden was a pretty bad pick. Ballard and Oreskovich actually played pretty much the same amount of games for the Canucks as Grabner, Bernier and Howden have played for Florida. Since Florida still has Howden they will win the trade but at this point it's a loss for both teams. Booth, Reinprecht, 3rd for Sturm and Samuelsson. Booth was disappointing but was actually pretty good in his first season and was always a good corsi player. That 3rd we flipped for torres who was huge for us in 2011. Sturm and Samuelsson both only played one season for Florida. Won for Canucks. Luongo for Markstrom. To early to judge. Florida win for now but Markstrom might also be great.
  4. Frank Corrado Talk

    His play for Kitchener has been spectacular. 10 assists in 14 games and a +18 (!)
  5. Frank Corrado Talk

    Why did they bother having this stupid camp? It was just a waste of time. The best players (imo) in the camp were MacKinnon, Shinkaruk, Brussoit and Corrado. The fact only 1 of those 4 (and MacKinnon probably would have been chosen even with a bad camp) shows that Hockey Canada had already chosen their team. All this camp did was make 12 players miserable.
  6. Frank Corrado Talk

    The only way Corrado doesn't make the team from here is if Spott lets bias towards first round picks influence his decisions. He has been the best dman in camp.
  7. Frank Corrado Talk

    My post from before hasn't changed with the roster announcement. I see Hamilton, Harrington, Rielly, Murphy (only because of Spott) and Ouellet as being pretty much locks for the team. That means Canada takes 2 of Corrado, Dumba and Reinhart (I see the others as being a step behind.) If they take their Super Series play into account there is no way Dumba will play ahead of Corrado. My complete team would be roughly: Huberdeau - Nugent-Hopkins - Scheifele Rattie - Strome - Ritchie Douin - MacKinnon - Monahan Danault - Jenner - Wilson Hudon Hamilton - Rielly Ouellet - Harrington Corrado - Reinhart Murphy (PP) Subban Binnington (any of the 3 remaining goalies could easily take this)
  8. Frank Corrado Talk

    Some good dmen got cut ahead of him. Ceci (who I am actually shocked didn't make it), Siemens, Percy and Koekoek.
  9. Frank Corrado Talk

    I would only put a few of those guys ahead of Corrado. Murray, Ouellet, Hamilton, Harrington and Reilly I think are the guys ahead of him. I think he's ahead of Murphy but the coach will take his player anyway. He's definitely ahead of Koekoek, Ceci and Pouliot. So if they take 7 dmen, they are looking at (assuming Murray's out): Hamilton, Reilly, Harrington, Ouellet, Murphy and 2 of Corrado, Dumba and Reinhart. His chances are much greater than you guys a giving him credit.
  10. Frank Corrado Talk

    Corrado actually has a pretty good shot at making Team Canada. The D has 3 locks - Harrington, Murray and Hamilton. After that there's a few guys that could get in. I think the Canadian coaches will look at how good he looked paired with Hamilton in the Super Series and use that to push him ahead of the others. Reilly and Dumba will probably take 2 of the other spots and Ceci, Ouelette, Reinhart or Murphy will take the last spot. I would love to see this D: Hamilton Corrado Murray Harrington Reilly Dumba Ouelette
  11. Name That Goalie!

    Drew MacIntyre